Health for the Scorpios in 2017 will in general remain good. However it is pertinent to mention that natives of Scorpio above the age of 40 may face certain stomach related ailments.

But there are no major disruptions seen in the health area. Though, the natives of Scorpio should not take health for granted also.

It is advised for you to pay attention to your health condition in the second half of this year, after August.

You are extremely stressed now trying to balance a successful career and family life, and most of the problems will arise from stress. To achieve wellness, it is suggested that you talk less this year and meditate and listen to others more.

There could be problems related to stomach and knee. Be careful about sudden injuries and also avoid excessive stress. Keep an eye on health particularly from January till August.

Planetary Positions
The 6th house, which is your House of Health, is not energized in the year 2017 signifying that there is not as such any health scare in this year.

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However, having read this, if you think that all is well and you can take your health for being granted, then that would be a mistake.

After the 1st of August, Uranus and Neptune will form a stressful aspect to your sign and health will become important all of a sudden. The health will take a toll due to the extreme stress of career and other lifestyle issues. It will also arise trying to balance home and office both.

The Scorpio born should also keep in mind that mental health is also a health aspect which needs to be kept in mind.

There has to be some practice which they can adopt to bring the work related stress down and also to understand that a happy energized and healthy mind is necessary for a healthy body as well. The best way to shut off from people and negative situations is to walk away from it, therefore speak less and avoid stressful situations. You will be better off physically and mentally.

There could also be seasonal viral afflictions ailing the Scorpio born people. These could get aggravated if self medications are practiced or if the ailment is ignored. Do not try and medicate yourself with anti biotic as it will cause intestinal micro flora and cause discomfort to health. Also pay attention to the gastro intestinal tract as there are some indications of gastrointestinal treatment. You are advised to get into certain forms of yoga or exercise to keep yourself healthy and also to keep these small health hazards at a distance.

Diet Suggestions
Though there are no major changes, still wanted to list out what are the dos and don’ts. The Scorpio born people should have fruit juices, oats, fruits and all such healthy things in this ensuing year.