The people who are born within the period 23rd September to 22nd October belong to the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra. This is the exact point where we see a change of focus.

The first six zodiac signs are all about themselves while the latter six concentrate on their behavior with others. The Libra natives love to do everything in pairs as they idealize harmony, balance and fairness.

This balanced and just nature is portrayed by their symbol ‘the scales’. Ruled by the planet Venus, the people born under this sign always know the correct thing to say to make the other person comfortable. Charming and attractive as they are, they love beautiful people. Their talking skills make them do excellently in parties, theatres and debates.

The element that’s associated to them is Air which gives them speed and tendency of reaching a higher mind. They prefer to make good use of their minds and spreading their own ideas to others. They like to talk smart and get to know others. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Scales”.

The Positive traits in a Libra woman-

  • A Libra woman showcases a just, flawless and balanced nature. She has a charming and captivating personality attracting people to her easily. This makes them possess gifted social and communication skills.

  • She is flexible and accommodating and even though not easy, it’s not an impossible task to convince her that she should change her mind as long as you can logically support it. She is open to reason and will admit her mistakes good-naturedly.

  • A Libra woman makes for a great and loyal friend who will not interfere until you want her to. She is a well-wisher and will not step back from giving you the correct advice even though if it’s bitter. She makes sure to say it in a gentle and sweet way so as not to hurt you.

  • She is an eager strategist, organizing effective groups in the workplace and getting the job done. Her companionship and ability to make others feel at ease makes her a favorite.

  • A Libra woman is artistic, stylish and strives to create a beautiful world. She is polite and prefers to talk through an argument rather than fighting back.

  • In a relationship, she is full of energy, romance and loyal to the core.

    The Negative traits in a Libra woman-

  • In spite of being balanced, she can sometimes lose her temper. This makes her very blunt and others consider her to harsh and rude.

  • It’s difficult to be patient when she is left to take a decision herself as she may take quite some time in reaching a conclusion. Even after considering all the views and angles to the matter, their fickle mindedness can make them change their decision at the last moment. This unpredictable nature and fear of taking a wrong decision prevents them from taking a decision at all.

  • If you dare to attack her views with flawed opinions then nobody can save you from her wrath. She is going to shoot holes further into your incorrect logic and win the debate hands down.

  • One of her greatest flaws is her narcissist nature that allows her to judge people on their appearances and outer beauty. She likes to look her best herself as well as be surrounded by beautiful people.

The Libra woman in a relationship-

She is a loyal lover and hence does well in long term relationships. She prefers natural comfort and relaxation. So in order to impress her, just be yourself and show some interest and ask her questions on topics she wants to talk about. Libra is a social zodiac sign and she has a huge circle of friends with many swooning over her because of her charming personality. So in order to keep her with you, you have to put in a lot of efforts and keep showing that you are actually interested in her through your actions. In a relationship, she likes to keep it balanced as she believes in sharing all responsibilities. She respects her spouse and neither dominates nor likes to be dominated. She will be caring and loving but also show her selfish and demanding side at times. She generally does not show her emotions and passion explicitly and needs a partner who can deeply know and understand her. Once she becomes serious about you, she is caring, just, loyal, loving and will give you undivided attention like no other zodiac.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Libra and Gemini- They both have a lot in common including their need for independence and freedom in a relationship. A romantic Libra woman will attract and woo her Gemini man and he will reciprocate it perfectly. Venus ruling Libra implies love whereas Mercury ruling Gemini implies good communication. This combination leads to a long lasting relationship.

  • Libra and Aquarius- Both being air signs; this is a near perfect match for a Libra woman. An Aquarius guy has a different approach to romance which fascinates the love addicted Libra woman. Both of them are very friendly and great at socializing. The Aquarius guy helps the indecisive Libra woman to stand on her own feet while she sees only the positive in him and boosts his self-confidence.

  • Libra and Taurus- Both of them are ruled by the planet Venus which makes them share a mutual liking for romance. They also are efficient in handling money to fulfill each other’s luxurious needs. A Taurus man provides his Libra woman with strength, understanding and a supportive character while she returns it with her reason, diplomacy and politeness.

    Basic Information about Libra-

Date Range 23rd September- 22nd October
Element Earth
Ruling Planet Venus
Compatible Signs Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius
Lucky days Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays
Lucky numbers 5, 6, 9
Lucky colors Blue, Green