Lord Jupiter, who is the Lord of your career, will yield beneficial results in the year 2017 for the Gemini born people.


There will be a tremendous amount of persistent energy in professional aspects translating into economic gain for the Gemini born people.

However be wary about overspending as there is also the possibility of having to take loans. The second half of the year will yield better monetary results and new sources of income may arise.

Planetary Positions

The placement of Mars will be extremely beneficial when it comes to financial gains on this year.  There is a good money flow predicted as per the astral indi9cations and not as much cause for worry regarding financial situations. There is also the possibility of purchase of a new vehicle or property in the second half of this year.

Professions that may bring you more money

Thos investing in gold and real estate will do exceedingly well and also those who are involved in these industry.

Apart from this it will be beneficial to have a comprehensive guide to what can unfold during the 12 months of the year in terms of finance. Let us then have a look at how the monthly financial horoscope of those born under the sign of Gemini in 2017 looks like.

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January– Favorable month for the Gemini’s in terms of maintaining a status quo financially. Wealth will not be on top of your mind for this month. You seem mostly to be interested on the prosperity of others, putting their economical interests ahead on your own. Prosperity comes from cutting costs and avoiding the wastage of things. Less brings more. Body needs periodic detoxification, so too dues of the financially body. Pay off debts that you had incurred.


February – This month will be better than the previous one.  It is much easier to gain money than last month. After 18th you enter one of your strong good fortune times of the year.  For a Long term, you are in a situation of re-structuring your wealth. This is a period where you period where you see some of benefits.

March– Saturn has been retrograde in your Money House for some months, showing delays in earnings and ventures. You should start seeing forward progress in your efforts to manage your economical condition. Get financially healthier by your efforts. Earnings look very strong until the 20th. Afterwards come with more challenge. Earnings come with you but your work harder for them.

April– shows your inclination for online work. Trying your hand in a new internet business that will be profitable is good financial idea. There could be job changes in major shifts in overall condition at work. Financial changes brought in by Lunar Eclipse in present arrangements will reveal themselves as to how the financial arrangements will shape up.

May– Finance seems to be good for this month. Your hard work is bringing bottom line benefits. Friends, elders, bosses seem supportive of your long drawn financial goals. While you are still not out of the financial wood. This month is an easier time in an overall long term trend of revamping.

June– Finance become more of a priority after the11th overall prosperity is capable. This time. You are getting more personally involved in money rather than authorizing them to other person. Sales, Marketing and communication skill always important in your finances

July– Yearly prediction shows that your professional worries will come to an end. Important Financial changes are happening. Saturn who has been a stern  financial task maker these past two years, will leave your proportional in your spending and investing. You have become financially healthier and wiser.  The burden of debts should be much easier now.

August – your 4th house of home and family is powerful. Monetary affairs are less important this month. Financial energy and activity will be strongest as the Moon expands. From 5th to 19th you should schedule essential financial projects. The Moon spending so much time in your money house is a positive wealthy signal.

September – The planetary power is now secured in your financial sector. But with your 5th house so strong, speculations will tend to be favorable. Don’t overdo this, consult your inspiration carefully.

October – Finances look good for this month.   Job seekers have excellent chances. These are more than just jobs but seem profitable and enjoyable. Employees are spreading out the work force.  Personal earnings seem very disturbing.

November – Job seekers have wonderful offers. Money can come from your career good fortune. Nothing might work in your favor so keep patience.

December – Finances are still stressful and don’t seem a major priority. Earnings influence to be stronger however from the first half of the month.