The Cancer zodiac comes in the fourth position of the Western astrology table. The symbol of this zodiac is “The Crab” which relates to the timid, hiding in a shell and observant nature of the ‘cancer’ natives.

They are also fiercely protective, defensive for the people they love and when they hold onto something they do it with much persistence and don’t easily let go. Being a true water sign, they are highly empathic, tremendously intuitive and very emotional.

The specialty of this sign is that they are able to sense the emotional turbulences and feelings of another person and can pin point it correctly. Ruled by the moon, they possess this special pull which gives them the unique ability of emotionally reading a person with very little effort staying their own protective shell. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac sign is “The Crayfish”.

Positive Traits of a Cancer Man-

  • His greatest strength lies in his stability and dependability of his character. He is a polite soul with inborn chivalry and old school good manners.

  • A cancer man has high intuitive skills which makes him give beneficial advice to his closed ones. He also is generally bestowed with dramatic or literary talent.

  • He loves his family and home more than anything else in the world and make excellent life partners and parents. His family-oriented nature allows him to be the best husband and father.

  • On the work front, a Cancer man is highly tenacious and persistent. His extreme determination helps him to achieve his work related goals and objectives.

  • He is a very loving, compassionate and sensitive human being, doing all that he can and even more for the people in his life.

  • He is a very charitable person and finds it very hard to turn down a person. There is a special connect with animals and is often seen taking in stray or wounded animals.

  • Once he falls in love, he is very loyal to his partner and can sacrifice anything in order to keep the other person happy.

Negative Traits of a Cancer Man-

  • He is quite close-minded and once he forms a judgment about another person, it’s not likely to change. He is also not forgiving in nature and usually remembers insults for a long time.

  • His characteristics include extreme mood swings that are due to the lunar phases of its ruling planet, the moon. One moment they can be perfectly friendly and conversant with you and the next they may feel insulted and sulk. This can turn off people and showcase an incorrect first impression.

  • Just like a crab, the Cancer man tends to be hard on the outside and soft in the interior. Exteriorly, he may be sarcastic and crabby but actually he is quite affectionate and gentle. He takes it slow and demands a considerable amount of time before bringing down the smokescreen and letting anyone enter into their private space as they are driven by the fear of getting hurt or betrayed.

  • He is a very sensible soul and needs to be handled with care. If he feels threatened of getting hurt, he will retreat back into his shell and not let that person in ever again. His vindictive and overly protective nature also poses a problem.

The Cancer Man in a Relationship-

A Cancer man is known to be a romantic lover and satisfying his partner and fulfilling her needs are among his top priorities. He prefers to find a woman with whom he can spend the rest of his life and stay committed to. At the beginning, he can be quite shy and reserved and might take a long time to open up but once he does so, no other zodiac can be as caring or loving as him. He is very loyal and unquestionably devotes himself to his lover and expects her to do the same. This may sometimes make his partner feel trapped and suffocated in the relationship. The overly protective and clingy nature of his can turn off a woman. Handling a Cancer guy is not easy and his partner must make sure to be very kind, gentle, encouraging and true to him to make the relationship work. Once he gets comfortable in the relationship, he becomes a surprisingly passionate and ardent lover. His unique capability of sensing the opposite person’s thoughts and feelings allow him to be a sensible and skillful lover. He doesn’t like conflicts and in times of argument, he will generally choose to remain quiet and calm. When a Cancer man gets in a serious relationship, his insecurities come to surface and bothers him and thus needs a partner who understands this and reassures him.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Cancer and Scorpio- The pair between a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman gains success as both of them have the same desires and personalities. Both of them being intuitive can understand each other well. This water-water pair works on bringing each other out of their shell and facing the world together.

  • Cancer and Pisces- They share excellent love compatibility between them due to their matching natures. They can balance each other out emotionally and know perfectly what the other person needs. He will provide her the correct guidance in times of stress and she will have a deep understanding of her man and his feelings.

  • Cancer and Taurus- This pair can definitely find true love as both of them usually have the same interests allowing them to spend a lot of time together. A Cancer man will try his best to fulfill all of his ‘Bull’ partners need while a Taurus woman is loyal and will readily give him all her attention.

Basic Information about Cancer-

Date Range 21st June- 20th July
Element Water
Ruling Planet The Moon
Compatible Signs Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Lucky Numbers 7,9,2
Lucky Colors Blue, Silver