The 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus, is what the latest buzz is all about. Though to astronomers the discovery is an overwhelming feat, the common mass is however having mixed reaction.

On one hand there is a set of people who are enthralled and intrigued at the sudden shift in astrology and their individual zodiacs. On the other hand there remains a section that though welcomes this new 13th sign, but does not wish to go back by a zodiac in their natal charts.

Whilst there are people who are curious to know more about this new zodiac sign. For them and also for other, we have discussed some important facets about the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus.

Astronomical facts about Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus is a constellation that has been known to the ancient astronomers for quite sometime now. It has yet another name, Serpentarius, which means the Serpent Holder.

It is a part of 48 constellations that has been mentioned by Ptolemy. Ophiuchus is shown as a man with a serpent, dividing it into two fractions. This is very much akin to the symbol which is known as Asclepius. So far our astrologers have not included this sign in the zodiac due to the short phase of the sun in that sign.

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It is not that there was no presence of a 13th sign. The astrologers were of opinion that Sun made its way from Scorpius and them moved to Sagittarius.

In reality, the Sun actually passes through Ophiuchus before making its way to Sagittarius. The sign is modeled on the “Serpent Holder”, named Enki who is a Sumerian God.

Ophiuchus Personality Traits

Let us have a look at some of the characteristics of Ophiuchus that the astronomers have depicted so far. We have mentioned them in a list below:-

    • Can interpret dreams and are psychic enough to have distinct premonitions.


    • Shown as the serpent holder, people under this zodiac are said to have lofty ideals.


    • They seek harmony and peace


    • Has a desire for wisdom and higher education


    • Naturally is prone to blessings and good luck


    • They are generally healers and doctors


    • Would have some hidden enemies in the close family circuit as well as the friend circle


    • They would possess a natural intuition and other astrological knowledge


    • They are likely to be famous


    • At times misunderstood by subordinates and other associates


    • Has a penchant for poetry and other forms of creativity


    • Aspires to heal all types of illness that human beings might be having


    • Possess the talents of an architect and is ambitious.


    • People born under the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus would have a huge family, but then would detach themselves from it at an early stage.


    • They would receive favors from people who are at higher positions


    • Would prefer bright and vibrant colors as a part of their regular attire.


    • As per numerology the number 12 would hold great importance to them


These are some important features of Ophiuchus that are known to us as of now.