Virgo occupies the sixth position of the zodiac table and people born within the dates 23nd of August and 22nd of September are natives of this sign.

The symbol of Virgo is a virgin who is holding sheaves of wheat in her hand. This denotes wisdom and as per their symbol, Virgo’s are shy and idealistic. They define pure modesty and wait to give herself to another person.

Mercury being the ruling planet, the ones born under this sign are observant and quick thinkers. The maiden that symbolizes them was according to the Greek mythology, the last immortal to abandon earth at the end of the silver age and her name was Astraea.

The element thus associated with this zodiac is none other than Earth. A Virgo man is balanced and fair and is also humble at the same time. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is ‘The Seed-Furrow’.

The Positive traits of a Virgo man-

  • He is not a person to rush things. He will take his time and go over once and more to make sure the work done is perfect with no mistakes committed. In other words, he is a perfectionist.

  • The personality trait of being shy makes a Virgo man be more involved in work or extra-curricular activities than socializing with other people. This leads to achievement of success and he usually ends up with a career that requires attention to small details.

  • He believes in fairness and is not afraid to speak up if he sees injustice being done even if he is not the victim. He follows the policy of honesty strongly and will not support unfair deeds of any sort.

  • Mercury being the planet that moves the fastest around Sun, the Virgo guy also tends to stay busy from dawn till dusk. Spending a productive day gives him happiness and satisfaction like no other.

  • Just like the Roman God of messages that rule him, a Virgo man is a very good communicator and is filled with energy from head to toe both physically and mentally.

  • He has an immensely serious sense of duty and along with his hardworking nature and efficiency, he strives towards his goals.

    The Negative traits of a Virgo man-

  • One of the major flaws in his personality is his low confidence level. This stops him from pursuing his ambitions. It also makes him shy and prevents him from socializing. This could hamper both his corporate as well as personal life.

  • The perfectionist nature of him and his habit of looking into every detail may lead to delays in the completion of his work. This can make him take a much longer time to finish his projects in office that may not work in his favor.

  • His continuous struggle to self-improve makes his life unnecessarily complicated. The over-analytical and hardly satisfied with anything nature stops him from enjoying his life and makes him worry a bit too much.

  • A Virgo man is self-absorbed and he can often turn selfish to fulfill his own aims. He is capable of going to extremes of both evil and goodness and can turn crafty and cunning in pursuit of monetary wealth. Disappointment transforms him into a cynic and skeptic person.

    The Virgo man in a relationship-

In the context of relationships, a Virgo man tends to be shy at first and he will prefer to take it slow. He will go with the flow but once he realizes that he has found a person who he can love and care for, there is nothing that he wouldn’t do to keep that person happy. A relationship with him won’t work out if you are looking for excitement but it will be loving and an honest one.

He always analyzes his behavior and will always go that extra way to improve himself and the relationship. He is very picky in terms of choosing a companion. He is not very expressive and speaking his heart out isn’t a thing he does often. This may sometimes make him seem reserved and unapproachable. He is very insecure and unbent on his expectations. He will always seek for perfection in the relationship which is why he rarely lasts long in it. He is dedicated to his lover but can also be quite superficial in matters of emotional intimacy. He is often a tad bit too practical and may let go of his partner if he finds too many flaws in her. However, he is a down to earth guy with ample of stability and excellence.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Virgo and Capricorn- Both of them connect beautifully on a mental as well as emotional level. They balance each other and make the most suitable partners. They both aim for perfectionism which makes their bond stronger. A Capricorn woman’s sense of humor brings relief to a Virgo man whose intellectualism and patience in turn helps to understand her.

  • Virgo and Cancer- The similarity in their likes and dislikes make them soul mates. They both prefer being at home rather than parties and understand each other with a lot of patience. Both of them need and want the same things which can make the relationship last a lifetime. The love and care provided by the Cancer woman is craved by the Virgo man whose patience and stability in life will in turn attract her.

  • Virgo and Taurus- They have the ability to understand each other and transform their relationship into a long term one. Their love compatibility is very strong and bond quite well. A Taurus female is very diligent, practical and hard-working that balances the critical nature of the Virgo man who manages her temper.

    Basic Information about Virgo-

Date Range 23rd August to 22nd September
Element Earth
Ruling Planet Mercury
Compatible Signs Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn
Lucky Days Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
Lucky Numbers 5,6,2
Lucky Colors Green, White, Grey, Yellow, Orange