2024 is going to be a watershed year for the Cancers. They will reach greater heights and attain almost the pinnacle of success in their chosen profession or career. The stars have arranged a beautiful bouquet for the natives born under the Cancer sign this year.

This will be a year when there are going to be couple of changes, and changes of the long standing nature. With the changes will come a shift in the work front and there could also be a shift in the locations too. There will be plenty of new opportunities, so that life will not be boring for a single moment.

Mars, the warrior star brings out the energy and aggression in you and could in this year come out in the open and aggressively pursue what you mean to achieve in the end. There will be almost a healing spiritual quality to the cancer born native’s lives this year and despite small setbacks, which may occur; they will rise and shine and bounce back.

Even at times when you will not have an income fit for a king, you will make sure that you live like one. There will be in proportionate quantity ample money, joy and optimism. It is as if the Goddess of Fortune herself guides you through the course of road in the next year. It is overall an extremely positive year.

Planetary Positions
2024 starts with a bang with Jupiter moving into your sign’s own house signaling a propitious year ahead. Jupiter does not just bring money in its wake; it brings a lot of wish fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment in general.

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There will be promotions in the cards and acknowledgement of your work. Saturn steps into Cancer in the month of June and from then on there is almost a point of no return.

You adjust your life in a way that career takes precedence and results pour in. There could be couple of setbacks but you will overcome all of them in the course of the year. Workplace is brimming with optimism and joy and employees and colleagues all feel that you are capable of turning a proposition worth gold. There will be a lot of expansion of your career globally and will need to travel for that.

You will be in a leadership position and will try and your crisis handling and urgent situation handling will be astounding. But despite all these, the Cancer born natives are advised not to be over confident and take things with lot of logical thought process. They are also advised not to take hasty decisions and as mentioned, ponder upon their decisions before implementation.

Favored Professions
Cancer born people are brilliant, but they get easily diverted. However to them quality is the be all and end all of everything. They excel in numerous professions and for 2019, the professions they may have a chance to excel in are – anything to do with the running of hotels, IT, production of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).