Let us have a look at what the months of 2017 have in store for those born under the sign of Virgo.

  • January – Keep a low profile this month and try to accommodate other people.  There could be a remodeling of your house being done. Lot of dirt and muck is coming up and being thrown around. However much is love unstable, it will be good now. Health will be good, but take care of your arms, intestines, shoulders.

  • February – Adapt to situations as they are emerging rather than taking personal initiatives.  Try and focus on the emotional needs that your family may have.  Those looking for jobs will have good result and others should start a health regiment. There could be a change in jobs and career.

  • March – Get used to the changes coming your way. Career is now becoming much more important than home and family life.  Love continues to be important but it could be equally transient.  The social scene looks abuzz.  Finance and health too look good and should not give cause to worry.

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  • April – There are two eclipses happening this month which will change many set patterns.  These will bring in long term changes too. This will also make you face your own fears and confront them.  For the students there will be a long standing change in education.  Finance will require thoughtful handling, though there is no dearth of money.


  • May – This month you will be stepping onto your career high and will push for promotions and pay rise.  Older and useful people are favoring you and thus you should make the most of it.  Love will be very unstable and there could be occasions testing relationships. Finances look good.

  • June – Now is the time for you to bring in changes to the situations not to your liking.  Pursue your career rather than pursuing your home and family.  Career will be successful and social relationships will add value to your career. There is no serious love in sight and health should be kept an eye on.

  • July – Things could slow down a little this month.  Try and wrap up pending career issues now.  There will be a lot of charm and grace in your persona now and you get away with them. Money and financial opportunities will have a way of finding you.

  • August – This is a phase of full of pleasure. You will be spending time on beautifying yourself. Health will be good and however you should pay attention to ankles and knees.  There could be purchase of a sale of house or property. Love will be complicated and career will take a backseat.

  • September – Career is important but your mind lies on things related to family and home. You are now more immersed in experiencing pleasures surrounding you. Financial windfall seems probable and also certain meeting which could lead to love.

  • October – Eclipses occurring will change the way you plan your finances.  There could be major changes in your investments and finances.  It is advisable that you refrain from any kind of speculative transaction. There could be some domestic travels and also love and relationships improve vastly.

  • November – You will be focusing on your family and domestic relationships this month leaving aside your career. Students look set for good results and study aspects look well. Love will definitely be better. Though finances look better, health needs to be watched.

  • December– The last month is for planning for future career and more importance is laid on family and domestic life.  Do not try to force things. Health needs to be taken into consideration.  Finances continue to look good, however try to complete financial dealings before the end of the month.  Love looks good.