Friends are a blessing, who stand by us through thick and thin, Friendship Day gives you a great chance to thank them and make them smile. Here are some great friendship day messages from 123NewYear to help you do that:

  1. Here are some wishes that are hopefully as the chocolate that you love. Happy Friendship Day!
  2. Friends are the ones who keep you on the move and help out in tough situations. Happy Friendship Day
  3. It is a privilege to have you as my friend. Hope our bond grows stronger each year. Happy Friendship Day
  4. Our friendship is like a tree whose height cannot be measured and depth of roots cannot be measured. May it continue to grow as we nurture it. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!
  5. The test of time can be difficult but our friendship has stood first in the test. Hope it can stand many more such tests. Happy Friendship Day!
  6. As each season passes, life steers ahead. Through each season our friendship steers past all difficulties and continues to blossom. Cheers to our friendship. Happy Friendship Day!
  7. We have been and plan to stay friends forever. You have been the sister I never had. Happy Friendship Day to my best friend!
  8. We have had our share of fights and made up each time, which became our routine. Seasons might change but our friendship stays the same. May it grow stronger with each passing routine. Happy Friendship Day
  9. I cannot even start to express the joy that I feel about having a friend like you. Happy Friendship Day Mate!
  10. We have shared laughter and tears. Having a friend like you has been a blessing. Happy Friendship Day.
  11. Time spend together will always be cherished by me. We might be afar but remember that we will always Happy Friendship Day Mate.
  12. Friendship is truly the birth of a very special relationship. Let our friendship grow stronger. Wishing my best friend a happy Friendship Day
  13. Meeting you gave birth to one of the most special relations in the world – Friendship. Hope that it can gain the strength to get past barriers that might pop up. Dear friend, Happy Friendship day.
  14. Your friendship has opened a new world in front of my eyes and helped me see things in a new perspective. By the way the new perspective was awesome. Let’s celebrate this friendship day to celebrate that. Oh and our friendship too. Cheers Mate! Be the mad friend that you have always been. Happy Friendship Day
  15. Hearts are joined by love but the heart is joined with the heartbeat due to friendship. You are my heartbeat. Happy Friendship Day
  16. Your belief is what helped me through the tough times. A friend like you is truly a blessing. Love you with all my heart. Happy Friendship Day!
  17. You have touched my heart and captured a huge portion of it. Thanks for being an amazing friend. Happy Friendship Day
  18. Friendship is a language that cannot be spoken but felt through feelings. Your friendship taught me that. Your actions have always left a deep and positive impression in my life. Happy Friendship Day
  19. Our friendship is the like the circle, it has no end. We might be distances apart but will always stay connected. Cheers to our friendship. Happy Friendship Day
  20. You could have left me alone. You need not have stayed to comfort me. I knew you had other more important business but you stayed and took care of me when I needed support and love. You are a friend who has been my pillar of support and I cannot thank you enough. Happy Friendship Day
  21. When I was down and depressed, you were the angel who came and lifted me out of the depression. Thank you for being the best friend I could have had. Promise to be your angel when you need me. Happy Friendship Day
  22. Crazy nights, stupid fights, best kept secrets and teary make ups. Yup that about sums up our friendship. Cheers to more craziness and fun. Happy Friendship Day.
  23. The times we spent together since childhood will always remind us how crazy we were. Do not worry I do not plan to stop the craziness and am pretty sure you will also be the same. Let’s stay like this. Happy Friendship Day.