Pisces, be prepared to have a superlative year in 2024. Recognitions, accomplishments, glory and the world will be yours. This will most certainly be the year where the problems that you face, you tackle thoroughly and firmly and make a success story out of them.


there in fact will be numerous chances and opportunities that you will want to grab. But you must also be cautious and discerning, and figure out what you want to do and exactly how you want to achieve them.

If in the past years you have just grown used to the workload and no amount of recognition, then have heart ; as the situation is soon going to change. The astral symbols suggest that money and earning; both will increase substantially this year. Let us have a look at the planetary positions and understand how they will affect you.

Planetary positions
Jupiter earlier the year transits to Sagittarius, which is your solar tenth house and stands for career and your standing in life. With the planet of Luck on your side, you are assured to win any kind of bid, competition or contest that might come your way. Jupiter then moving onto Cancer will bring in a lot of wealth, and this wealth will be a satisfactory earning for you. This is indicative that some or the other artistic abilities that you have may have been instrumental in bringing in this wealth to you. However you should be a little wary of people who approach you with certain get-rich-quick schemes and ideas.

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After September, Jupiter transits in to Libra, which is your solar eighth house. This is symbolic of more money being accrued to you because of your past sincere efforts.

With Saturn going to your fifth house there are indications that you may want and will be able to transform a hobby of yours into a brilliant money making idea. There is a possibility that you may bring a twist to a new product to make it into a brilliant idea turning the kudos to lots of money.

People who are professional investors can look into the aspect of investing in gaming, resorts, residential property etc. your financial planet Mars suggests that this year you follow your intuition fearlessly and go about making money.  This year also suggests that there will be many times when you will choose status, recognition and glory over money.

The career planet posited on your fifth house is indicative that there could be times when you may gamble with your set career. If not gamble, then take hasty steps. You are advised not to do this in the first half of the year and only try it post August. Till the month of August your career is marked with creative endeavors and money making. Over all it would be a very good year.

Favored Professions
Amongst the umpteen professions that a Pisces born could follow, on the year 2024, creative career options will reign. Direction, interior decorations or anything to do with your artistic elements and financial investors will do well.