Leo which is the Latin for lion is the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac chart. It comes right after Cancer and immediately before Virgo. It is a fire sign and people who are born between 21st July and 20th August falls under this particular zodiac.

In the celestial longitude, this sign spans between 120th degree to 150th degree. This sign originates from the Leo constellation. The symbol associated with this zodiac is that of Nemean Lion.

According to the Greek mythology, this vicious beast could not be killed by any weapon of a mortal as its golden fur was impenetrable and its claws were sharper than swords. Eventually this monster was killed by the Greek hero, Hercules. The Sumero-Babylonian name for this sign is “The Lion”.

The positive traits of a Leo woman-

  • A Leo woman is known for having a big heart. She is extremely kind. She will always help people in need and provide support to those who need it the most.

  • She is affectionate and will not shy away from expressing her love and concern toward the people she really cares about.

  • She is an extremely energetic individual. Being a fire sign, a Leo woman radiates energy and exudes positive vibes always. She can be the life of a party and turn a boring event into a happening one.

  • She is an extremely optimistic person. She always hopes for the best and failures and setbacks never dampen her spirit. She will start from the scratch and reach the top with complete determination and never lose hope.

  • Leo woman is very straight forward. Whatever is going on her mind she will say that right on your face without thinking about the end result.  Beating around the bush and playing with words is definitely not her thing.

  • A Leo woman is very loyal and ferociously faithful towards the people she is committed to. She also expects the same in return.  She is also extremely trustworthy.

  • She is an extremely social person and never shies away from the limelight. She is very confident about her intentions and has an aura about her. This nature can make her extremely successful in life.

The negative traits of a Leo woman-

  • A Leo woman is very head-strong and is also highly opinionated. She is hell-bent on proving her point and is extremely inflexible when it comes to considering other people’s opinions.  This nature of her can make her come off as an arrogant individual.

  • She has a very fragile ego and is an egoistic person.  Petty things and hurt her ego and she might retaliate back.  Her ego can form a big obstacle in her relationship and also in her career.

  • She is extremely possessive about her things and people close to her heart. Even though she is generous, a Leo woman does not believe in sharing. What’s her remains hers. She is extremely territorial and protects her loved ones ferociously. She also isn’t shy of letting people know what belongs to her.

  • She is very dominating and always wants to hold onto the reins. She wants to control everything and loses her cool when things don’t go her way. She expects people to follow her lead. However this nature might not suit everyone and cause a competition of power.

  • A Leo woman is also very impatient. Once she starts a thing she cannot stay focused on it for a long time and wants to get over with it as soon as possible. This can cause her a lot of stress and anxiety and also might be the reason behind failures.

  • As she is straight-forward she sometimes doesn’t take other people’s feelings into consideration and hurt them even without realizing. She can be extremely harsh with words and forgets that once a word comes out of our mouth it can never be taken back.

  • She tends to be over-confident sometimes. She is self-centered and believes whatever she says or does is always right.

The Leo woman in a relationship-

A Leo woman is extremely self-centered but when she falls in love, her whole world starts revolving around her lover. She will give her soul, her body and everything to the man she loves and will do everything to strengthen her relationship. She is extremely passionate and will fight and make up too. She will be affectionate, warm and will do everything as long as her personal space and independence is not in danger. She has a lot of expectations from her partner which sometimes becomes extremely difficult to be met all at once. Love can change her from an arrogant and savage lioness to an affectionate and mellow one. However she will be dominating and will rarely follow rules made by others.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Leo and Aries: Both these signs are highly compatible. They are lovers and also very good friends at the same time. Both of them are extremely energetic and outgoing which makes them a power couple.

  • Leo and Gemini: Both of this sign gives each other the right amount of personal space and thus can be a very successful relationship. This couple knows how to keep things interesting and spicy.

  • Leo and Libra: The fun and outgoing nature of a Libra man attracts a Leo woman the most. Along with keeping pace with Libra’s exotic social life, a Leo woman will also provide stability which will make this couple stronger.

  • Leo and Sagittarius: It is undoubtedly the most satisfying relationship for a Leo woman. Both the signs are open-minded and respect each other’s freedom. There is a passion and spontaneity in this relationship.

Basic information about Leo-

Date Range 21st  July – 20th August
Element Fire
Ruling Planet Sun
Compatible Signs Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Lucky Days Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Lucky Numbers 1,5,9
Lucky Colors Golden, Orange, Yellow, Red