Tired of celebrating the New Years Eve in the same regular way or just tired of meeting the same people over dinners on a New Year table and dying for a change.

Then, a New Year cruise can be the best option to choose and to enjoy your New Years like never before.

New Year Cruise Destinations

There are plenty of popular cruise destinations for New Year that can be chosen from, while planning for a New Year cruise. Some of these destinations offer a cruise as long as 5 to 7 days loaded with adventure and fun. Some of the most popular cruise destinations for New Year have been discussed below is brief.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong New Year cruise is slowly but steadily becoming on of the most popular cruise in the past few years. Scenic beauty, breath taking locales and mesmerizing rural areas all are very enticing and inviting for people looking for e enjoyable trip.

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Sydney, Australia

The famous Sydney harbor bridge is world famous for various world cruises all across the globe. The glittering fireworks that happen on the occasion of the New Year’s is the main attraction of the cruise. The cruise liner covered with lights cruises all along the Harbour all through the night. Harbour of Light parade is one of the added attraction of this cruise that attracts a large number of national and international tourists ever year on this cruise.


This New Year cruise is one the most exotic cruise tour preferred by people looking for sun, sand, surf and sex. Hawaii, popularly known as the lover’s paradise amongst couples ensures to enchant people with its unique customs and traditions.

New York

New York, brindled with carious river and water bodies offers to be one of the most popular cruise destinations for New Year. New York cruise for the New Year begins from Manhattan and sails through the Statue of liberty, leaving tourists in complete awe of this wonder of the world.

A New Year cruise at one of the popular cruise destinations for New Year can be a great way to welcome the footsteps of the New Year. An entertaining black tie party or a foot thumping dance floor or just a glass of champagne overlooking the beauty of the ocean with glittering firework in the background can be ‘the’ thing to make you feel all content and complete on this New Years Eve.

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