This is a year when the wealth and earnings will surely be on a  rise and the picture looks good.

Jupiter positioned in the sign of cancer will bring enhanced professional recognition, self esteem and monetary benefits as well as earning opportunities.


There could be reasons when the first half of the year may not seem as productive, but the second half of the year is assured to bring you luck and financial prosperity.

Planetary Positions

The 2nd house of Pisces is not the house of power this year, yet Jupiter positioned in the 5th house indicates that there will be money and earnings.  Those involved in creative arts will have plenty of wealth as Jupiter in positioned in Cancer. Wealth this year may come from a creative idea also.  There is a possibility of money coming from children or association with children.

Your financial planet Mars will move through many phases and earnings will also come from different ways and means.  It also clearly symbolizes a risk taking in your financial aspects. Jupiter positioned in your 5th house will also mean that there could be earnings from speculations.  When Jupiter moves into Leo, expect pay rise and fatter pay checks.

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Professions that may bring more money

Almost all the professional people born under Pisces do well, but those perusing creative arts will do well. Also those who are in investments or are school teachers will do remarkably well.


Let us have a look at how the monthly financial horoscope of those born under the sign of Pisces in 2017 looks like.

  • January – Money comes from your career success. In economically purposes, earnings will be increasing. Elders, parents, bosses and foreigners will be co-operating with your career goals. House of Spirituality is becoming more powerful.
  • February – House of Self becomes very strong. The field of economical purpose is very powerful in this month. Finances are very stressful. There can be certain problems regarding your job. However, it would not be anything major.
  • March – Your Money House becomes very powerful. All wealth is waiting for you. Financial guidance will come into your dreams or through your experiences. Just focus on your future goals and your income may increase.
  • April – Your financial intuition will be very intense. Your Money House will become stronger. When the dust settles from this eclipse, your financial situation will be much better than before. There can be a chance for your job change.
  • May – The planetary power will shift to the West later in month. Finances are particularly good this month. Financial opportunities are seeking you. Big ticket items are also coming to you. You can shape your financial life pretty much as you desire.
  • June – Finance is still good. Your Money House can become more powerful. In financial matters, personal initiative still matters. Earnings will come with more difficulty and challenge.
  • July – Your financial planet and career planet spend the month in opposition to each other. The cosmos is going to force you to gain clarity here. There are also financial disagreements with elders or bosses. You are more courageous in many matters and achieve goals very quickly.
  • August – Finances are active but very stressful. Earnings are coming but you are working very hard. Enhance your earnings by helping others to prosper. Some positive development is coming in your career. A financial dispute with your beloved ones seems resolved.
  • September – The planetary power is now established. Personal earnings seem stressful. Money is coming in other way though claims, insurances and credit line. Your ability to help others prosper and to see their financial needs is a great career asset. There can be financial disputes with friends.
  • October – Financial planning and thinking change. Important assets are brought or sold. If you have any problem regarding your insurance or property, then the eclipse signals an important turning – point in these affairs.
  • November – Your financial judgment could be better. Put all pending investments or major purchases under a high – powered microscope. Resolve all your doubts before proceeding. Make your financial field slowly and methodically.
  • December – Finances are still stressful, but not as last month. Financial decision – making is apt to be much better. If you are prospering, you deserve a lot of credit which you are earning through your jobs.