One of the best things about holidays are that you can take your sweet little time to enjoy each and every moment without any stress or time bound. People like to make the most of these with their family and friends and the people of America are no different.

They too spend each of their holidays as well as the extended holidays in case one of them falls on a weekend with utmost enthusiasm and energy.

One very unusual feature about the holidays that are celebrated in the United States is that none of the holidays observed are considered to be national holidays. The holidays of America are determined or decided by the federal laws of the nation and hence are known as federal holidays.

The list of USA’s bank holidays 2017 is a combined effort by the members of 123NewYear to bring to its revered readers a compiled list of holidays over the year with their respective dates and a brief idea about its traditions and  patriotic significance as well as an insight of how people in USA celebrate these holidays. 

Here’s a list of USA’s bank holidays in 2017:

Holidays in USA Date Description
New Year’s Day 2nd January 2017  The holiday is extended till Monday as New Year falls on a Sunday (1st of January 2017). This is one of the few occasions which is celebrated with immense joy and mirth all over the world including the United States. The first day of the Gregorian Calendar is welcomed at midnight with extravagant firework displays and parties. For many people, this day is spent in relaxation after the energized and eventful night before. Some towns and cities host special football matches and colorful parades. A common thing among the people is making New Year’s Resolutions which are promises they make to themselves to change their life for the better such as end smoking or the intake of alcohol or to lose weight in the upcoming year. Babies born on this day are celebrated with gifts to the baby and the parents along with their appearances on the local television and newspapers.
Martin Luther King Day 16th January 2017 This day marks the anniversary of the date of birth of the American Civil Rights leader of the name Martin Luther King. He was an influential leader and played an important role in campaigns to end racial discrimination and promote racial equality in the United States. This holiday is always observed on the 3rd Monday of the month of January and celebrates the life and achievements of this youngest bearer of Nobel Peace Prize. On this day, demonstrations are held to enlighten the people of America with the issue of equal rights for all the citizens irrespective of their race or background. During this time, educational institutions also teach their pupils about the contributions of Martin Luther King and his fight against racism. Also, many people of the U.S. volunteer in citizen action groups on this day. 
Presidents’ Day 20th February 2017 “Also known as Washington’s Birthday, this holiday honors the work and lifetime achievements of George Washington who was the first president of the United States. Though his birthday officially falls on 22nd February, Presidents’ Day Is celebrated on the third Monday of the month of February every year. This day not only remembers Washington who is regarded as the Father of the Nation but also commemorates other presidents of America both past and present. In the week preceding this holiday, schools and colleges organize events and lessons about the presidents of the United States and Washington in particular. It is also a well-known day for the stores to start their sales for the season as well as to read out the “”George Washington’s Farewell Address”” at public gatherings. 
“Emancipation Day 17th April 2017 “This day marks the anniversary of the signing of the Compensated Emancipation Act which had taken place in 1862. The act was signed by then president Abraham Lincoln and it had ended slavery and serfdom especially of African background as well as promoted citizen’s rights. Therefore, a wide variety of events is held in Washington DC during this time and is often continued for the whole month of April. These celebrations include exhibitions, presentations, discussions, laying down of wreaths, concerts and poetry sessions. These events target to educate people about the history of slavery in Columbia as well as racial issues in America. 
Memorial Day 29th May 2017 ” Originally known as Decoration Day, this holiday commemorates all the men and women who died in military service for the United States. Celebrated on the last Monday of May each year, this holiday had started as an event to honor the Union soldiers who had died in the American Civil War but later on it was extended to include all men or women who died for the nation. On this day, it’s a tradition to fly the flag of United States at half-staff from dawn till noon. People also visit places like cemeteries and memorials to honor and pay tribute to the deceased military personnel. In national cemeteries, each grave is adorned with the national flag of America. This day is also regarded as the start of the summer season and people go on picnics, family get together and sport events. 
Independence Day 4th July 2017 “It is annually celebrated on the Fourth of July and marks the day on which the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain was published in 1776. It is a patriotic holiday and is a joyous event for the Americans worldwide. This is a day when families hold picnics and barbecues and emphasizes the American traditional way of celebrating political freedom. Programs consist of hotdog and watermelon eating competitions and sport events like baseball matches, swimming races and tug-o-war games. On this day, the American flag can be seen commonly outside many homes and buildings and firework displays accompanied by patriotic songs are hosted by the local communities. The Statue of Liberty is a national monument with is associated with this day. Many public events are held where political leaders appear to show their support for the heritage, culture and the people of the country. 
Labor Day 4th September 2017 “It is observed on the first Monday of September every year and gifts the workers a day off work and celebrates their immense contribution to the American economy. This day celebrates the achievements of the labor unions and their efforts to protect the rights of the working class since 1882 but became a federal holiday in the US only in 1894. For many people it is utilized as a day of rest although some neighborhoods also organize fireworks displays, barbecues and art events on this day. Public celebrations are low key and the American football season starts around this time. 
Columbus Day “9th October 2017 “Falling on the second Monday of October every year, this day remembers the arrival of the 15th century explorer Christopher Columbus to America. He had first stepped on the land of America on the 12th of October, 1492 and is rightfully believed to be the day the American continent had been discovered. The celebration of this holiday is somewhat controversial because many people believe that the European settlement had led to the severe demise and downfall of the rich culture and heritage of the native or indigenous people living on the land. But nonetheless, this day is celebrated particularly in the Italian-American communities with special church services and large parades. The celebrations in New York and San Francisco are notable and popular. 
Veteran’s Day 10th November 2017 This day annually falls on 11th November but as it’s a Saturday in the year 2017 this holiday is going to be observed on the preceding day. It is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice which had led to the end of the First World War hostilities between the allied nations and Germany back in 1918. Intended to honor and thank all the persons who served in the wars of the nation and particularly the living veterans, this day is celebrated with great pomp and splendor. This day is characterized with elaborate parades and church services. The American flag is hung and a period of silence may be observed for two minutes at 11 AM on this day. Many schools and colleges instead of staying shut hold special assemblies for the students on this day.
Thanksgiving Day 23rd November 2017 This day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and traditionally a festival to convey thanks for the food collected at the end of the harvest season. It is a federal holiday in the United States when friends and families come together for a sumptuous and grand meal. This meal consists of dishes like roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and pumpkin pie. On this day, people give thanks to whatever they have and feel privileged. Special Thanksgiving Day parades are held on this day which gives way to a long four-day weekend of fun and frolic. It’s also the time which marks the opening of the shopping season for Christmas.
Black Friday 24th November 2017 It is the day right after thanksgiving and considered to be the busiest shopping day of the year. A North Carolina neighborhood is the most trafficked area of the United States on Black Friday. It is the unofficial starting day of Christmas shopping season and being a federal holiday people flock to the stores day and night. Great bargains and sales attract them and queues are seen from early morning before stores open.  
Christmas Day 25th December 2017 On this day people around the world celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. The traditional meaning of Christmas is a special church service or mass in order to celebrate the birth of Christ. Nowadays people celebrate this festival in many ways. When Christmas time is approaching, people go shopping for presents for their loved ones; decorate their houses, place a Christmas tree and families come together for the upcoming occasion. On the very day, a sumptuous and grand feast is laid out including dishes like turkey, mashed potatoes and a special custard pudding. Children hang stockings at the fireplace on Christmas Eve and receive it filled with gifts on Christmas morning. All this has led to Christmas to be a highly commercialized holiday with people spending a significant amount of their income during this festival. Many Sunday schools and churches organize special events like a Christmas display or carol performances. Charitable activities like arranging meals and shelter for the homeless people are also seen.