Holding your finger he helped you take your first step. Now celebrate his special day of his with wonderful Father’s Day songs. Dedicate these songs to your father and make him smile, laugh and cry happy tears:

  • Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus, “I Learned From You”

    It is a song sung by Miley Cyrus that includes an apology to fathers for not listening to them though deep down you might have known that he was right. He is the one who will always care and teach you to be strong and brave. It also includes the voice of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus who is giving his daughter valuable lessons.

  • Luther Vandross, “Dance With My Father”

    In the song you can find the singer wanting to relive the moments of his childhood that he had spent with his father. It is a reminder for all that cherish the moments that you spend with your father for they are precious and will never last forever.

  • Beyoncé, “Daddy”

    This song has been sung by Beyoncé and talks about how her father taught her to shoot. The underlying meaning of this song is that fathers always teach you to be strong and tough so that you can fight your way to safety and victory. Fathers always worry about what would happen to his family after he is no more so he teaches his children to be strong. It also talks about the way fathers can sense whether a guy is good or bad.

  • Paul Petersen, “My Dad”

    The lyrics of the song speak about the worth that a father has in the eyes of his son. It can also hold true for a daughter. A father might not mean a whole lot to the world but he will always be special for his child. It also talks about the way a father understands the troubles of his child and how a father teaches his child to walk. In the end every son hopes that he can grow up to be respected as a father just like he respected his own father.

  • Meghan Trainor, “Dance Like Yo Daddy”

    The song has cute lyrics in the middle that basically talks about how her father told her to do her own thing and find her groove so that she can stand out in the crowd and show them what she is capable of doing.

  • Lonestar, “I’m Already There”

    The song speaks about the sacrifices that a father makes so that he can provide for his family. It also describes the sadness he faces in doing so. He does all of this with a smile on his face and does not let his children know about his hardships. It also speaks about the longing of the man to be with his family – wife and kids.

  • Reginae Carter, “Daddy’s Little Girl”

    The song is about the teachings that a fathers gives to his daughter. He teaches you to walk through the hardships of life and never fear failure even if you face a wall. Even if the obstacles are hard he will help you get over them. He teaches you right from wrong and wants you to aim for success. A daughter will always remain her daddy’s little girl no matter how old you get. A father’s advice will always stay with his daughter even if she is far away. The guidance of a father is the one thing that helps you out in all worse possible situations.