Being the tenth sign of the zodiac, this sign is all about hard work. Those born within the dates 21st December and 19th January belong to this astrological category.

The natives of this sign are quite ambitious and more than readily put in extra hours at the workplace to get to the top. They are extremely dedicated to their goals along with being immensely practical and realistic to the core.

The mascot of the Capricorns is the ‘Goat’ which showcases their want to reach the top of their field just like the animal loves to climb to the top of mountains.

They are industrious, organized and even egoistical on their way to the top. They are ruled by the planet Saturn who was also considered to be the father of many Gods in ancient Roman mythology. Just like him, those born under this sign prefer leadership and aim to be the top dog.

Earth being their element, they are unsurprisingly very down to earth beings and would rather stay put and work than going around the world. They are reserved and traditional beings. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Goat-Fish”.

          The Positive traits in a Capricorn man-

  • He prefers to keep things simple and uncomplicated. He is realistic and aims for a practical career. He is not likely to indulge in activities just for fun if they don’t have a specific role to play in his personality or knowledge growth.

  • He keeps low expectations while making friends or searching for a partner compared to the other sun signs. He is realistic in his approach towards life and doesn’t possess naïve demands.

  • The practical and organized outlook of a Capricorn man makes him take into account all the facts before coming to any conclusion. His intelligence and logic helps him take unflawed decisions.

  • He is an overachieving workaholic with undaunted ambition and determination. He is self-confident having big goals to secure the future of his own self and his loved ones.

  • His attention to smallest of details and patient nature allows him to reap the rewards of his hard work. When he sets out to achieve something, he is mature enough to realize that things take time to materialize.

  • A Capricorn male is wise, sensible and doesn’t get carried away by fantasies. His friends and family have blind faith on his opinions and seek advice on frequent terms.

  • He is very cautious about stability. He is anything but impulsive and will never undertake a risk that can hamper his life. His risk-averse nature allows him to play safe.

    The Negative traits in a Capricorn man-

  • He can tend to be an introvert at times and if there is some internal conflict, he will prefer to deal with it on his own instead of sharing it with anyone else and bothering them. This takes a toll when he is in a bad mood. Whether he is sad or angry, he will behave like he hasn’t gotten any feelings at all.

  • He over ambitious nature can make him do anything at all to achieve his goals. If reaching the top requires some mean things to be done or some bonds to be broken he can sometimes comply with that too.

  • His pessimistic nature always makes him feel like an under-achiever and he has a constant need of achieving more.

  • A Capricorn man is usually stubborn and takes it for granted that his decisions and opinions are perfect requiring no betterment.

  • He is shy and takes time to open up to others. He can be a very detached person and emotional tie-ups don’t come easily to him.

  • His mood swings can potentially ruin his relations with his closed ones. His self-centered nature can sometimes portray him as a selfish person.

    The Capricorn man in a relationship-

A Capricorn man yearns to be with a person he can count on. He prefers a stable relationship without much drama and conflicts. He wants his partner to be loyal and honest to him. When he first falls in love, he will behave strange but with time he will get settled down with his partner. He prefers to stay in the same relationship for a very long time and sometimes even forever. He is one of the most emotional, stable and stubborn sun signs in the zodiac and doesn’t take anything lightly. He is not an easy person to be with and requires a lot of efforts to adjust with a non-compromising and inflexible person as him. But once he falls for someone, there is not a thing in the whole world that he wouldn’t do for his partner. In general, he fears a guilty conscience and is not likely to hurt or cheat anyone intentionally.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Capricorn and Scorpio- They both are passionate, emotional signs who are sexual, experimental and ambitious. They are immensely attracted to each other both on an emotional as well as a physical level. Each layer of a Capricorn man intrigues a Scorpio woman whose intense nature keeps him hypnotized. Scorpio is generally considered to the best mate of this zodiac.

  • Capricorn and Taurus- Both being Earth signs, they share a mutual sense of grounding. The two are capable of being equal partners as they both share an ambition for life and think of the future rather than the present. This relationship can be a successful match.

  • Capricorn and Virgo- They prove to be good mates for each other as both of them are hard-working and focused. They admire each other and understand the way the other person acts. Both of them connect on an intellectual realm.

    Basic Information about Capricorn-

Date range 21st December – 19th January
Element Earth
Ruling planet Saturn
Compatible signs Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo
Lucky days Friday, Tuesday, Saturday
Lucky numbers 6, 9, 8
Lucky colors Indigo, Black