Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac chart and comes right after Gemini. This zodiac sign originates from the medium sized Cancer constellation.

People who are born between 21st June and 20th July belong to this particular sun sign. The symbol that represents this sign is Karkinos which was a giant crab in the Greek mythology.

According to the Greek mythology, Karkinos was the crab that was continuously pestering Heracles or Hercules during his heroic battle with the Hydra. It is believed that it had bit Heracles on his foot during the fight after which he had crushed it.

However after this Goddess Hera, sworn enemy and step mother of Heracles had placed Karkinos among the stars in order to show her appreciation. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Crayfish”.

The Positive traits of a Cancer woman-

  • A Cancer woman has a very creative nature. She has a very strong imagination and visualizing power. As a result of which she is always full of innovative ideas which can be used in various cases and situations.

  • She is extremely spontaneous. A Cancer woman has the power to think and act spontaneously. It acts as a guiding force for her and moreover her intuition hardly goes wrong. She can rely almost blindly on her intuitive power for making any major decisions.

  • She is known for her faithfulness towards others. Being a super sensitive sign, Cancer woman is extremely faithful and devoted towards her family and people who are close to her heart.

  • She is also very generous and will always help out her family, friends and the ones in need even without giving it a second thought. She always puts her friends and family before her own self.

  • She has a loving nature. Her family is very important for her and makes sure that everyone feels loved and wanted. People who live far away from home can also feel the warmth and affection of a Cancer woman.

  • Being a water sign, she is extremely emotional and is moved by very little things. In hard times a Cancer woman can place herself in the shoes of others and feel what they are going through. She empathizes with other people and loves to take good care of them.

  • She is also extremely territorial and protective when it comes to her belonging, area, loved ones and relationships. Though shy and soft spoken, a Cancer woman will make it known to everyone what’s her and will protect it no matter what.

  • She has a mother-like nature and loves to take care of her family and nurture them with love and affection.

The Negative traits of a Cancer woman-

  • A Cancer woman can be extremely moody. Being a water sign, her mood swings can be very unpredictable. She can be happy and affectionate one moment and grumpy and aloof the very next moment. It becomes very difficult for the people around her to keep a pace with her mood changes.

  • She is a pessimist and always thinks about the worst possible outcome. Failures and setbacks can easily dampen her spirit and make her feel hopeless.

  • Being a crab, she can have a clingy nature. She finds it very difficult to let go things and people close to her heart. She tends to hold onto a thing for very long and gradually hurt her own self. She finds it very difficult to leave the past behind and move on.

  • A Cancer woman is over-emotional and tends to take petty matters seriously. Even little things can have deep and long lasting effects on her mind and it was cause serious harm to her health.

  • She can be suspicious at times. She is always skeptical about other people’s intentions as she is scared of getting hurt. She is always in a state of doubt and cross-checks everything.

  • She is a nagger right from birth and keeps on complaining about little things continuously. This nature might irritate people around her.

The Cancer woman in a relationship-

A Cancer woman gets extremely attached with the person she loves and can even be a little clingy at times. Before taking every crucial step, she seeks the approval of her partner. To her, trust and faith are extremely important when it comes to relationships and she tends to be very careful before giving her heart away to someone. She will be extremely loyal to the man who can make her feel comfortable and secure and in turn she will protect him emotionally, make him feel wanted and provide a shoulder to rest on. Being empathetic towards others emotions, she knows what’s exactly going on in her partner’s mind. This ability to feel other people’s troubles and emotions allow her to come up with a solution real quick.  She needs to hear constantly from her partner how much wanted and important she is or else she might feel hurt and unwanted. If a man shows how much she means to him, she will gradually come out of that hard shell that protects her from being vulnerable. Howe ever if wronged, a Cancer woman will shut you out permanently.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Cancer and Taurus: Both of these signs have good communication skill which will allow them to talk out their problems. This couple has a lot in common. Both of them feels the need of a family and are good with money.

  • Cancer and Scorpio: Both being water signs, they understand each other extremely well. Their love life is bound to be passionate as they provide each other exactly what they need. They are highly compatible.

  • Cancer and Pisces: These two water signs are very similar to one another which make them an amazing couple. They have a lot in common as well.

Basic information about Cancer-

Date Range 21st June – 20th July
Element Water
Ruling Planet The Moon
Compatible Signs Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces
Lucky Days Tuesday, Friday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Numbers 2,7,9
Lucky colors Blue, Silver