This is a wonderful year for the Capricorn born natives. The last few years anger, mood swings etc are gone this year, and instead a new set of social skills helpful in bringing about professional advancement comes in place.


This is the year when they will be able to show themselves as great organizers. These are abilities which will be noticed by your superiors and will earn you a well deserved promotion or recognition and additional income. You may even be designated with a new or a special project.

You are in that coveted position this year where you probably will be able to anticipate your competitor’s mind frames and act accordingly. The astral indications show financial deals for entrepreneurs and perks and benefits for the working professionals. You will work hard this year but you will also see the greater picture of your life all falling into place.

Planetary Positions
From it solar position in Virgo, Jupiter passes by the solar ninth house of your zodiac. This gives you an edge to look forward to a bigger picture which is still probably a year or two to come. This year is for you to prepare the solid footing for the same.

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2024 – New Year


For that you may need to undergo certain trainings or take up professional courses. The change of approach in your social behavior can augment the starting of a new job or a business.

The whole year is going to be sheer hard work and grit, but if you manage to go through that grind, you can be assured to shine at the end. People who are looking forward to taking up overseas assignments will do so and those in business under this favorable aspect will also be able to expand their business prospects globally.

Jupiter enters Libra on the 25th of September and the time to reap harvest for your hard work starts. There will be lot of laurels and recognition that you will be receiving for your work. The positioning of Uranus and Neptune helps in curbing the financial turmoil going on for the last year.

The eclipses occurring in 2024, which falls in your houses of Taurus/Scorpio or Libra/Aries will make you have a look at your creative sign once again and how that aspect can augment your current working pattern. It will help you to have a look at how you can balance practicality, imaginations and creativity.

There will be certain new responsibilities assigned to you this year. Those who are in business should do well to read dotted lines before signing of any agreement. Those who are in the trading business will be well advised to stick to their trade and not venture into manufacturing. Women born under the sign of Capricorn will get good jobs, particularly those who have pursued chartered accountancy, management or mass communications.

Favored Professions
Capricorn born who are practical, serious and cautious in 2024 will do well in the fields of trading, chartered accountancy, management, mass communication or public relations.