Let us have a look at what the stars have to predict about the financial conditions for all zodiac signs for the year 2017.

This will provide the readers with a comprehensive and concise guide as to what to expect from one of the most important aspect of life – the finance sector.

123 New Year has always believed in giving snippets of information for every sun sign accurately over the years. 2017 will also not be an exception. Thus let us look at what the stars unfold –

    • Aries – The successful phase going on from 2016 will continue and it will be a time to consolidate and strengthen your position. Someone may try to deviate you from your career path. Be careful and do not let anyone jeopardize your financial stability.   Those in business should wait for better market opportunities and those employed should continue to work hard. Finances look to be balanced and pretty satisfactory. In April there will be a big change in financial condition.
    • Taurus – Taurus born people need to work hard to attain success. But, the Taurus born natives are known for their adroitness and perseverance.  The employed should keep working and be careful of colleagues and associates. Things should get better by September. Be careful of expenses and avoid unnecessary expenses. From April finances look up and new moon occurs on the 6th June in your money sector.
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    • Gemini – Start working even if the job is not to your liking. Those in business will do well and will expand horizons. There could be occasional financial difficulties, but the Gemini born people are certain to ride above it. Do be careful about the trend of borrowing to fulfill all the desires. Remember the money borrowed needs to be repaid too. There will be a overall prosperity in finances after 11th of June.


  • Cancer – This will be a year of absolute growth and prosperity and the Cancer born people will have the most of it. There could be profitable overseas connection and travels along with ventures. There will be lot of money, but there will also be lot of expenses. Do remember not to overspend as every wealth has a margin. There is also possibility of good investments this year.
  • Leo – A very fortunate year for the Leo where the employed make great progress signifying a sustainable increase in salary.  Business people do well too. There is an overall development in the career path leading to success and money. There could be major purchases too this year with the influx of money.
  • Libra – There will be spectacular changes in the fields of career and progression.  By august and September there will be an absolute turnaround of career and substantial financial gains to be seen. Those in business will have successful coordination with international clients.
  • Virgo – A year when the career graph is on a marked rise. Those in business find out new ways of profitability and incomes sore. There could be overseas business or employment engagement offers which you may take up. Money will flow in, however you need to know how to keep it. Finances will look better after the drag of last year.
  • Scorpio – Success is assured in every venture that you undertake.  Financial stability is absolutely guaranteed and some of the Scorpio born people may look for more successful work.  There will be a trend of promotions for the employed paving way for monetary betterment. There could be international assignments.
  • Sagittarius – A year of amazing growth and prosperity.  The year wills start on a financially high note. The employed is ascertained of a fantastic pay packet and great promotions.  Those in business will receive loans in order to prosper and flourish their business.  Some new idea in business will fetch lot of money. But beware about business partnerships, they may tend to dissolve. Keep aside money for rainy days. Many financial hurdles will be crossed this year.
  • Capricorn – Successful phase waits.  Independent entrepreneurs and business people can expect financial gains and those in employment can expect a great enough financial perks and benefits.  People wanting to work in the media also are set to reap financial harvests and do well.
  • Aquarius – Some of the Aquarius born people will take over an abandoned job or project and turn it around brilliantly and make money out of it. Other than that career look good thereby assuring monetary gains.  There is overall growth and well being finaciall6y for the Aquarius born.
  • Pisces – Though the start to career progression and financial well being will be slow, yet there will be significant progression. However there is caution to be exercised as partnerships etc will not yield money and result in loss.  Keep aside money for the rainy days and do not overspend this year. Financial intuitions will be intense and though certain problems may crop up, they will also be handled diligently.