The Two of Swords card depicts a person wearing a full length robe sitting on a stone bench that rests on a flat grey ground.

The person is blindfolded, and holds two huge swords one in each hand. The arms of the person are crossed to let the swords angle upward forming a ‘V’. The bench is near a sea that is filled with rocks. A crescent moon is seen to be rising to the right side of the card.

Under normal circumstances, a crossed arm and swords in it would have conjured a picture of self defense. However, the person being blindfolded, this option can be crossed out. The blindfold indicates that the person lacks clarity of vision and mind.

However, the rising moon is a sign of awareness and intellect dawning upon the person. The rocky sea speaks of the obstacles that make the situation a difficult one.

Upright Position: This card is all about the choices a person may make in a difficult situation. It is about compromise, peace and diplomacy. However, trying to do so makes a person suffer internally as doubts and confusions cloud the mind and cause a conflict with self. The blindfold may indicate that the person is not properly equipped to make the correct decision.

Reversed Position: When reversed the card signals that the subject is closed about making any compromise. It may also suggest a mind that is so overburdened with information that it cannot pick out the relevant ones. It indicates getting entangled in a conflict.

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Major Arcana
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Justice Lover(s) Bateleur (‘Magician’)
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Temperance Maison Dieu (‘Tower’) Wheel of Fortune

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