Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac chart. It comes right after Libra and just before Sagittarius. It is a water sign along with Cancer and Pisces. People who are born between 24th October and 22nd November belong to this zodiac.

In the celestial longitude, this particular sun sign spans between 207.25 degrees and 234.75 degrees. This zodiac has originated from the constellation, Scorpius, which is located almost near the centre of Milky Way in the southern hemisphere.

The symbol allotted for this zodiac represents a scorpion called Scorpius. According to the Greek mythology, Gaia, the personification of the Mother Earth, had sent this gigantic scorpion to kill Orion as he had boasted that he would kill all creatures on Earth.

In a battle, Scorpius had stung and killed Orion. This lively battle had caught the attention of Zeus who then raised Scorpious to heaven and turned it into a constellation. “The scorpion “is the Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac.

The positive traits of a Scorpio man-

  • A Scorpio man is extremely focused. If he has set his eyes on something he will achieve it by hook or crook. Once he has decided on something no one can divert him from his path. It serves as a major strength.

  • He is known for being very brave. Even if he is going through a hard time, he will never lose his sleep over it. He will face adversities with his head held high and nothing can dampen his spirit. Many may seek his support in difficult times.

  • He is an extremely balanced man. He is fun to be with and passionate but at the same time he is not careless and immature. A Scorpio man knows how to handle a situation and is never seen to over-do anything.  He is mature and women may find this nature to be very attractive.

  • He is very faithful and extremely trustworthy. He will always provide help and stand by those who need his support the most. You will never be disappointed by trusting him. This makes him a kind of person whom everyone would like to have by their side.

  • He is also ambitious and money-minded. To him position and power serves as a driving force and provides him motivation.  He aims to reach great heights and doesn’t take rest until he has achieved it.

  • Being a water sign, he is intuitive. While taking decisions he can blindly trust his intuitions and hardly be wrong. He can read people’s mind and this characteristic serves as a blessing and help him succeed in his life.

The negative traits of a Scorpio man-

  • A Scorpio man can be extremely jealous and possessive about his position, things, territory and partner. He doesn’t believe in sharing and makes sure that what’s his remains his. This can often make him behave in an unreasonable manner and can have serious effects on his love life.

  • He is also very secretive. He gets a hard time trusting people so he hardly shares what’s going in his life or mind and keeps things to himself.

  • Being a water sign he is very sensitive and can be easily hurt by a harsh comment or rude behavior. So he can be extremely resentful and will sting back at those who have wronged him and get even with them.

  • He loves to take control of everything as a result of which he can be manipulative and bossy at times. He hates it when things don’t go his way and this nature of his might clash with the mentality of other people.

The Scorpio man in a relationship-

A Scorpio man gets strongly attached to his partner once he falls in love. When he falls, he falls hard and comes too close to his lover. He knows who is right for him and never settles for anyone less perfect than the one he has in his mind. His emotions run deep and it’s very difficult to change them. So one should steer clear from him if they are not looking for anything serious with their Scorpio man. Moreover if anyone plays with his feelings the chances of his love turning into hatred are more than the chances of it fading away or disappearing. He will pull up the walls around him and be really fierce in his approach. Other than this a Scorpio man is extremely passionate and can understand his partner very well.  He is also extremely loyal, compassionate and supportive. However at the same time he can be vindictive and possessive about his partner.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Scorpio and Cancer: These two water sign’s love compatibility is extremely high. They have a lot in common and it’s like they are made for each other. Along with lovers they can be very good friends at the same time. Both these signs will connect with each other on a very deep spiritual and emotional level. There will be a high level of understanding between them.

  • Scorpio and Virgo: They will have a long lasting yet extremely passionate relationship. They can even have a very successful married life and be happy together if both of them work on their communication skill and be open with each other.

  • Scorpio and Capricorn: A Capricorn woman can be the perfect partner for a Scorpio man. She can bring a balance to their relationship and provide everything her man needs. They are highly compatible and bring happiness and joy in each other’s life.

  • Scorpio and Pisces: They can form a very successful union which is often envied by others. They understand each other’s emotions and will be able to create a happy and strong partnership.

Basic information about Scorpio-

Date Range 24th October – 22nd November
Element Water
Ruling Planet Mars
Compatible Signs Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Lucky days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky numbers 1, 4, 2, 7
Lucky colors Red, Violet