Aquarius is one of the most independent signs of the zodiac. Independence for the natives born under the sun sign of Aquarius is always paramount.


They are always inclined to have their  own independence than any other thing.  At the same time it is their streak of independence which makes them interesting to all the other signs of the zodiac. But beneath that cool, detached demeanor lays an extremely concerned and caring human being.

The rebelliousness of the natives of Aquarius is sometimes more for the sake of rebelliousness than anything else. They are one of the most compassionate, witty and intelligent people of the zodiac

Positions of Planets and Stars
The seventh House of Love and Marriage is not in a particularly powerful state in the year 2017 and is thus making relationships and love and romance difficult. This kind of astral indications signifies that in relationships, status quo will be maintained, but with the Uranus moving over Sun, status quo is boring; and change is the name of the game.

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Uranus moving over the Sun, love may face difficulties for your panache for independence. Saturn sitting in your 5th House will be causing a lot of disenchantment and a feeling of being caught.

It is mayhem as Jupiter moves into your seventh House and craves for something of permanence, whereas Uranus in your own sign craves for more freedom. But there is a method to the madness and you meet someone who will be a friend and a lover and will bring a strong relationship goal along with him.

May be this is a friend from earlier times, but your commitment towards each other needs to be firm for this relationship to work out. However your constant craving for uniqueness , looking out for personal favor are costing the relationship as seldom can other people understand these kind of uniqueness. Those involved with an Aquarius should better be patient and caring to tolerate this kind of whimsicality. Single people born under this sign are likely to have a line of affairs this year. The romance for them will be so interesting that at times they will tend to wonder if it is true or not. The fear of romance will be washed away this year by the planetary positions.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility
Compatibility and Incompatibility are both extremely important aspects of human life. When a star is born, people appreciate the warmth and their inherent characteristics. Aquarius craves for freedom and thus a compatible and successful partner will need to unwind and let the native of Sun Sign put up their own show.   This will save a lot id time money and energy. The situation clearly however shows that, if there are suitable stars, who is compassionate, life becomes good. And for those who hate independence and creative streak then relationships become drudgery. Thus it is important for Aquarius like every other sign to know who the compatible and also incompatible signs are for the year 2017.

Compatible Sun Signs for Aquarius in 2017 – Sagittarius, Aries and Taurus.
Incompatible Sun Signs for Aquarius in 2017 – Virgo, Gemini and Pisces