Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and symbolizes balance. People born under this sign are born diplomats and are ardent advocate of justice and equality.

Ruled by Venus, Librans love beauty and harmony and are artistic and creative in nature. Natives born under this sign are idealistic, with a sharp intellect.

Often termed as the ‘social butterflies’, Librans are attractive, elegant and sophisticated and possess excellent social skills.  The sign of Libra also rules over all matters of partnerships, and thus, although radically independent, partnerships are very sacrosanct for Librans.

In love, they seek to maintain balance and equality by being loyal and fair to their partners.

Positions of Planets and Stars
The year 2017 will be a mixed kind of year for Librans. Saturn in the 7th house of committed relationships will urge to create stable and solid foundation, and to focus on duty and commitment in partnerships rather than pleasure. The 5th house of romance, creativity and children however, will create an opposite longing for enjoyment and spontaneous fun.

For single Libras, this will create a dilemma as they will be presented with options for a serious, committed relationship based on stability and practicality, and will also present the temptation of remaining unattached and carefree, enjoying the pleasures of life.

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For married Libras, these opposing currents will create conflicts by presenting strong temptations that test their marital bonds.

There will be romantic opportunities that make them feel the monotony and staleness of their marriage.  They will be pulled into conflicting directions with the comfort of familiarity on one side and the allure of the unknown on the other. They will need to focus on their long-term emotional and spiritual needs to figure out what is best for them. If there is a true spiritual connection in their marriage and romance can be rekindled, then only the marriage will be salvageable. However, if the marriage is merely based on convenience or false assumptions, then there are serious possibilities of it falling apart.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility
Librans are about to be faced with some great changes in their personal relationships. The married Libras will find it hard to ignore the pull and attraction that another person offers, thereby causing trouble in their marriage. Even if they try to resist the temptation, the romantic attraction of the potential love interest will cause them to ignore the voice of caution and get into a passionate relationship. The singles will find their romantic lives stormy due to their own indecisiveness or insecurities. They will have a hard time understanding their own feelings and emotional needs and be skeptical about making any commitments.  The advice is to maintain harmony by focusing on long term emotional needs in their personal life.

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