Leo, the magnanimous fearless majestic sun sign of the zodiac, when it comes to its relationship are spontaneous, genuine, sincere and charming.

They are those people whom the other sun signs cannot refuse and being unavoidable, they end up having numerous love affairs and sometimes their relationships also wean away because of their constant quest of beauty and passion. However, till the time they are with someone, they remain deeply dedicated to that person.

The sun-child’s relationships and love relationships get sorted out this year. This year sees them coming into their own being by craving love and attachment yet wanting to carve out a space for oneself. 2017 will be quite a fortunate and good year for the Leo born as far as love relationships are concerned.

Positions of Planets and Stars
This is the year when the planet Uranus moves into the 7 the house of love and Marriage of Leo and looks set to stay there for a long time. This is one of the major turning points in how you perceive love. Your perception towards love and relationship would change with this.

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You want love and commitment but you wish and demand your own space too. It is demanding a lot really. In this phase this is the kind of partner who is attracted to you also.

There will be a constant up and down in matters of love and romance this year and that will ensure that the relationship does not settle down to boredom anytime. Around March – April there will be a lot of passion and closeness between married couples.

The Uranus also ensures that there will be a phase when the singles will be ready to settle down into matrimony and the married people may either upgrade them or align in a new phase or will get separated. Single natives born under the sign of Leo will be attracted to and also meet intellectually stimulating and scientific people of the opposite sex. It seems that everything which was not your cup of tea has started appealing to you more and more.

Those who are looking at a second marriage need not take chances and venture at options. Over all a very interesting and a chart-bursting year this 2017 will be.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility
Leo is the epitome of glorious passion and independence and complete enthusiasm and a zest for life. The compatibility factor between a Leo and other sun signs should reflect this factor and also figure out what does not work for them. Signs which have conflicting elements will always present minor compatibility challenges and be a non-compatible match. Therefore let us have a look at which are the most compatible signs for Leo and the least incompatible. This will go on in making our priorities and our understanding from love life clear.

Compatible Sun Signs for Leo in 2017 – Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini
Incompatible Sun Signs for Leo in 2017 – Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces