2017 is not going to be a year where the health hazards plague the Aries born.  Health for once will be fairly good, indicating that you do not fret or worry excessively about it.


Your house of health, the 6th house is not energized, which is a good omen showing that one need not be too worked up about it. There of course will be periods of lack of energy, but those will be temporary and will go on to pass.

You will need exercise discipline when it comes to matters of health. A new exercise or a diet regime coupled with a consultation with the Doctor should work out well. Certain old health problems may also get resolved.

Blood pressure or blood sugar related issues can be there as also there can be certain bouts of fever, small degree of burns or bruises resulting out of carelessness.

Excessive stress should be avoided at all costs as it will lead to mood swings, depression and various other problems.

Planetary Positions
Uranus will make a transit in the twelfth house of Aries throughout the year of 2017. This transit bodes well for cardio vascular and nervous systems of the Aries born.  This is also a period when Mercury will be retrograde, thereby advising you to keep your temper under control and avoid mood swings.

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In June too you will need to tap your inner resources for feeling energetic after getting over an emotional disappointment.

However in April, Mars will transit in your twelfth house which will give you lot of inner energy. At the end of July, Venus will go retrograde. This is again a period which will need you to take care of your mouth, throat, kidneys and genital areas in case of a woman.

The big planet Jupiter had been in the sign of Leo since last year and will be in Virgo and in the sixth house of your lifestyle and health till September.

Those who have had health issues, will recover and change. However, Mercury being the planet of your health, there will be ups and downs of health situation throughout the year. From June till November too you will need to be in midst of extensive physical work to gain your inner resources.

You will need to practice a lot of physical exercises to keep you up and about. However it is also strongly advised not to overdo it. There could be possible minor mishaps in October. There will be mental traumas and sentimental issues to deal with, so steel yourself and get your reserves up to deal with all these. By November, things will improve.

Diet Suggestions
Diets are always extremely important. But keeping in mind that the main things plaguing the Aries will be lack of energy, their diets should contain food which provides energy. Take medicines for blood pressure and sugar in case you have them.

Also your food should be rich in fiber and have a meal boasting of leafy green vegetables and avoid junk food. Also since there are indications of accidents or minor mishaps, you should be alert and keep your mind working. A healthy interjection of some form of physical exercise would also aid in your fitness program.