Holidays a.k.a. merriment days are something that all human beings love. These are the days when they can take a break from their otherwise regular laborious life and do things that make them relaxed and happy.

The same goes for the people of Europe who go through the list of holidays at the beginning of each year to make plans for an enjoyable future.

A particular custom here though makes it a very suitable place for the working class which allows them to enjoy an extended holiday on a Monday if the original one falls on a Saturday or Sunday which are anyways non-working days of Europe. 

The list of Europe’s bank holidays 2017 is a group effort by the members of 123NewYear to bring to its respected readers a compiled list of holidays over the year with their respective dates and a brief idea about its origin and history as well as an overview of how people in Europe celebrate these holidays.

Here’s a list of Europe’s bank holidays in 2017:

Holidays in Europe Date Description
New Year 2017 2nd Jan 2017 As New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday (1st of Jan 2017) the holiday is extended till Monday and people can welcome the year with more glee. Different countries have different customs all over the continent but all of them have happiness and enjoyment as the common factors. As New year’s eve is spent partying and drinking all night people tend to utilize this holiday by resting and having a laid back day with family and friends.
Good Friday 14th April 2017 “This day marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and hence is considered to be holy for the Christians. Churches hold long ceremonies and services for the common people. It is also considered to be a day of mourning and hence many people keep fasts or have simple small meals throughout the day without the consumption of liquor and meat.
Easter Sunday 16th April 2017 “In the traditionally Christian European countries, this is the perfect time to come face to face with decades old rituals and customs like extravagant religious processions through the streets. In Spain, there is a magnificent procession consisting of brass bands, candlelit floats and hundreds of church Penitents clad in satin robes marching together. Another spectacular sight that takes place is the Scoppio del Carro in Florence. This event involves fireworks being lit or exploded on a 30 foot tall antique cart dated 500 years ago with bands and musicians all around. Thus, there are different traditions in different countries with their own respective glories.
Labor Day 1st May 2017 “Labor Day or also known as May Day is celebrated each year to pay a tribute to laborers all over the world and their achievements. For most countries it is celebrated on the first of May with some exceptions like Canada and the United States. This day has its roots in the Labor Union Movement which was targeted to provide laborers with eight hours of work, eight hours of recreation and eight hours of sleep each day. This date, people generally get a day off from work and they can relax and spend some valuable time with their family and friends. Also many parades and marches take place with Union members as their recognized contributors.
Europe day 9th May 2017 ” This day also goes by the name Schuman Day as it celebrates the anniversary of Robert Schuman’s Declaration which happened in 1950. This day symbolizes peace and unity in Europe as the first European community, the European Coal and Steel Community was first founded on this date 67 years back. To celebrate Europe Day, the EU (European Union) institutions including the Parliament allows the common public to enter them in Strasbourg while many local EU officials organize many kinds of events and programs in the different countries
Ascension Day 25th May 2017 “This day commemorates the ascension of Jesus into heaven and is celebrated on the 40th day of Easter or more precisely 39 days after Easter Sunday as Jesus was said to spend 40 days with his disciples after he came back from the dead. It is a public holiday in many countries including the ones in Europe and also marks the end of Easter season. Services are held in churches. Many traditional customs are also performed in different parts of England like the Well Dressing in Derbyshire and planting of the Penny Hedge at Whitby which is a small town in Yorkshire. Another custom known as Beating the Bounds which involves beating young boys with willow branches in order to purify them of evil is also seen.
Whit Monday 5th June 2017 ” Also known as Pentecost Monday this is the day right after Pentecost (4th June) which commemorates the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. It gets its name from the white clothes worn by the newly baptized on the auspicious occasion of Pentecost. Customs include cheese rolling and throwing competitions in some regions of England. In many places, ‘Whit Walks’ or parades along with bands, musicians, organizations and officials are held along with various kinds of food and games and competitions
Corpus Christi 15th June 2017 “This is a Christian festival where Christians honor the blood and body of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated differently in different regions of Europe the common tradition being offering wine and bread during Communion. The feast that takes place on this day is known as the Feast of Corpus Christi. In France, this day is called the Day of Wreaths as the cities and towns are decorated with wreaths of beautiful flowers and boughs. In Germany, it is performed with colorful processions throughout the villages carrying the holy cross and sacrament and other holy symbols.
Day of German Unity 3rd October 2017 “This date marks the unification of the nation Germany.  It was on this date in 1990 when the Federal Republic of Germany and Democratic Republic of Germany united to create the one and only Federal Germany. On this day, elaborate public celebrations take place which include speeches by eminent political leaders, communal feasts, firework displays and cultural and historical exhibitions and presentation of Germany.
All Saint’s Day 1st November 2017 “Also known as the All Hallows Day, this day is celebrated in the remembrance of saints. Along with services held in churches, many families visit the graves of their loved ones on this day and leave chrysanthemums and light candles there. One of the most notable cemeteries is the Pere Lachaise on the east of Paris with graves of personalities like Moliere and Frederic Chopin. Tradition goes that All Saints Day lunch includes lamb and a midnight supper of bacon, black grain, pancakes and cider to honor the dead.
Christmas Day 25th December 2017 “Christmas is celebrated all around the world with different customs and traditions. It is yet another very important festival of the Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas in Europe is characterized by families coming together for shopping of presents for each other, decorating houses, hosting parties. In Germany, a special feature are the Christmas markets from Munich to Berlin that sell traditional art and craft items, decorative trinkets, chocolates, pastries and more.
New Year’s Eve 31st December 2017 New Year’s Eve is celebrated in nothing less than a grandeur style in Europe. Come midnight and fireworks bathe the sky as people in Amsterdam assemble on a large grassy square in front of the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein for the countdown. There are concerts, dancing, partying and drinking in merriment all over different countries as the first day of the Gregorian Calendar is welcomed.