If you are born between the dates 21st March and 20th April, then you have been bestowed with the zodiac sign “Aries”. The zodiac sign is represented by the ‘Ram’ which denotes stubbornness, serious about work, courage and straightforward.

The ram’s horn symbolizes “horn of plenty” meaning ‘abundance’. Rams are also considered to be symbols of leadership. An Aries woman is always on the go and it’s only on rare occasions that you find an Aries woman run out of energy.

They love to be busy and get up to do something rather than sitting idle or wasting time which is one of the worst things that can happen to them. This ambitious lady lives on challenges and is unafraid to talk back whosever the other person may be.

She tries to make each day as exciting and productive it can be with her charismatic and adventurous nature. The Sumero-Babylonian name of Aries is “The Agrarian Worker”.

The Positive Traits of an Aries Woman-

  • An Aries woman has a very enthusiastic and vibrant personality.

  • She is loyal to her friends and family. The people she gives her commitment to need not worry about being betrayed.

  • She loves the people she is close to in her life and will leave no stone unturned in helping them during times of need.

  • Generosity is a wonderful trait in all Aries women and they love to rescue someone in trouble.

  • Eager and passionate, they are always at the front of the line, kick starting an act be it an office project or the arrangements of a birthday party.

  • A fearless and natural leader, she is often seen to fight for the rights of not only herself but for others as well.

  • An Aries woman usually gets up early in the morning to spend a productive day and get her goals scored.

  • Ruled by the planet Mars, they possess a lot of optimism and never looks back.

  • Represented by the ‘Ram’, they are said to approach life and its difficulties head-on.


The Negative Traits of an Aries Woman-

  • They are very impulsive with their decisions which can sometimes lead to wrong choices.

  • They feel that their life is incomplete without taking risks and this can often get them in trouble.

  • They love to take on multiple challenges and tasks and because of this they often end up with much more than they can handle.

  • Her impatient nature makes her move to the next undertaking leaving the previous one unfinished.

  • She is too aggressive and loud on the outer front and this may lead to other people judging her a bit too harshly.

  • Her biggest flaw is that she fails to understand that others can do their job on their own. Her habit of imposing solutions and advices on people’s problems that are not related to her can pose a problem.

  • She likes to dominate the people around her and has quite a high ego that makes it difficult for her to adjust in a bond.

The Aries Woman in a Relationship-

The chase, the hunt and the excitement in winning the prize- these same emotions an Aries woman craves in a relationship. She will look for a partner who has the same fierce passion and enthusiasm like her. She may be picky in choosing her man, but once she chooses you, you are in for the most exciting adventure of your life. She has a very short temper and will need a partner who can play with fire and most importantly, never makes it dull for her. She is very much like a give and take partner in a relationship. She likes to dominate over her partner but also needs someone who can match her intensity and excitement. She wants a man who will be able to handle her chaos self. She will be trustworthy and committed to you and will expect the same from you. If she really loves you, she will just have eyes for you and no one else. She will always support her partner in whatever endeavor he undertakes. This may sometimes work against her because she doesn’t understand that she shouldn’t take up the role of a savior always and just let her partner be and solve his own problems. She needs her share of freedom and independence in a relationship and as soon as she can feel that space getting invaded by her partner, she will put an end to the relationship once and for all. She is one of the most trust-worthy signs of the zodiac and in order to have a happy relationship with an Aries woman, you have to always keep her on her toes and make sure the excitement doesn’t die down.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Aries and Cancer- A cancer man can bring out the best in an Aries woman and vice versa. Aries women driven by their intense and passionate nature often tend to get quite jealous in the relationship which gives the Cancer man opportunities of being more charming and winning her over again. This pair is a quite compatible one.

  • Aries and Pisces- A Pisces man is a great match for an Aries woman because of the trust and respect they can give and earn back. They have a sizzling chemistry between them. The sensible and down to earth Pisces and the free spirited, self-confident Aries make a great team and balance each other perfectly.

  • Aries and Sagittarius- The mysterious nature of a Sagittarius man keeps the Aries lady intrigued and attracted to him. They both have similar traits and tastes and enjoy each other’s company.

Basic Information About Aries-

Date Range 21st March- 20th April
Element Fire
Ruling Planet Mars
Compatible Signs Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius
Lucky Day Tuesday
Lucky Numbers 1,9
Lucky Color Red