The ninth sign of the zodiac called Sagittarius pertains to the people born within the dates 23rd of November to 21st of December.

They are generally truth-seekers and much interested in philosophy and religion. They have a broad-minded approach to life and knowledge attracts them like nothing else. The symbol of this zodiac is that of an archer that is flinging arrows.

The Archer is actually represented as a ‘Centaur’ i.e. half man and half beast who are considered to be the intellectuals according to Roman Mythology. The symbol is associated with the quick-thinking nature of the Sagittarians and their athleticism.

They are ruled by the planet ‘Jupiter’ who was the king of Gods in Ancient Roman times and is responsible for the generous and leadership qualities of this zodiac. They are a very lucky bunch owing to Jupiter’s golden glow. They are quite self-indulgent as things come easily their way due to their charming and socializing natures.

They are ‘Fire’ signs and this makes the move from one thing to another uncontrollably and quickly. Adventure and action calls out to them and they are certainly full of stamina. They have a lot of confidence and are overly enthusiastic and outgoing. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “Soldier”.

The Positive traits in a Sagittarius woman-

  • She has a quite philosophical approach to life and applies logic in all matters possible. This keeps her life very organized compared to other sun signs and also more interesting.

  • She is a curious soul and always on the lookout to learn new things. The best part of it is that she will not keep this knowledge stored but apply it to the issues in her life or help the people around her. According to her, the more she learns new things, the better a person she can be.

  • A Sagittarius woman is anything but narrow-minded. She loves to talk to new people coming from various social and cultural backgrounds. She wants to learn about their lives as she considers them to be a source of knowledge. Due to this viewpoint, she loves to travel to new places.

  • Known as the truth-seeker, a Sagittarius lady is keen on discovering what life is all about. She wants to explore every man, woman and child profoundly and nothing is off the limits in her search for ‘the answer to everything’.

  • She is versatile and enjoys every experience that is served on her plate. Extremely charming, independent and candid she is a unique combination for the rest of the world.

  • A Sagittarius female is not afraid to tell off narrow-minded stubborn people. She hates racist or sexist individuals and can shut them up for good.

    The Negative traits in a Sagittarius woman-

  • She is a woman who gives utmost importance to her freedom and independence. She doesn’t like anybody telling her what she should do or where she should be. She needs freedom so badly that she often ends up fighting with her near and dear ones for it.

  • She lacks the capability to tackle a situation or give a fair judgment. This trait of her can sometimes repel people.

  • She is very weak in money management and tends to spend much more money than she should.

  • Another flaw in her personality is her over-confidence. This can sometimes steal away her achievements.

  • She easily trusts people that can eventually hurt her. If someone betrays her and breaks her trust, she becomes the most furious person ever.

  • Her talkative behavior can be charming at first but can be annoying at times too. Her straightforward attitude can portray her as a rude and harsh person. She is also a moody soul and not so easy to handle.

    The Sagittarius woman in a relationship-

She wants a partner who is as enthusiastic and full of life as she herself is. She will look for a person who is broad-minded and is not afraid to fight for what he believes in. Owing to her fiery element, she falls in love quickly and passionately. She gives ultra-importance to her relationship and cares deeply for her partner. She tries to bring out the best in anyone and often has unrealistic and naïve expectations from her partner. The only way to keep her happy if there is scope of personal growth and immense respect for her personality. She has a constant need for adventure and will want excitement and changes in her love life every now and then. She is a person who can’t lie even if she wants to. This makes her one of the most trustworthy sun signs and she can stay committed to you for a lifetime provided her loyalty is reciprocated.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Sagittarius and Aries- Both of them are active, fun-loving signs that welcome adventures heartily. They also share a mutual natural optimism that helps them to go a long way together. This fire-fire pairing is one of joy and commitment that is definitely built to last a lifetime.

  • Sagittarius and Gemini- The strength of this pair lies in their similar interests in knowledge and intellectual outlook of life. Both of them are light-hearted and forgiving souls which add to the long term factor of their relationship.

  • Sagittarius and Leo- The passion can be matched only by a fellow fire sign and thus Leo is the perfect choice. They both share a mutual love in adventures and freedom. Both consider their life and love to be a source of happiness and fun which allows them to lead a harmonious relationship.  They find each other to be highly inspiring and compatible.

    Basic information about Sagittarius-

Date range 23rd November – 21st December
Element Fire
Ruling planet Jupiter
Compatible signs Aries, Gemini, Leo
Lucky days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Lucky numbers 3, 5, 6, 8
Lucky colors Light blue, Beige, Orange, White