The Vietnamese New Year or Tet is one of the most popular holidays in Vietnam and is celebrated with much enthusiasm and religious fervour. Much like the New Year celebrations of China and South Korea that follow the Lunar Calendar, Tet too is a celebration of the arrival of spring that the beauty that comes with it.

With the winter months coming to an end, where the barren Earth come back to life with beautiful blossoms, Tet celebrates the end of another year, and new beginnings that bloom like spring flowers.

Tet is a time of familial and communal joy and happiness with friends and family coming together to celebrate the momentous occasion and spending quality time together. With ritualistic cleansing, decorating the houses and other traditions that are associated with Tet, another important aspect is New Year Wishes. The younger kids greet the elders with New Year wishes and receive gifts in return.

If in Vietnam for Tet, or be it some Vietnamese New Year Celebration that you are to be a part of here are some Vietnamese New Year Wishes that can express your love for your loved ones in Vietnamese and send across your best wishes and love.

    • Nam moi doi dao suc hoe: Wishing good health for someone, this wish translates to “I wish you have a healthy New Year”.


    • Nam moi tan tai tan loc: Wishing luck and prosperity can be done by this wish which translates to “I you have a wealthy New Year”.


    • Nam moi thang quan tien chuc: This greeting can come handy when wishing someone rises up in official ranks, as it translates to “I wish that you get promoted this New Year”.


    • Nam moi toan gia binh an: This greeting is a general good will wish which translates to “I wish the New Year shall bring good health to your family”.


    • Nam moi thang loi moi: This wish is one which can be heard quite a lot during political campaigns and translates to “New Year, New Triumphs”.


    • Van su nhu y: This wish is probably something that is desires by all as it translates to “May all your wishes come true”.


    • Chuc hay an chong Lon: This greeting is one that you can say to the little ones as it means“May you eat more and grow rapidly”.


    • Chuc mau chong tim duoc nguoi yeu: This greeting is reserved for the single people, who are in search of that special someone as it translates to “May you get a new lover, this New Year”.


    • Tien vao nhu nuoc song Da, tien ra nho giot nhu cap phe phin: This is an old Vietnamese adage and wish, which goes something like “May your wealth flow as strongly as Da’s river and your expenditures be as little as the dripping of coffee”.


Now that you have learnt of a few Vietnamese New Year greetings, you can spread the joy of Tet around and send Vietnamese Greetings across.