Let us have a look at how the monthly horoscope of those born under the sign of Capricorn in 2017 looks like.


    • January – Health is great on the first month of the year. This is a month for buying clothes, jewelry as your beauty sense is sharp. Your money house will become very strong. There is unusual interest in financial condition. A good month to pay off   all kinds of debt. Job-seekers need to lookout for jobs. Increasing your credit line will be important now. . There is more personal charisma and beauty attached to your image. You are very independent   and have unusual power to have your own way now.
    • February– Personal goals are most important at this time. Actions will be powerful and effective. Serious love is status quo. Good health also means good wealth. Parents and elders are co-operating financially. Married persons will get increased support from their parents towards their life.
    • March– Your personal independence will became weaker. Prosperity is strong this month. Health will need more attention. Love is going to be a mixed bag during this month. .
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    • April– There is a strong likelihood of the luck to purchase or sale of a property. You will be capable of changing certain undesirable conditions. Enhance health, like the previous month.


  • May– Passions at home seem more changeable. Keeping your state of emotional harmony seems more of a challenge now. Health is much improved this month. Earnings can be huge at certain times. You have a greater interest in healthy life styles and healthy regimes and diets.
  • June– Social issues and also another people’s interests will start becoming more important on this month. Personal initiative is important and appropriate this time. Love and work needs to be concentrated upon .health needs more focus. Finance is calming down.  Earnings will still come but a little slowly.
  • July– This month you should surrender to circumstances and adjust as best as you can. The doors of your career dreams and goals are opening shortly for you. Home and family seem important right now. Love is passionate. Singles are allured by the wealthy. Your judgment is better when it comes to other’s finances than your own.
  • August – High rank, Honors and recognition are on your way. Promotions and pay raises in store for many of you. This show a month of wonderful career advancement. You are neither overly independent nor overly dependent. Career status is sure to lead to greater earnings.
  • September– Career success is extending apace and rapidly. Personal independence and power will increase dramatically. Self-respect and self- assurance will be growing day by day. Further improve your health through energetic exercise.
  • October– The change in your career has an impact on your home life. Your dream life will be more active during this period. Serious love is still Status quo. Health needs attention. Parents are making important changes in their lives. Enhance health by paying more attention, particularly to your heart, kidney, hip and liver.
  • November – You have had an unusual peaking of your career activity for a few months. Attuning goals comes from personal initiative and direct action.  Golden Opportunity is chasing you for romantic purposes. Health is fine. Green color is suitable for you thus month.
  • December – Keeping your home base intact is probably the best way. Feeling right is more important than doing right. Still serious love seems to be in status quo. After 15th some appropriate golden times will come to you.