Dussehra Mela is a huge event that centers on the major event popularly known as Dussehra. In some states and cities the Dussehra mela goes on for a month and it involves various programs and events as well.

People celebrate Dussehra as it represents everything good and the evil being defeated at the hands of good forces.

With this thought in mind, many fast during the Navratri or rejoice at the pandals of Durga Puja.

The festivity of Dussehra is multiplied by the Dussehra melas or Durga Puja mela that are organized at various maidan and fair grounds around India and even at some places abroad.

The Different Types of Events and Programs at a Dussehra Mela

  • Cultural events:

Great artistes from around the country are invited to take part in the programs that are organized by the authorities who plan the Dussehra melas. They perform favorite numbers that captivate the tremendous amount of people gathered at the mela.  The events include programs like Cine Sandhya, Sindhi cultural program, Kavi Sammelan, Bhajan Sandhya, folk music and dance program, all-night mushaira and many more interesting programs.

The number of people gathered at one of these melas can go up to lakhs. The color and magnificence of the mela is what draws people from the area around the mela ground. Sometimes people might travel from villages afar to attend these melas and their cultural programs.

During the days of a Dussehra mela in Gujarat, Dandiya and Garba events are held with a lot of pomp and show. Thousands sometimes lakhs flock in to take part of such events. These terms have become synonymous with the Navratri.

Delectable and mouth-watering food items along with delicious sweets feature at these events to uplift the mood of Dandiya and Garba. Now these events have outgrown the state of Gujarat and are organized at Dussehra mela across the nation, Delhi being one of the prominent examples.

  • Sale of Wonderful & Diverse Products:

Dussehra Mela provides a great opportunity for traders from various villages and towns to take part in the melas and sell their captivating fare. In the modern world, we are glued to gadgets but the fares at these melas help us to get in touch with our true roots. Things like earthenware, cute little hand-made dolls and other such great things are sold at the melas that might appeal to both rural and urban buyers. A great variety of sculptures that depict Lord Ram, Maa Sita and Lakshman are quite commonly sold at a Dussehra fair.

  • Major Attraction: Burning of Ravana effigies

The most important event at any Dussehra Mela is the burning of huge effigies that depict Ravana, Kumbhakarana and Meghnad.  At certain famous melas like the Kota Dussehra Mela, the height of the effigies can go up to 75 Feet.

The event starts off with a young child being dressed up as Lord Ram. He then shoots an arrow whose tip has been set on fire at Ravana. The sculpture of Ravana is set ablaze to represent that all evil forces both outer and inner will be destroyed in it.  People from across the region gather to witness this auspicious event every year dressed in their best clothes and offer their prayers to Lord Rama.  

  • Mela that centers around Durga Puja:

An event that is celebrated by many Hindus is Durga Puja. It represents the victory that Maa Durga had over Mahishasura.  Durga Puja usually goes on for five days with the final day is celebrated as Vijayadashami or Dussehra.  The fair or mela that occurs during these five days involves:

  • Local traders bringing in various fares that they sell at the Durga Puja mela
  • Interesting rides like the Ferris wheel and many more are set up for people to enjoy
  • Various food stalls are set up that offer delicious options like roll, phuchka (golgappa/panipuri) and much more.
  • Cultural programs are organized where prominent artists perform for the people attending the Durga Puja Mela.

One thing is for certain that each and every Dussehra mela or Durga Puja mela is organized for the people to have fun and enjoy themselves.