Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac chart. It comes right after Leo and just before Libra. People who are born between 23rd August and 22nd September fall under this zodiac.

This particular sun sign originates from the second largest constellation called Virgo.  In the celestial longitude, Virgo spans between 150th degrees to 180th degrees.

This earth sign’s symbol represents a maiden. This maiden is Astraea who is the Goddess of purity and innocence in the Greek mythology. At the end of the Silver age, when all the Gods and Goddesses were fleeing to Olympus, she was the last immortal to leave Earth.

Hence this sign is associated with Earth. After abandoning Earth due to wickedness of humans, Astraea ascended in heaven and became the Virgo constellation. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this sign is “The seed-furrow”.

The positive traits of a Virgo woman-

  • A Virgo woman is known for being extremely meticulous. She pays attention to every single detail. No matter how big or small a thing is nothing can escape her eyes. Her precision and attention to all the little details are praiseworthy.

  • She is very sharp and intelligent. She loves to learn about new things to increase her knowledge and never gets tired of learning. She is always curious and keen about new things and this nature makes her amiable.

  • She is a practical woman. She doesn’t live in her own fantasy world or in a bubble. She is very much aware of what can happen and is always prepared to face it. Her practicality is one of her biggest strength.

  • She has a very analytical mind backed by the sense of reasoning. This allows a Virgo woman to clearly analyze every problem and come up with a solution for it no matter how complicated the situation is.

  • She is extremely reliable and you can depend on her actions. You can blindly trust her when it comes to giving a responsibility to a Virgo woman as she will carry it out perfectly. Her sense of actions is never affected by her emotions.

  • She is extremely humble and modest. She being a perfectionist, reliable and goal-oriented it is very natural that she will achieve great heights of success but she is never seen boasting about her achievements.

The negative traits of a Virgo woman-

  • She is a perfectionist and has a very clear picture in her mind of how she wants a thing to be. This makes her over-critical sometimes and she might end up losing the plot.

  • She is extremely fussy. As she pays great attention to every little detail in life, a Virgo woman will not rest until she has resolves all the problems. Moreover her strong likes and dislikes makes her very choosy.

  • She is also very fastidious and hence impressing a Virgo woman is a tough job. She craves for perfection and nothing escapers her eyes. These traits make satisfying her all the more difficult.

  • As she is very much in touch with the reality, she never sugar coats anything and says it just the way it is even if it sounds harsh to others. This can make her undesirable.

  • She is known for being a conservative woman and finds it difficult to embrace new and modern ideas.

The Virgo woman in a relationship-

A Virgo woman will probably be very scared when she falls in love. Being extremely feminine she will have a hard time making the first move and probably will never make one. She will expect her partner to sweep her off her feet by making the first move.  She might flirt but she will never go for a long term relationship with a man with whom she was direct with. A Virgo woman is more likely to fall in love with a man who will be more confident, more protective and stronger than she is. When in a relationship a Virgo woman will take care of her partner in every possible way until she is asked to stop. A Virgo woman wants to help her partner and does all his tasks even without being asked to do so. What she doesn’t understand is her need to help might make him feel useless and stupid. She needs everything to be perfect and this can make her disappointed and unhappy very often. A Virgo woman needs to understand that be it life or relationship, nothing can be perfect and accept things the way they are.

Compatibility with other signs-

  • Virgo and Taurus: Both these Earth signs tend to be introvert and don’t like to socialize. They like to be at home and enjoy each other’s company. While Taurus can soothe a Virgo woman’s nervous nature and her tendency to worry, a Virgo woman doesn’t have to worry about her Virgo man doing something reckless. They together form a happy couple who gives each other the thing they need from a partner.

  • Virgo and Cancer: These two signs are highly compatible. Cancers are very emotional and thus a Virgo provides them with the right amount of support and reality check. Virgo serves as a rock on which a cancer can cling on to when the waves are harsh.

  • Virgo and Scorpio: These two signs attract each other. Scorpio loves Virgo’s calm and soothing approach to romance. They are also surprised by how calculative yet rational a Virgo’s view of love can be.

  • Virgo and Capricorn: These two signs also form a great couple. Virgo’s love how hardworking and serious a Capricorn is and also appreciates it. They also have a lot in common.

Basic information about Virgo-

Date range 23rd August – 20th September
Element Earth
Ruling planet Mercury
Compatible signs Taurus, cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
Lucky days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Lucky numbers 5,6,2
Lucky colors Green, White, Grey, Yellow, Orange