Friendship Day Wishes are a great way to celebrate the beautiful relationship shared between friends. Tease and stun your friends with wishes that are sure to make them laugh and smile.

Or perhaps you could express lovely sentiments. Words cannot be enough to understand the feelings that run deep but the wishes from 123NewYear may help you get there:

  1. Through thick and thin, you have stayed my best friend. Let us celebrate that on this friendship day. Happy Friendship Day, Buddy
  2. Flowers may wilt away, candles may melt but our friendship will do neither of those. It will stay fresh and keep burning in our hearts, making our friendship stronger. Happy Friendship Day
  3. I never knew what friendship was before I met you. You have taught me what true friendship is and what it feels like to have a true friend. Happy Friendship Day
  4. You friendship is as sweet as chocolate and has filled my life with the sweetness. May our friendship stay like this always. Happy Friendship Day
  5. Sending you warm wishes on this Friendship Day. Hope you will always stay happy and healthy. Happy Friendship Day, buddy!
  6. Expressing feelings was never my strong point, but let me seize the opportunity to let you know – You are my Best Friend and will always be so! Happy Friendship Day buddy.
  7. Friendship always brings out the positive character but a true friend will never judge you for your negatives. They accept you the way you are and improve you the best way they can. I am so lucky to have one – you. Happy Friendship Day and thank you for making me a better person.
  8. We have shared secrets and talked well into the night about new and shattered dreams. Wishing the sweetest friend in the world a happy friendship day.
  9. When everything seemed to go downhill for me, I looked and found only one person standing by me, my friend. Cheers for understanding me and picking me up, giving me the courage to face the world. Wishing my best friend a happy friendship day.
  10. Thank you for coming into my life and filling it with sunshine. You have made me laugh and smile. Thank you for being a lovely friend. Happy Friendship Day.
  11. Through life it has been difficult for me to find a friend, whom I could count on in difficult times. So when I found you, I held on and you let me hold on. For the most wonderful friend, Happy Friendship Day.
  12. Finding a loving, understanding and caring friend can be difficult. I am lucky to have found that in a friend like you. Wishing my true friend Happy Friendship Day
  13. Friends might care for each other but best friend is one who lets you know your shortcomings on the face. You have done that to make me a better person. Happy Friendship Day!
  14. We understand each other so well that it seems we are connected via telepathy. It might seem strange to others but we love it. Wishing my best friend, Happy Friendship Day.
  15. We have been friends since school and now that we have grown up, people expect us to do away with our childish behavior. But we will continue to laugh like mad people and fight like children. Cheers to our mad friendship. Happy Friendship Day!
  16. When we have a true friend then we don’t need a reason to stay happy, they help us to stay happy and keep smiling.  So I think that explains why I stay happy always since the day we became friends. Thank you and love you buddy. Happy Friendship Day!
  17. With time we might drift apart due to geographic distances but remember that we will always stay connected. Our friendship will never reach an end as we stay friends forever. Happy Friendship Day!
  18. We might seem busy and not get the time to talk but you will always be my best friend. Happy Friendship Day!
  19. You are the friend who filled my life with hope and love. You are truly a friend in need. Happy Friendship Day dear!
  20. Today is friendship day but I am not going to send you any fuzzy wishes. All you get is my friendship and love. Cheers to our friendship and the madness that we share. Happy Friendship Day!