Taurus are probably the most patient, practical, reliable and stable sign of the entire zodiac. As much as they like everything good and beautiful; when it comes to enjoy the benefits, they enjoy the fruits of their own labor.

They are as stable and conservative in relationships as they are in business. They are also some of the most sensual and touchy-feely type of lover that one can come across. They take their own sweet time when it comes to making up their minds, but when they do, they are a dedicated lot.

There will be no dearth of passion and tactile sensuousness with the native born of a Scorpio in tow. They are people who feel comfortable in seeking a partner from their own social set.

Positions of Planets and Stars
The 7th house of your love and marriage is not a power-packed or energized house this year. That goes to mean that there will in general be a status quo when it comes to love and marriage. Meaning the married will stay married. There will not be any status change in that.

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Pluto, which is the planet of Change, happens to be your love planet. Therefore he energizes the sector where there will be lot of changes.

Pluto sits in your 8th house – which is the house of change. This clearly means that there be a complete transformation in your love life or in relations. Under this influence, the whole idea of love and marriage changes, that is the philosophy of such feelings and unions are transformed.

There will be ample romantic and marriage opportunities and in certain cases there will result a significant relation out of it. There could be problems when you try to have too much freedom in a relationship. There could be commitment issues as you will be equally responsive to other social acquaintances too, causing your partner to doubt your credibility and sincerity. These are issue which will test the foundations of marriage and relationships. Those who are in their second marriage will feel the equilibrium to be maintained. People pursuing their third marriage need to have loads of patience to strike gold and make it work. For the singles there could be a romance stemming out of their finance or accounts related acquaintances.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility
Since Taurus they are pretty stable and reliable characters, they seek their partners from the same social set up only. Apart from that what will matter is the compatibility factor amongst other signs of the zodiac for those born under Taurus. Let us then have a look at who are the most compatible sign for Taurus for the year 2017 and let us also see which are the incompatible sign for Taurus.

Compatible Sun Signs for Taurus in 2017 – Libra, Pisces and Cancer
Incompatible Sun Signs for Aquarius in 2017 – Taurus, Scorpio and Aries