This year will be a year which will be more good than bad as there will not be much to complain about financially.

When it comes to money, the year will shape out to be not much stressful and the going will be fairly easier.


This is a year when the Sagittarius born people will need to take a long term financial planned approach towards finances, which will include earnings as well as investments. Wealth will keep accumulating slowly but steadily.

Planetary Positions

Saturn, the money planet for Sagittarius is conservative in financial matters this year.  Despite your money house being empty, Saturn being positioned in the angle of the chart ensures that the lord of finance is prominent.

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Therefore this year wealth will be accumulating slowly and steadily. Money will come from social skills, business partnerships. A solar eclipse in July will bring long term changes in the financial life and planning of the Sagittarius born people. This would be a good year to pay off all your debts.  You will gain wealth from many aspects. There is astral indication of new job or business leading to better financial growth.


Professions which may bring more money

Despite this being a year where most of the Sagittarius born people will do well if they have a long term approach to finance; there are certain sectors who may do better than the rest . People related to education, social media and real estate will yield very good results.

Let us now have a look at how the monthly horoscope of those born under the sign of Sagittarius in 2017 looks like.

January – Your 1st House of self is positioned very firmly. Earnings are also strong all month and come in a classification of ways and methods.  Job offers are also following you. Support from your partner and spiritual insides are providing to your prosperity.

February – You need more patience in economical affairs as your financial planet, Saturn is reverse all month. In your Money House, which is looking after in a rush can lead to errors.. Think things through with effective thought process, weigh the outcome of your actions.

March – The planetary power has shifted from East to West.  Continue to work on your career in a way – through judgment. Wealth are to be made on this month  when financials are restored with  clarity and sound  judgment  so there is more work and challenge involved in finances often. Some activities may disturb you from your pursuit of monetary issues.

April – Wealth will get easier after 20th. Job seekers have excellent offers in foreign companies. Also job seekers should check the job offers and postings at religious institutions. You are clear on your financial administration.

May — Your 7th house of the other becomes very strong. Finances are status quo this month, but enjoy the full- very shortly they are going to be very active. Money is coming through claims, insurances, or credit debit card.  Economical planning and thinking changes as you are blessed with clarity of vision.

June – Your assets is getting more energetic and better this month. It’s a prosperous month. Your economical plant gets refreshed by benefic planets. This is a wonderful month to pay off debt with some of your extra earnings. Pending claims, and insurance, you are likely to gather this month.

July – Your 10th House of career will start getting strong on the 23rd. A good grand triple in the fire signs for most of the month. Is giving you all the energy you need to deal with the challenges that happen. Saturn will move into a long term favorable alignment on 16th.

August – Your mind gets expanded this month. This is a good month in that your 9th House of foreign travel is strong. There is a shift in your financial life – an essential one. You will earn in more creative ways. Earnings will be increasing. Your financial horizons will expand.

September – The planetary power is making an important shift for Western sector of your horoscope to the Eastern Sector. Your 10th house of career will become more powerful. Finances are strong, but they are challenges in the month ahead. Children, family, friend s seem to be making conflicting financial demands on you.

October – Your 11th house of friends has been active for some months. The resources challenges of last month are still in effect. Balance and capacity in spending is the answer. Money is earned with more difficulty, too, so go that extra mile.

November – The planetary power is now at its maximum Eastern point. Your 1st house of self is very strong, while your 7th house of others is empty. Finances are challenging. Earnings come, but through more effort and drama than usual. In finance, go slowly, steadily, and resolve all doubts before proceeding

December – Finance is major focus this month, this will give you the energy to conquer many financial challenges. Money comes through hard work.