Virgos are the perfectionists of the universe. They are very detail oriented and have a methodical and organized approach towards life.

They are extremely meticulous and earnest workers and expect the same standards and values from other people. This trait often makes them critical towards others.

In their personal life, Virgos are shy and reserved and refrain from emotional excesses. They are conservative and restrained and can often come across as withdrawn or introverted. However, they are very sensitive in nature and are loyal, affectionate and dependable in their committed relationships.

Positions of Planets and Stars
Single Virgos can meet someone special in early January. This can be a spiritual and idealistic person, either someone from the past, or even if this is a new connection, you might feel that you have known him/her for a long time. Marriage can definitely be on the cards.

For the married Virgos, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction can bring a new friend or business partnership into their lives. The winds of change are about to transform the marriage and social lives of Virgos, although this change will be more prominent next year. Neptune, Virgo’s love planet, is finishing its Capricorn transit, and is ready to enter Aquarius. This will bring major transformation in personal relationships as Neptune is a slow-moving planet and will transit Aquarius for the next 14 years or so.

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All Virgos will feel this change in their personal relationships with the urge to redefine and set new rules in their relationships.

Whereas Virgos usually find solace in stability and predictability in partnerships, this year they might start to feel somewhat stifled by it and long for more freedom.  Two eclipses in Virgo’s house of committed relationships accelerate this transformation, bringing the need to deal with the emotional needs, dissatisfactions and resentments that are buried deep in the unconscious. Keep in mind that the effect of an eclipse last for about six months, so the ripples of the second eclipse happening on 16th September can be felt well into next year.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility
An exciting and stimulating love and social life awaits Virgos in 2017. This will also be a year to shake up the old status-quo. Unhappy marriages might fall apart, while the unattached singles might choose to finally make that commitment. The old patterns that no longer serve the highest good are about to be replaced by new ones, which would result in a more successful love life. Virgos feel the urge to be experimental in their relationships, rather than settle for stodgy commitments. Romantic encounters might shake up the solid ground beneath Virgo’s feet. The unrest that will be caused in Virgo’s married life will be the harbinger of changes that will eventually bring changes for a more rich and fulfilling love life.

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