The Virgo born people will need to take care of their health with care in 2017. This is the year when they will try and drive away all the impurities from life away.

They will drive away all impurities from life bringing in peace and health. There will be times this year when the stress will prove to be too much, for the Virgo born, but they will need to bounce back and recuperate again and get going.

It is advised that the Virgo born people should Take time out of their hectic schedule and relax. Taking a break in between will give you the time to rejuvenate and bounce back. This is the year when they must plan a proper diet and eat well to sustain their health and energy level.

They should also prepare a chart for physical exercise and maintain the same. Alternative healing practices like yoga should work well for these people

Planetary Positions
This year the 6th house, or the house of health is in a very important position, giving the notion right at the beginning that health is going to be the most important thing this year. Your lowered vitality this year will be the cause of much ache and pain and of severe discomfort.

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Astral indications suggest that the Virgo born people should go for mending the whole of the body rather than half-heartedly maintaining various organs and body parts.

Various incidents in life leaves you without energy and you tend to feel listless and lack of energy affects you. The lack of energy is the reason why the Virgo born people will need to look for healing techniques.

It is this phase when the immunity is lower and there is a chance of falling ill. Certain ailments or minor physical irritations in life are mental and thus you should let all that is unrequited and irrelevant to be gone in order to remain well.

Uranus, your ruler of the health is strongly positioned and gives a great signal. However your feet need to be taken care of and you should look into alternative healing techniques like foot reflexology etc.

The senior people born under this sign may sometimes suffer from minor indigestions and flatulence. It is advised that they should avoid eating rich food to give their digestive system some rest. There will be some born under the Virgo horoscope who will put on a lot of weight this year.

There are phases when you may feel extra sluggish, and you need to explore the reason for that in your mind. There could be problems regarding sore throat, eczema, tonsils, mental disorders etc.

Diet Suggestions
As per the astral indications, the Virgo born people should avoid rich and excessively oily food and concentrate in eating healthy food. Fibrous, organic foods like oats etc will work well this year. They should also avoid excessive stress and work to avoid the malfunctioning of their body.