Scorpio born people are the eighth sign of the zodiac and they are one of the most stinging and most fierce.  It is of no wonder as they are represented by the stinging scorpions. Their characteristics and their passions range from many aspects. They can be some very interesting people, but then again when they will sting is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Yet there are distinctly three types of Scorpios. Scorpio Zodiacs can be differentiated based on their behaviors patterns. Certain Scorpio born people are the most vengeful and poisonous and they will strike back just as they see the opportunity.

Then there are certain Scorpio born people who can be inordinately noble. There would be times when you will not really be able to associate them with being a Scorpio. They will be selfless and will not let their base nature get the better of their reason.

And there will be certain Scorpio born people who will be like a chameleon. On one hand they will be harmful and then again will change colors. Correctly judging them will become troublesome.

Scorpio born people can be extremely passionate and they will also be fairly assertive. These are people who will always be very determined and very decisive. They are emotional people who will lead from the front and take responsibilities on themselves.

Scorpio belongs to the water sign and rather than being fluid, on the opposite it is believed that the Scorpio people will hold their grudges and will play God with their prey before they haunt them down.

However, these are people who are great leaders, who are diplomatic, whose intuitions are very strong and also who are not only engaging, but also sensitive. Yet again, these very same people can be terribly egoistic. And zealous.

Scorpio born people love and dependable friends and they are also fantastic lovers. These people can be inquisitive and thus they are also eager to learn.

The Sign of Water- Scorpio

Scorpio belongs to the sign of Water. Like all the other water signs, they too are emotional people and can be extremely shallow or deep as is with water. As the water is fluid, so is the emotion of the Scorpio, which varies from one extreme to the other.

Scorpio born people are mysterious and secretive. They hold many a secret in their heart and like the ocean can only show them when desired. They are vengeful and often conniving.


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The Characteristics that Scorpio possess –

  • Attractive
  • Passionate
  • Assertive
  • Trustworthy
  • Friendly
  • Dominating
  • Vengeful
  • Temperamental
  • Stubborn
  • Malicious

The Positive Traits of Scorpio

As with all other zodiac signs, Scorpio too has distinct traits which marks them differently from all other sun signs. They have certain very distinct personality traits.

Scorpio born people are superbly intelligent and have an effortless charm. They can charm almost all people with their magnetic and intelligent personality.

Scorpio s are great friends too. They will carry your secret to the grave unless provoked otherwise.  They are also extremely calm and collected.

These people are also very passionate. That makes them irresistible as lovers and almost unavoidable. When it comes to their families they are very caring and loving too. Let us have a look at the positive traits of Scorpio-

  • Passionate
  • Caring
  • Friendly
  • Energetic
  • Intelligent

The Negative Traits of Scorpio

The very same positive traits of the Scorpios turn negative when things get out of hand. The very same ability can turn into negativity once it is sorely used. For example the same secret that they keep for friends will also be a negative trait for some Scorpio. They are extremely secretive.

Scorpio born people are extremely conniving and malicious when thwarted. They can turn vindictive when they feel affronted. The negative traits of Scorpios are –

  • Jealousy
  • Scheming
  • Malicious
  • Secretive
  • Cunning

Scorpio Personality Traits Redefined

  • Attractive – Scorpio born people are extremely attractive and most of them possess and arresting and magnificent personality. People get attracted to them very easily and their ego also gets inflated following this.
  • Passionate – Scorpions are very passionate people when in love. They are sensuous and sensitive towards their partners and thus can be most passionate.
  • Assertive – These people are terribly independent and assertive. They do not take dictations or instructions lying down.
  • Trustworthy – The Scorpio born people will take secrets to grave unless they are driven to do else wise, or unless they think they are wronged.
  • Friendly – The Scorpio born people are some of the friendliest in the zodiac. They will keep their friends’ secrets and can be the closest ones.
  • Dominating – The Scorpion born people can be the most dominating people. They are the leaders and thus they think that they can lead in all fronts all the time.
  • Vengeful – Scorpions can be some of the most vengeful people if slighted. If they feel they have been wronged, they turn revengeful in an instant.
  • Temperamental – The Scorpio born people are greatly temperamental. They change their moods and their mindset in an instant. Therefore it is difficult for others to keep up with them.
  • Stubborn – these people are independent and resolute and strong mind is prevalent in the Scorpio born people. They will complete a task allotted to them under any situation. This is one of the reasons behind their success.
  • Malicious – Scorpions can be the greatest of friends till the time there is nothing wrong. The moment they feel they have been wronged they will turn malicious and vicious.

The Strengths and Weaknesses that Scorpio Possess

As per Human Resource, there is a term called SWOT analysis. Here apart from the opportunities and threats in front of an individual, a strength and weakness quotient is also maintained. Let us also see what are the five strength and weaknesses that Scorpio possesses.

The Strength Analysis

Apart from the ones discussed, there are certain characteristics that show the true side of the Scorpio character. These are what sets them apart and makes them different from other sun signs.

The Scorpio born people are extremely magnetic and attractive in personality. They are intelligent and entertaining hosts and can keep people enthralled.  As orators they are good.

The Scorpios are also great lovers. Their passion and sensitivity makes them irresistible and perfect as partners.  They do not generally hurt people unless they are greatly provoked. They also make great and confidential friends.

Following are the Scorpio Strength –

  • Passionate
  • Energetic
  • True friend
  • Devotion
  • Leadership

The Weakness Analysis-

Despite having numerous strength areas, it is the presence of some of those strengths that make the Scorpions at times vulnerable to terrible weaknesses.

The Scorpions also always acts mysteriously. It is a little difficult to understand with them as to when and how they will react. They can be some very jealous and dishonest people at times.

The biggest weakness and negative trait in Scorpions are that when they feel wronged or cornered they can turn terribly vicious and malicious. Let us look at the weakness of the Scorpio born people –

  • Malicious
  • Jealous
  • Distrustful
  • Stubborn
  • Conniving

The Scorpio Nature

Scorpio born people are always deep and intense. Either deep or intense or they will be petty and shallow. They are like the water that is their sign.  Mostly they have a calm and cool demeanor and their calmness masks their tremendous power.

These are charming people, but they do not like to give up on anything easily.  They are zealous and driven by their own ambition.

As mentioned earlier the Scorpio born people make amazing and very trustworthy friends. One can trust their deepest secret with the Scorpio born people. However, if they feel slighted or thwarted, their maliciousness will know no bounds. If they feel betrayed or let down, then the Scorpio will sting and they sting with all maliciousness and that hurts.

The people born under this sign, in matters of love and passion are good. They are dedicated to their family and friends and are also extremely concerned about their family happiness.

Their aura of mystery and secretiveness attracts people to them and they act like a magnet to draw people. They are dedicated, driven, trustworthy and zealous. In short, the Scorpio born people will be very good unless they are wronged and when they will sting.

Scorpio Career Graph

The Scorpio born people are pretty self motivated and they are also pretty determined when it comes to pursing their career course. They are career driven and passionate about work as well as other things.  Having a Scorpio born in a team ensures that the team’s interest and well being is taken care of as are the secrets taken care of.

Because these people are secretive and can unearth secrets, a career in detection or as a law enforcer suits them. they also can be great detectives or lawyers.

Their deep insight can make great doctors or holistic healers. The leadership qualities and the magnetism that is inherent in them ensures that they can also go on to pursue a career in politics and can become great political leaders.

Thus the Scorpio born may do well in the fields of doctors, investigators, market analysts, pathologists, engineers, lawyers, politicians etc.

Scorpio Finance Graph

The Scorpio born people are pretty disciplined when it comes to matters of money and will stick to their scheduled budget. However, they are not afraid to work hard also to earn more money.

These people do not believe in splurging and thus you can be assured that they will have a little nest saved for the dismal days. They make careful scrutiny and analysis before investing and thus do well financially too.

Scorpio Friends and Family Graph

The Scorpio born people can make great friends. They are also equally dedicated towards their family if not more.  These people are loyal and will keep your secret till their grave.  They love to be in the company of intelligent and witty people as they enjoy that kind of conversation.

Being deeply emotional they are easily hurt. They care about their family very deeply. However if they are wronged, they can turn vicious.

Scorpio Love/ Marriage Graph

Scorpio born people are the most passionate people amongst the whole zodiac. They are the most intense and physical passion plays an important part in their relationships. Being enigmatic and magnetic they draw a lot of people to them of the opposite sex and has romance pretty easy.

However much as they are passionate, they are jealous and possessive as lovers and does not tolerate deviations. They remain the dominating partner in a relationship. They can turn malicious and vindictive if they feel they have been betrayed as they do not take betrayal easily. They believe that all is fair in love and war and thus will steal someone else’s partner too should love feature there. Relationships with Scorpios will actually remain a constant series of extremes.

Scorpio Health Graph

The Scorpio born people are often plagued with various problems and infections of the sexual organs and there could be eruptions in and around their genital areas, diseases of the urinary tracts or venerable infections.

On top of all these, the Scorpio born people can be susceptible to mental ailments. In fact they can fall sick also from their mental depressions.

Thus they should be cautious to avoid stress and falling prey to depression and also safeguard themselves.

Quick Facts Scorpio
Lucky Numbers 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81 and all 9 related numbers
Birthstone /Lucky Stone Topaz
Lucky Color Scarlet, Red, Rust
Ruling Planet Pluto
Favorable Months January, February, April, May, September, October, November
Unfavorable Months March, August
Most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces
Special Qualities Passionate, intelligent, leadership, astute
Weaknesses malicious, secretive, vengeful
Suitable Profession doctor, investigative professions, lawmakers
Energy Signs Yin
Health Problems Sexual organs, uninary tracts
Most Clashes with Leo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio
Represented By The Scorpio
Well Know Scorpions Pablo Picasso, Leonardo di Caprio, Hillary Clinton, Sylvia Plath, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder


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