Are you among those thousands of people who eagerly wait for Diwali every year? Indeed, this festival of light and sound is one the biggest and brightest festival of the Hindus, which they celebrate every year with lots of fun, merriment and devotion.

It is festival that marks the triumph of good over the bad and illuminates the positive sides of one’s life by demolishing the darkness which symbolizes negative forces. The bright lights of the “diya” bring the light of knowledge and wisdom to kill the darkness of ignorance and hence drive away the evil for a better year ahead.

Diwali usually falls 20 days after Dussera, the day when the demon Ravana was killed by Lord Rama. The dates of the Hindu Festivals are dependent on the moon hence depending on the lunar cycle; it may fall anytime between Mid October to Mid November.

Diwali must fall on a no moon night or Amavasya of either of the months. Amavasya happens to be the darkest night according to the Hindu calendar, and it is also believed to be the last day of a Hindu month. Every year the calculations are performed according to the movement and position of the moon on the sky and dates are fixed according to that. Hence it varies each year and usually falls before winter starts in India. Hence Diwali also marks the beginning of the season winter, which is also the most pleasant and most awaited season in a summer dominated country like India.

The calculation of No moon day or amavasya is important to announce the exact date of the Diwali or Badi Diwali day, because Diwali is a festival of five days and each of the days has a separate significance of its own. For example, as per the lunar position of 2018, the No moon night or Amavasya falls on the 19th of October, 2017. Hence the five day festival of Diwali will commence two days prior to it, which is October 17th 2018. That day will be celebrated as the “Dhanteras” where people will purchase new ornaments or metal utensils, because that customary and considered to bring good luck. On October 18th 2018, you can celebrate the “Narak Chaturdashi” or “Chhoti Diwali” that is utilized to prepare for the next day’s grand celebration.

The main festival of Diwali will be celebrated on October 27th 2019, which is also known as Badi Diwali. On this very day the actual Laxmi Ganesh Poojan will take place. People will light their houses with “Diyas”, candles and electric bulbs in a row, burst crackers and exchange gifts and sweets among their loved ones.

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