Libra Zodiac Sign – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is probably one of the most balanced people found. Those who are born between September 23rd and October 22nd fall in the zodiac sign of Libra and they are one of the most active of signs.

When we say that they are one of the most balanced signs, it is only endorsed by the sign that represents them they are represented by the balancing scale. Thus it is of little wonder that most of them are balancers and can balance situation of life. And, like the balancing scale has two sides, Libra too has two sides of their persona.

The difference between a Gemini and a Libra, both of whom have two sides of their personas are that they don’t let their dichotomy come out. A Libra thus is balanced than a Gemini.  They are the most level headed people that are required for providing practical solutions.

Libra Zodiac harbor a joyful and a dark trait, both in their character, and despite being supremely balanced; there are times they can become extremely mean. They oscillate between heightened sense and phase of activity and complete languor and inactivity.

These are the people who have a deep fear of being alone. They crave for a partnership and with their cooperative nature can’t stand being alone. By trying to be just and fair all the time, sometimes these people forget that they too may have an opinion.

Because the ruling planet of Libra is Venus, they are a lover of beautiful things and of harmony. The quality of life is always far more important to them than the quantity of life. They are at most point surrounded by the serenity in nature, art, music and beautiful things.

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Libra Traits
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Despite being offered numerous possibilities, they will spend forever thinking what it could have been, rather than grabbing any one opportunity.

Being of charming personality, they make the best hosts or hostesses for any social do. They are socially popular.

The Sign of Air – Libra

Libra belongs to the sign of Air and that speaks a lot about who they are. Like air, the Libra born people too are sometimes extremely difficult to predict. They can be full of enthusiasm and completely uninterested at the next moment.

People born under this sign are great thinkers. They are extremely intelligent and attach a lot of value to intellect. These are people who are good communicators and makes great talkers.

The Characteristics that Libra possess –

  • Balanced
  • Diplomatic
  • Romantic
  • Charming
  • Affectionate
  • Indecisive
  • Susceptible
  • Aloof
  • Reckless
  • Hasty

The Positive Traits of Libra

Libra born people are the best when it comes to the handling of difficult and awkward situations. They manage such situations with extreme grace and poise. They have a fetish for trying to be fair in any situations and try to establish peace in the face of difficulties.

They are the most balanced, easy going and attractive people of the zodiac and exercises their critical mental faculty; and are also sensitive to others people.

The Negative Traits of Libra

The very same positive traits of the Libra tend to turn negative when things get out of hand. For example, due to being of the air sign and trying to balance everything and please everyone; these people often tend to be extremely indecisive. They will just not be able to make up their minds.

These are also people who are self indulging and a little selfish. When it comes to encouraging themselves, they have no sense of propriety or timing.

They actually have the toughest time when they need to make a decision and tends to cling to everything that they had for comfort.

Libra Personality Traits Redefined

  • Balanced – as earlier mentioned, Libra born people are the most balanced amongst all zodiac signs. The sun sign signifies balance and they justify that, and try to balance out things all the while.
  • Diplomatic – Libra born people are the most diplomatic. Not only are they balanced, in the course of it, they also maintain an effort in not trying to hurt or demean anyone.
  • Romantic – Libra born people are terribly romantic. When in the throes of passionate love, they will do everything to impress their lovers. They are emotional creatures who try to keep people happy.
  • Charming – Libra born people are exceedingly charming. They are polite and well bred and act as the perfect hosts or hostesses with their social skills and charm.
  • Affectionate – These are people who are emotionally affectionate to people they are attached and those who matter to them.
  • Indecisive -With all their balancing qualities, The Libra born people can be terribly indecisive. In their effort to be fair, they can never make up their minds about what to do and when to do.
  • Susceptible – These people are again, in an effort to be neutral, just and fair can be very susceptible to sob stories of people. These people fall easy prey to those who emotionally appeal to them.
  • Aloof – The Libra born people can at times appear to be a little aloof. They stay in their own sphere and at times nothing else matters to them than having their own way. They appear selfish at times.
  • Reckless – With their entire balancing act, Libra born people can appear to be reckless at times. When they want to do something or get something, they do not pay much heed to the aftermaths.
  • Hasty – In order to get their work done, the Librans can be terribly hasty in their work. These are not times when they ponder upon the pros and cons.

The Strengths and Weaknesses that Libra Possess

In Human Resource, there is a term called SWOT analysis, where apart from other things a strength and weakness is considered. Let us also see what are the five strength and weaknesses that Libra possesses.

The Strength Analysis

Apart from the ones discussed, there are certain characteristics that show the exquisite balance of the Librans. These are what sets them in a league of their own and makes them absolutely different from other sun signs.  Let us have a look at what those are –

  • Diplomatic
  • Graceful
  • Peace loving
  • Idealistic
  • Intellectual

The Weakness Analysis

Despite having numerous strength areas in the Libran character, it is the presence of some of those strengths that make the Libra born people vulnerable to terrible weaknesses.

Although the sign is that of a balance, most often than not, the Libra born people remain extremely confused and indecisive in their head. They have a problem of letting go of harmful things in order to be fair in their minds and thus create a state of indecisiveness.

There are times when out of sheer frustration they can be malicious too. They can literally get into arguments and fights to prove their own points.

Let us have a look at the weaknesses of a Libra –

  • Indecisive
  • Shallow
  • Unreliable
  • Manipulative
  • Stubborn

The Libra Nature

The Libran people are symbolized and represented by balance scales. Thus it is not surprising that their characteristics will be that of a balanced individual. These are the most diplomatic and balancing people and they will strive to be just and make things right.

These are people who are naturally graceful and want to maintain harmony and peace under all situations. On their own too they avoid conflicts and confusion and that at times gives rise to their own indecisiveness and idiosyncrasies.

However, there are lot of Librans too who could be extremely manipulative. They prove to be difficult when they get into the mode of selfishness and manipulation. But they can also control this side of their personality should they wish to.

These graceful and charming people make excellent hosts and hostesses in social situations and they also have a lot of admiration for beauty in all forms. Being cooperative by nature, they work well in teams and group activities.

However, it is their nature of being just which often makes them forget that they have an opinion.

Libra Career Graph

Libra born people have a sharp intellect are also intuitive. They judge things carefully before taking calculated risks. They are forever eager to learn newer things and also to implement them. To survive in the professional arena, they constantly require exchange of ideas and also a complete sense of harmony.

These people are cooperative and make great team mates and co-workers. Their creative bent of mind makes a number of them take up careers such as actors, directors or involved in some creative pursuits. A sense of fairness also makes them eligible to pursue a career in law and peace keeping.

Being charming makes them open to careers which need people interaction and people pleasing skills like communications, advisors, public relations etc.

However there is always a sense of indecisiveness and self-doubt which can mar the otherwise brilliant situation of a Libran career wise.

Libra Finance Graph

Librans can have extremely successful careers and can also will have a tremendous earning potential, provided they use it well.

In most cases they will be able to balance the money they earn and what they spend. However there could be heavy spenders too, but even then their finances will remain sorted,

Libra Friends and Family Graph

Having an inherent charm and being of friendly nature the Libra born people make friends easily. There could be some delays in their understanding of a friend’s true worth, but once they do they will remain a lifelong friend.

They are social creatures and will love to organize social do s along with family and friends. They are balanced as parents and also protective of them and their younger siblings and off-springs.

Libra Love/ Marriage Graph

The ruling planet of Libra is Venus and that makes them extremely romantic at heart. A romantic relationship with them can be a great deal of fun and be interesting. They generally stay loyal to their partners and the relationships tend to be long standing.

These people do not believe in falling in love at first sight. Rather they will take time and then make their choice. They take time to open themselves up and also the romantic setting too has to be perfect.

The Librans attach quite an amount of importance on looks and intelligence and having aspiration to climb up the social ladder, often choose the correct one amongst many people. Libran men and women are both charming and sensuous and make great hosts.

Libra Health Graph

Libra rules over the excretory functions and thus kidneys, ovaries and lower back are specific organs to be taken care of.  A back pain in the lower region or problems caused by excessive sugar and rich food are quite common ailments for the Librans. As a Libra born native, you are prone to indulge in all the finer aspects of life including food; and this is a tendency that you have to curb to stay in good shape.

Quick Facts Libra
Lucky Numbers 6, 24, 51
Birthstone /Lucky Stone Blue sapphire, diamond, emerald
Lucky Color indigo, green
Ruling Planet Venus
Favorable Months January, July, November, December
Unfavorable Months May, October
Most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius
Special Qualities Artistic, Judicious
Weaknesses Indecisive, bewildered
Suitable Profession Artistic endeavors, for example — music, writing, acting etc
Energy Signs Yang
Health Problems Kidneys, Lower Back, Spinal areas
Most Clashes with Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Represented By The Balancing scale
Famous Librans Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Christopher Reeve, Kate Winslet, Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May, Richard 3th, Alfred Nobel, Julie Andrews

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Virgo Zodiac Sign – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign of the zodiac and people who are born between August 23rd and September 22nd are all born in the sign of the Virgo. Virgos are represented by The Virgin and in reality there are many a characteristics of the Virgin that they adopt.

Virgo is a sign of perfectionist. They are actually symbolic of meticulous perfection. These people are critical and scathing about most of the ideas, thoughts and situations.  This is the characteristics of the Virgo which literally makes them extremely irritable and also despicable to other people.

Virgo s however are extremely methodical and is also a show of efficiency. One will rarely come across a virgo who is slipshod or cluttered in their approach. Of course these traits always demand from person to person and this is just a broad classification of it.

Since they are perpetually paying attention to details, their sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful and particular signs of the zodiac.

Virgo is of the earth sign, which makes them absolutely, fixed in their mind and thought process. Even if we come across a Virgo who is messy and scattered, we will see and know that he already has around five years of thought process planned and chalked in his mind.

Mercury being the ruling planet of Virgo, they have an immaculate and inordinate amount of finesse in speaking or writing.

The Virgo zodiac suggests that it is a passive sign, and thus you will rarely come across a Virgo who is brimming with enthusiasm. They rarely do anything without consideration and is one the signs of the zodiac who literally watches before leaping. Despite being intelligent, Virgos at times remain utterly confused about taking the decisions of life and they also at times take decisions without considering the ramifications.

They are responsible people and their lives may often be clouded by their sense of responsibilities. These people cannot be deceived in the longer run by shows of gallantry or devotion. Being observant and intelligent, they will find out the truth.

The Sign of Earth – Virgo

Virgo falls under the Earth influence which makes them grounded and rooted. Earth represents a sense of practicality and thus the Virgos are also bestowed with a sense of practicality. These people are extremely practical and can also deduce situations having their feet firmly planted on the ground.


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Virgo Traits
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The Characteristics that Virgo possess –

  • Meticulous
  • Perfectionist
  • Trustworthy
  • Dutiful
  • Hardworking
  • Inflexible
  • Conventional
  • Temperamental
  • Critical
  • Interfering

The Positive Traits of Virgo

Virgos are the purists, in fact so much so that they are often critical of their own slef and of their near and dear ones. These people are most observant and extremely analytical.

Virgo s is some of the most reliable people in the whole zodiac. In fact they are mostly relied upon by friends and family for solid support.

Being intelligent and efficient, the Virgo s is able to achieve quite a lot in life. They also make good parents most of the time and remain careful about their partners.

The Negative Traits of Virgo

Virgo born people in their nature to be purist or perfectionist often come out as puritanical and extremely critical of other people.  They in fact become cynical and behave irrationally.

It is also the habit of Virgo born people to be interfering and meddlesome. They are so interfering that they appear irritating and also they always fail to impress other people. They are also often considered to be fussy and meddlesome and also pretty narrow minded.

Virgo Personality Traits Redefined

  • Meticulous – Virgos born people are extremely alert about everything and they are also always in the look out that things run perfectly. They take a closer look into things and also often try and do a task without hurting anybody.
  • Perfectionist – Virgo born people are terrible perfectionists. They exactly know what they want and they also know how to get what they want. They are often found finicky and focused on how to keep things and where to keep them in order.
  • Trustworthy – these people are to be trusted. Trust them to bring you out from any kind of predicament or a difficult situation. They are always available to dispense off their duties towards their near and dear ones.
  • Dutiful – The Virgo born people can be some of the most dutiful people in the world. They will always abide by the duties to their elders and towards wherever they are committed to do so.
  • Hardworking – Virgo born people are some of the most hardworking people found in the zodiac. They are meticulous, organized and extremely hard working when it comes to their work.
  • Inflexible – Being born under the sign of earth these people remain inflexible and rigid in their outlook and views. They do not deviate from the views that they have been born and brought up with.
  • Conventional – Virgo born people are basically traditional in their outlook, and despite the show of modernism do not really move ahead with times. They do not want to change their views or want to experiment, rather would go with whatever had been laid down and taught.
  • Temperamental – Virgo born people are extremely moody and temperamental, they are always in the throes of mood swings. Sometimes sinking in the nadir of depression and then picking them up.
  • Critical – Being puritanical in thought, makes the Virgo people overtly critical of everything that they do and also about everybody else too.
  • Interfering – These people can be nosy, interfering and meddlesome in other people’s affairs. They keep interfering with their views and thus making difficulties in others lives.

The Strengths and Weaknesses that Virgo Possess

In Human Resource, there is a term called SWOT analysis. This is an analysis where apart from opportunities and weaknesses; a strength and weakness analysis is considered. Let us also see what are the five strength and weaknesses that Virgo born people possess.

The Strength Analysis –

Virgo born people have some distinctive traits that really set them apart from other zodiac signs. These are people who are extremely practical and level headed and approach a situation with utmost precision.

Virgo born people are extremely reliable as friends and as sons or brothers too. They feel that taking care and doing their duties towards these people are their responsibilities and thus do the needful.

Virgo s is also people who are analytical and can see a situation through. Thus it is also difficult to deceive them.  They sometimes are the people other people look forward to in situations of crisis.

Thus the strength of Virgo s can be summed up as –

  • Logical
  • Attentive
  • Accurate
  • Dependable
  • Responsible

The Weakness Analysis-

As with most things, sometimes an overdose of the strength that one has, can become the bane of existence. Therefore with Virgo too it is not an exception. Being practical is a strength area of the Virgo born, but being overtly so becomes a negative trait.

The Virgo born people are suspicious of almost everything and everyone around them and may become impossible to live with.

These are also people who are extremely inquisitive of others affairs and may be too inquisitive for others comfort.

The negative traits for Virgo can be summed up as –

  • Inflexible
  • Indifferent
  • Sarcastic
  • Meddlesome
  • Suspicious

The Virgo Nature

There is a general perception that Virgo born people are calm and composed in everything. On the contrary they are the most volatile people that you will come across in a long time. These are the people who will be inquisitive enough and interfering too in your affairs.

They are so unorganized, that in a pretense to look organized they spend all their energies. They shy away from mundane work and only do what they think is of their stature.

The Virgo born people also firmly believes that whatever they know is the best and they are very fixed in their views and notion regarding the world at large.

However they are also helpful and shows a sense of humility, and if assigned a job, they generally tend to finish it. They have a very well developed speech pattern, Mercury being their ruling planet and can sway and win over most people by their speech.

Virgo s also tends to be independent. Sometimes their independence combined with a thinking mind may lead to bigotry; however at the same time they have a loving and caring heart for all.

Virgo Career Graph

The practical and analytical aspect of the Virgo born people makes them successful in whatever they tend to try their hands on. They excel in marketing, physicians, lawyers, financial analysts and businesses.

Their methodical approach and their organizational skills should get them good breaks and openings.

However, the Virgos are mostly office workers not having much of an inclination for action and going out. But when they do take the plunge, they make extremely good employees, one whom the business can be dependent on.

Virgo Finance Graph

Virgo born people are generally practical enough to save enough money or make provisions for the rainy days. They are extremely good at spending money too on various things.

These people spend most of their money on themselves, buying the best of things, and may sometimes go overboard.

Virgo Friends and Family Graph

Virgo born people are good to have on their sides as friends and back up plans. Because they have immense practical sense they are good advisors and can be banked upon to solve a problem.

They are pretty dedicated to the elders in the family and also take care of the elderly and the sick. However they are not people who will display their acts of kindness, rather they will quietly do their deed.

Virgo Love/ Marriage Graph

The Virgo born people, when they settle down does so with a lot of thoughts and logical reasoning. And when they do, they wish to be the point of interest in their partner’s world all the time. They can be however constantly criticizing and analyzing their partners making it unnerving for them.

However a Virgo tends to stick to a partnership, so marital life will be long and steady with them. it is just advisable that the Virgo born refrains from being overly critical about his or her mate in order to have a smoother life.

Virgo Health Graph

The Virgos are health conscious and exercises to stay fir. They are also cautious and exercises moderation in their eating habits. They may face problems with hips, bowels and the nervous systems. Being obsessed with worries, they tend to make themselves fall sick also.

Quick Facts Virgo
Lucky Numbers 5, 23, 41, 61
Birthstone / Lucky Stone Blue Sapphire, Jasper (Pink)
Lucky Color Off White, Cream, Beige, Yellow, Green, Silver Grey, Blue
Ruling Planet Mercury
Favorable Months April, July, November, December.
Unfavorable Months February, March, May.
Most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Special Qualities Constant Learner, Giver
Weaknesses Nagging, Crib a lot
Suitable Profession Teaching, physician, marketing
Energy Signs Yin
Health Problems Abdomen, Spleen, Intestines, Diaphragm
Most Clashes with Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini
Represented By The Virgin
Some Famous Virgo Michael Jackson, Adam Sandler, Karl Lagerfeld, Wiz Khalifa, Sean Connery, Leonard Cohen

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Leo Zodiac Sign – Characteristics & Personality Traits

The fifth sign of the zodiac is the royal sign – the sign of Leo Zodiac. They are the royal leaders and are truly fierce, bold and royal in their approach to life. This is the most masculine amongst all signs of the zodiac and depicts sheer regality and power.

The Leo born people are extremely warm hearted, impressive and possess a deep magnetism.

These are people who exude creativity in all spheres of life. The confidence, ambition, intelligence and positive thinking that they exude are exemplary and unparallel amongst all zodiac signs. They are also the most authoritative amongst all the signs. It is really impossible to miss them should you be in a room full of other people.

The Leo born people show an urge of being enthusiastic, energetic and strong willed. Their personal magnetism makes every job easy. Their purposeful strength in each and everything, makes them being able to accomplish a whole lot of things.

Therefore it is no wonder that the sign of Leo is represented by the Lion and is a deeply masculine sign. They actually consider themselves the rulers of all that they survey and often they ensure that they are so.

Leo born people are great to have by your side, because these are people who will see a project through completion. However, being of cardinal sign they are also opinionated and fixed in their ways.

Leo born people are ruled by the sun and thus it is of little surprise that they will be born leaders. They are basically independent and love their own space and seek social powers and status.

In matters of love, the Leo born can be tender and loving yet at the same time be demanding and outspoken. They have an attitude of never-to-give-up, which holds them in good stead and helps them turn around their failures into positive stepping stones.

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Leo Traits
Leo Man Traits Leo Woman Traits


The Sign of Fire – Leo

Leo is of the sign of Fire and is a fixed sign being ruled by the Sun. their personality often are fiery, masculine, strong and bitter.  The symbol of this fiery energy is the Lion. They are commanding yet are generous and vivacious and joyful.

The Characteristics that Leo possess –

  • Courageous
  • Passionate
  • Loyal
  • Creative
  • Influential
  • Dominating
  • Arrogant
  • Stubborn
  • Self-centered
  • Lazy

The Positive Traits of Leo

The Leo born people are natural leaders and can take center stage at any given point of time. These are people who ooze self confidence and are supremely creative and talented. All these qualities actually make them irresistible.

Most of these people are outspoken. Their ambition and positive thinking makes them irresistible and a leader in their own sphere.

The Leo born people can also be intensely romantic and extremely proud too. They are attracted to the limelight and the famous and the bold people also.

The Negative Traits of Leo

There are quite a few negative traits of Leo which irk other people and create a bad impression for them. these negative traits are as follows –  the Leo s aware of their own powers are supremely arrogant and often become obsessed with their own leadership qualities not paying heed to others.

These people also often become more aggressive than is good and their aggression becomes sometimes difficult to cope up with.  Disputes and problems will often arise when there are too many achievements he has made and he becomes lazy and impossible to tolerate.

Leo Personality Traits Redefined

  • Courageous –  Leo s are often described as the most courageous of all zodiac signs and they are those people who often in the most critical of situations will be able to retain their courage and composure and move ahead. This makes them a good leader.
  • Passionate – The Leo born people are extremely romantic and once they know that it is love, they will leave no stones unturned to woo you with his arduous passion.
  • Loyal – Despite having an inflated ego and knowing they are the masters of their own lives, the Leo s are extremely dedicated to their family and friends and sometimes this loyalty becomes possessiveness too.
  • Creative – This is one of the biggest strength of a Leo. They are creative people who coupled with their innate intelligence will be able to carve a niche for themselves.
  • Influential – In general, the Leo people are always at the center of everything and very easily influences others. They dominate others and also hate taking instructions from others. Their influence is profound on people.
  • Dominating – Just like the lion is the king of the jungle, so are the Leo born people the king of all zodiac cycle and they feel and know it and thus are the most dominating people of the zodiac.  This is why they do well the jobs of managers, corporate top bosses etc.
  • Arrogant – The Leo born people will at many a time is status conscious. Just like the sun is unique and so is the lion and knows their worth, the Leo born people too will know them to be supreme and will be very arrogant at times.
  • Stubborn – The Leo is a fixed sign and with their dominating attitude will be most often than not an extremely stubborn person.
  • Self-centered – These are people who are very proud of themselves and their obsession with their own self is also perceived by others as self-centeredness or ego.
  • Lazy – Knowing that they are the masters of all that they survey makes these Leo born people extremely lazy as well, as they do not believe that they need to put that kind of an effort.

The Strengths and Weaknesses that Leo Possess

In Human Resource, there is a term called SWOT analysis, where apart from other things a strength and weakness is considered.  The full form of this is the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat. Let us also see what are the five strength and weaknesses that Leo possesses.

The Strength Analysis

Leo people are supremely self confident and will see a project through.  They have unswerving courage and their great power and prowess in everything is well known.

They are for reasons professionally not suited to mediocre jobs and will excel in high profile jobs.  Their creativity, enthusiasm, ambition are some of their biggest asset and they are also loyal to their family and friends. Their strength is as follows –

  • Ambitious
  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Courageous
  • Idealism

The Weakness Analysis

An overdose of good things can sometimes turn into a negative trait. Thus with Leo too. Their ambition may at times look like self-centeredness, and caring may become dominance.

Let us then have a look what are the weaknesses that plague the Leo born people.

  • Pride
  • Dominance
  • Arrogance
  • Laziness
  • Obstinate

The Leo Nature

The Leo born people are natural leaders and they are like the lion, king or queen of all that they survey. There may be instances when the Leo may seem brash and rude, but they will remain generous to their core and will also be affectionate and sometimes melodramatic.

The Leo born people are ambitious and will never settle down to mundane or low brow jobs. Belonging to the fire sign, the Leo born people show a great deal of energy and are equally comfortable in corporate and social settings. They strike up friendships with people who may benefit them in some way or the other.

In love they are possessive and demanding yet for the loved ones they will be caring and generous.

These people try to build a larger than life persona for themselves and always try to have the social acceptance and veneration that a king seeks. Creativity, idealism, enthusiasm and ambition are things which are their greatest assets.  They have a tremendous drive to perform and outshine others with their indomitable energy and spirit. But if one fails to recognize their work or show admiration then they are scathed and badly reacted at.

Leo Career Graph

The Leo born people have great leadership abilities and always shine through in their workplace. They are complete go=getters who with their enthusiasm can turn any work situation in their favor.  They are loyal people and do not divulge things, which makes them cherished as top employees.

However being supremely sure of themselves, they do not like being ordered around. It is prudent to give them a respect even when ordering them around.  They will shine where they are not cornered and ordered around, rather where they have a free will of their own to exert. Since they have fantastic social skills, they do well in a group.

Some of the potential career for the Leo could be medical profession, designing, animation, anchoring etc.

Leo Finance Graph

Money will flow in pretty easily to the Leo born people. They will earn enough to take care of all his responsibilities yet have something left for them to be generous about. If money is there they will not hesitate in spending it for family and friends or those who need it.

Leo Friends and Family Graph

Leo is probably the most generous and devoted sign of the zodiac and they will devote all their spare time and money for their family and friends. They will help others even sometimes at the cost of themselves.  They are the cynosure of all eyes when in a social gathering and their energy makes them indomitable in family and friends gatherings.

Leo tends to stick to his family and friends in good times and in bad times and also stays loyal.

Leo Romance/ Marriage Graph

Leo born people are some of the most passionate amongst all zodiac signs and being of the fire sign; their passion runs high and shines bright.  But much as they are loving and caring, their dominating nature stays well put in place in case of such partnerships.  In fact they at times seek partners who may not be as intellectually aware of them.

Because they are extremely flamboyant and beautiful looking people they can be often involved in several romantic relations. They are easily attracted to beautiful people.  Once married, Leo would want to show the world that they are the dominant partner in the relationship.

Leo Health Graph

Leo born people are mostly strong and healthy. However severe back pains and problems of the back and spine may plague them. They should take care to sit in a proper posture.  Their heart and eyes remain other areas of botheration. They should practice yoga, exercises and other forms of alternate healing to keep them in shape.

Quick Facts Leo
Lucky Numbers 1, 4, 10, 12, 19, 22
Birthstone / Lucky Stone Peridot, Diamond and Amber
Lucky Color Yellow, Gold, Orange
Ruling Planet The Sun
Favorable Months April, August, September, December.
Unfavorable Months February, March, October, November.
Most compatible with Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius
Special Qualities Generous, Responsible, leadership
Weaknesses Hyper Aggressive, dominating
Suitable Profession Career with high inclination towards leadership skills, creative profession
Energy Signs Yang
Health Problems Heart, Upper Back, Eyes, Blood, Lungs
Most Clashes with Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Represented By The Lion
Some Famous Leos Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jacqueline Kennedy, Kevin Spacey, Roger Federer, J. K. Rowling, G. B. Shaw

Leo Traits - 1

Leo Traits - 2

Leo Traits - 3

Leo Traits - 4

Leo Traits - 5

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Cancer Zodiac Sign – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is associated with the Cancer constellation. People who are born between June 201t to July 22nd are Cancer born people. It is a water sign and is also a cardinal sign. The Cancer Zodiac Sign is symbolized by the Crab with its sharp claws.

It is believed that the symbol of the crab is derived from the myth of ‘Karkinos’, the giant crab, who had harassed Heracles while he was fighting Hydra.

The Cancer people are said to be extremely intuitive and are sentimental. So much so that it is believed that the Cancers is that sign in the zodiac whom it is very difficult to know.  They are sensitive and deeply care about their home and family. To the Cancer born people, home, loved ones and creatures’ comfort matters more than anything else.

These are helpful people who will go out of their ways to help others and they avoid conflicts like anything. This is the very characteristics which make them quiet and very reserved about their feelings and they do not rock the boat on any issues.

At the outset, there could be times when they do not appear to be overtly ambitious, but deep inside they are profoundly ambitious and eager to make it big in the world. as Bosses they are extremely caring about their co workers and at the same time a little dominating too.

Their lives are more often than not, affected by their mood swings and will often get annoyed and depressed for no apparent reasons.

The Cancer born people generally stay loyal and true to their mates, showering them with love, affection and gifts.  They make great parents too and bring them up well.

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The Sign of Water – Cancer

Cancer is the water sign and is ruled by the Moon. The water sign represents emotions. Cancer characteristics are cold and are symbolized by the Crab. They are people who are possessive by nature, yet caring nurturing and at times dominating.

The Cancer Zodiac represents tenacity, kindness, devotion and also resentment, untruthfulness and also unpredictability and laziness.

Since they represent water sign, their mood too is affected by tides and by the cycle of moon.

The Characteristics that Cancer possess –

  • Loyal
  • Caring
  • Dependable
  • Responsive
  • Adaptable
  • Moody
  • Possessive
  • Selfish
  • Narcissistic
  • Over sensitivity

The Positive Traits of Cancer

The Cancer born people are extremely sensitive and very deeply related to their family and relationships. They love spending time with their families and tend to overlook many things to keep their family together.  They are extremely loyal people and if not hurt badly or dealt a bad deal, tends to remain so.

They are extremely romantic too; however their romance is amply peppered with passiveness and can cause combustion if they do not find things to their likings. They believe in providing all comforts and things to the people they love and care about.

The Negative Traits of Cancer

One of the biggest negative traits of the Cancer born is that they just get into their own shells when they come across a problem and do not want to come out till a decision is reached by the universe. They do not want to face trouble and do not want o rock the boat.

The other negative trait plaguing the Cancer persona is their unpredictability. One never knows how a Cancer born react or what may trigger off the Cancer born people’s reactions.

They are also people who tend to feel sorry about them. They tend to be jealous of others success and selfish too and their pessimism and feeling sorry for themselves affects others also.

Cancer Personality Traits Redefined

    • Loyal – The Cancer born people being extremely emotional are also terribly loyal people.  Once if they are committed or attached to certain things, they tend to remain loyal to them and stand by their commitments throughout their lives.


    • Caring – The Cancer born being loyal and emotional makes for extremely caring partners, parents, sons or bosses. They look after the small nitty gritties of the people they care about and remember those too.


    • Dependable – These are extremely dependable people who will stand you in good stead. Not only will they see a project through completion as an employee or taking ownership; in personal life also they remain completely dependable for every other thing. These people can be trusted blindly at all situations.


    • Responsive – The Cancer born people are responsive. They respond to any plea for aid or help to the best of their abilities and thus remain open of the most trusted people to look forward to.


    • Adaptable – Being of the flowing water sign, and not being rigid; the Cancer born people are flexible and adaptable to the extreme. They remain flexible and adapt themselves to all kind of situations.


    • Moody – These people are, if nothing else extremely temperamental.  With the Cancers one can never be sure when their mood is undergoing a swing or what reasons. This makes them appear volatile and temperamental and unpredictable too.


    • Possessive – When it comes to marking their territories, the cancer born people can be very fast and most possessive amongst all signs. In love and in materialistic assets, these are very possessive people. They are touchy about other people using their things and also about people they care about.


    • Selfish – The Cancer born people can often be viewed as selfish and self centred. It is their nature of sticking to themselves or being particular about their own things that makes them appear so, though at other times they are extremely caring and loving people.


    • Narcissistic – The Cancer born people are narcissistic. They love themselves sometimes more than anything else and their activities all reflect their self love and self obsession.


    • Over sensitivity – Despite appearing to be hard from outside, the Cancer born people are really suckers for emotions. They are by nature sensitive and find it difficult to handle rejection, failure or hurt.


The Strengths and Weaknesses that Cancer Traits Possess

In Human Resource, there is a term called SWOT analysis. The full form of SWOT is strength, weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Leaving aside the threat and opportunities, let us take a look at what are the strength and weakness of the Cancer born people.. Let us also see what are the five strength and weaknesses that Aries possess.

The Strength Analysis –

Cancer has multiple strength area which makes them stand out from rest of the other sun signs. Let us have a look at what are those –

  • Caring
  • Responsible
  • Trustworthy
  • Dependable
  • Adaptable

They are extremely caring individuals with great sense of responsibility for family members and people who matter to them.  They possess a large heart and can walk an extra mile for their loved ones.

The Weakness Analysis-

Sometimes certain of the strength can turn into weakness in a character if used too much. With Cancer too it can be the same. Let us take a look at the weaknesses –

  • Temperamental
  • Self absorbed
  • Selfish
  • Self apathy
  • Contradictory

The Cancer are most affected by their frequent mood swings. They can also sink into depression for apparently no reason. It is difficult for anyone to judge exactly what they want. Often probably they do not know it themselves.

The Cancer Nature

The Cancer born people are extremely emotional and sentimental people. They are probably the most mysterious people in the whole zodiac family and people have a difficult time understanding them. they have a contradiction in trying to seek security, pattern yet a sense of adventure and the unorthodox.

Their temperaments dictate their emotions. They can either be supremely helpful and caring or they can be extremely nonchalant and slipshod in attitude. Like the Crab’s exterior, they tpo maintain a tough exterior which is difficult to crack.

They do not forget easily and latch on to everything and every wrong that has ever been done to them.

They seek to woo and romance people whose characters are almost direct contrast to them.  once enamored, they generally remain true to their mates and seldom venture out.

Cancer born people are also terribly intuitive in nature and often understand things without even uttering a word.  Baseless and shallow talk does not interest them.

The Cancer born are people who do not like to boss around and are quite dominating, though they keep it well hidden.

They make fantastic parents and love their children above and everything else.

Cancer Career Graph

Cancer born though does not appear to be ambitious at the outset, are actually terribly so deep inside. These people are suited for the top jobs and corporate positions. They are absolutely competent in handling top positions with great ease.

These people have an inborn flair for learning a great many things and always come to a meeting completely prepared.

However there are times when the moods of the Cancers can be low and thus they get into their shell and refuse to face the world.

Because of their sensitivity and creativity the Cancer can shine in the creative lines as well and also because they are intuitive and almost cunning they can do well in sales, finances, banking etc.  Their caring nature also makes them good doctors and caregivers.

Cancer Finance Graph

To a Cancer born monetary benefit and security are the most important things in a career.  Reaching the top these people will earn money easily; but more easily will they spend it. Though there are lots of Cancer born people who are not as big spenders. They would rather save their money and see to its growth.

Cancer Friends and Family Graph

As mentioned earlier, the Cancer born are fantastic parents and these are also people whose world revolves around their family and loved ones. They are inordinately sentimental and to them the family, children and sentiments are most important.

As father or mother they will be deeply attached to their child and as a child the Cancer born will be obedient and well behaved.

The Cancer born people are some of the best to have as friends as these people will always lend a hand. They will be loyal to their friends and will socialize often. They, can however be moody and temperamental and be hurt with a slight incident.

Cancer Love/ Marriage Graph

The Cancer makes excellent lovers and partners. When they love, they love with all of themselves and shower their loved ones with kind words and gifts too. They also love without a care in the world. But when the love sours, it becomes a burden to them.

The Cancer avoids people who are dominating, shallow and are ambitious. They will show their sensitivity without even thinking but equally alarming will be their possessiveness in such relationships. These people can be very demanding in these close relationships as they often feel insecure. Cancer men can be the most loyal amongst all people in the zodiac.

Cancer Health Graph

Cancerian born people often suffer from indigestion of gastric problems. Thus they need to have very light diet and consume lot of fruits. Since the digestive system will be a problem they should drink lots of water and should also avoid alcoholic drinks.

Quick Facts Cancer Sign
Lucky Numbers 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61.
Birthstone / Lucky Stone Ruby or Onyx
Lucky Color White, Silver, Smoky Grey, Silvery Blue and Green
Ruling Planet The Moon
Lucky Days Monday and Thursday
Favorable Months March, May June, August
Unfavorable Months February, September, July, December
Most compatible with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo
Special Qualities Caring, Understanding, Homely, affectionate
Weaknesses Temperamental, clinging
Suitable Profession Home essentials, Furnishings, Running a hotel, production, creative aspects
Energy Signs Yin
Health Problems Stomach, Digestion, Reproductive Organs
Incompatible with Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini
Represented by The Crab
Some Famous Cancer Lionel Messi, Malala Yousafzai, Michael Phelps, Tom Hanks, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Franz Kafka, Nelson Mandela, Helen Keller


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Gemini Zodiac Sign – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and represents those people who are born between May 21st and June 20th. Gemini is represented by dual personality and it always remains a mystery as to which side of their persona is emerging. In fact they are known for their inconsistency and their dual nature.

Those born under Gemini Zodiac always look at a situation from dual and mixed perspectives and more often than not end up being confused as to what they want. It is a constant battle for other people to assume which side they will be facing with the Gemini around. On one hand these people can be extremely social and fun and just on the other hand they do a volte face and appear all serious and glum. They can feel the dual emotions of love and hate almost simultaneously. So much so, that the Gemini born themselves remain confused and confounded as to their true feelings.

However it is this inconsistency of their innate character which makes them mysterious and challenging to people. To be or not to be is their quintessential dilemma.  Despite this inconsistency, the Gemini born people posses an amazing acumen of insight into any situation.

The Sign of Air – Gemini Zodiac

Gemini is a prominent air sign. Like air they are ever changing. They belong to the fluid and shapeless air sign and thus their entire thought process is always indecisive and in the air. The sign is a mutable one, meaning it is not fixed. These people are often loath to trust others and end up not trusting their own strengths only.

People born under the element of Air are great thinkers and intellectuals. And they excel in oratory and are often polyglots that are one who speaks several languages.

Gemini born people are however good communicator, having Mercury, the planet of communication as their ruling planet. They are represented by the dual sign of the twins – that being their dual characteristics. They are by nature talkative, curious, versatile, orator and energetic. They also possess a sharp wit and a sharper humor. However their inconsistency remains the biggest challenge in being with a Gemini.

The Characteristics that Gemini possess –

  • Versatile
  • Communicative
  • Witty
  • intellectual
  • Enthusiastic
  • Inconsistent
  • Superficial
  • Indecisive
  • Anxious
  • Cunning


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The Positive Traits of Gemini

Gemini, being the sign of Air and a mutable sign are extremely independent and cannot be pinned down anywhere. Change and freedom are some very important things to the Gemini.

With the Mercury as their ruling planet, the Gemini born people are some of the most intelligent and they are excellent orators as well. Being of razor sharp intelligence their mind is never at rest and they are extremely interested should anything new come up.

They possess a rare brand of wit and humor, having a fairly sharp intellect.

The Negative Traits of Gemini

Having dual characteristics, the Gemini born people sometimes having two different views makes things too complex. They are so inconsistent that they are literally unpredictable. They also are terribly superficial as they are of dual characters. This attitude of procrastination makes them appear very indecisive.

Being perpetually on the move from one adventure to the other, they become bore very easily and their knowledge on many a things are superficial because they do not have the patience to delve deep into something as by that time the Gemini s may have moved onto another subject.

Gemini Personality Traits Redefined

  • Versatile– Being a mutable sign, they like a great variety of things and a wide variety of things attracts them.  They also may try their hands at different things. They can do almost anything that they put their minds on.
  • Communicative – They have a smooth glib and words roll off from the tongues of the Gemini born very easily. They are adept at oratory, sometimes the Gemini s turn out to be polyglots, one who knows various languages and make great speakers.
  • Witty – the Gemini s are seen to possess a rare sense of wit and humor. Their spontaneity adds to their smooth way of communication that they already possess.
  • Intellectual – Gemini s are probably one of the most intellectual signs of the zodiac. They are always eager to learn and want to learn about various things of the universe. They have a clever and clear wit and will not hesitate to voice their opinions when needed.
  • Enthusiastic – The Gemini born people have a lust for life and they crave for the life on the fast lane. They crave to attain various things and are most enthusiastic about life and living.
  • Inconsistent – Being interested in too many things probably makes the Gemini born very inconsistent at times. They are so intelligent and sharp that nothing really holds their interest for a long time.
  • Superficial – the Gemini born people are often considered to be extremely superficial because they hardly delve deep into things, because by that time something may have caught their imagination.
  • Indecisive – probably because of their dual nature, the Gemini born people are always at a dilemma when it comes to making decisions. Because of their indecisive nature, there are times when they lose on great and lucrative opportunities because of their dithering and hesitant nature.
  • Anxious – The Gemini born people are extremely energetic, but there are times when they take on more things than they can ideally handle. This leads to a great deal of anxiety on their parts.
  • Cunning – Being of excellent intelligence and of inconsistent nature some of the Gemini born to get their jobs done, can become very cunning.

The Strengths and Weaknesses that Gemini Possess

We always say that as the Human Resource department does a SWOT analysis, meaning strength, weakness, opportunity and threat analysis, so would we look into the strength and weakness of all the sun signs; and Gemini will not be an exception. Let us then have a look at what the strength and weaknesses of Gemini are.

The Strength Analysis

The strengths that the Gemini born people possesses are really different than all the other zodiac signs put together.  They are one of the most spirited people amongst all the other zodiac signs. Their airy energy can be almost contagious.

They are charmers, having the gift of the gab and they are well versed in a variety of languages too. They, with their sharp intelligence can gauge problems of any sort and also can come up with a solution much sooner than other people.

Here is a brief look at what their strength is –

  • Intelligent
  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Witty
  • Versatile

The Weakness Analysis-

With many of the sun signs, the strength becomes weakness and vice versa. It is the same with the Gemini born people too.  Because of their inability to remain rooted to any one thing, the Gemini s are known to be inconsistent.  They keep fleeting from one project to another. Their perpetual movement makes the romantic prospects of Gemini extremely unstable and jittery.

They are also people who somehow lack depth. Their dual and inconsistent nature does not let them concentrate on any one thing at any time. They can be suspicious and superficial too.

Here is a brief look at what the weakness of Gemini is –

  • Inconsistent
  • Superficial
  • Suspicious
  • Irresolute
  • Indecisive

The Gemini Nature

The Gemini people are irresolute and inconsistent. Yet they are intelligent and witty. But you will never be able to be sure which side you are talking to.  They are concerned and connected to everything related to the mind, and being of razor sharp wit and unusual humor, they make friends pretty easily. They are surely the masters of communication having been able to learn up also couple of languages and having a passing knowledge of everything that is happening around them.

But unfortunately the Gemini born people are extremely inconsistent and they never delve deep into anything. It is their impatience and boredom of the mundane that does not let them delve deep into things.

Because of their dual nature they are never rooted at one place and appear to want to know everything that is happening. This actually at times makes them appear as the snooping people meddling at others affairs.

Being ultimate orators and attractive, they become the cynosure of all eyes in a party and thus they enjoy spending life.

Gemini Career Graph

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications. Thus being great orators, almost all those professions which involve oratory and communication suit the Gemini born to a T. they become superbly successful politicians, marketing people, communications manager, Public relations exponent, writers etc.

Since these people are naturally nosy, they are often successful in digging up things and can become successful journalists too.

Their creativity can be channelized into doing something of aesthetic interest. Gemini born people can also prove to be a great wheeler and dealer. Solving problems and bringing in new ideas should be his forte.

Unfortunately in most of the cases these people are too inconsistent to bring a task to completion.

Gemini Finance Graph

The Gemini born people firmly believe that money is but a necessary evil, but most of the times do not know from where they will get it as they are too busy flitting from one interest to the other. They are seldom able to choose between practicality and pleasure.

Gemini Friends and Family Graph

These are one of the most social people that you will come across in the whole world. They love spending time with their friends and family and have umpteen numbers of friends. They being of wit and humor attract lot of friend in abundance and keep them glued.

The Gemini born people are also extremely loving, when it comes to their family and relatives.

For the Gemini born people friendship with siblings is pretty common and they do make the best of friends. Family responsibilities often prove to be an arduous task for the Gemini born people, but in most cases they juggle it.

Gemini Love/ Marriage Graph

The Gemini born people are extremely charming. Their gift of the gab and their oratory can draw a lot of people of the opposite sex. These can include admirers, prospective lovers and even friends. However the Gemini born people, both men and women are extremely flirtatious by nature, simply because they do not have the tenacity to stay put at one place.

They at times get into irrelevant relationships without even considering the pros and the cons of such relationships. Being flirty and being curious by nature, they spent an inordinate amount of time with various lovers and as curiosity satiates, they move away.

However, once they happen to chance upon the perfect partner, they then settle into happy matrimony and spend their lives happily. Though, their love for the unknown and dual nature sometimes brings them to various post marital affairs also.

Gemini Health Graph

The Gemini people being hyperactive suffer a lot from anxiety and are insomniac too. They should keep in mind that keeping a healthy diet and having wholesome food is extremely important as is the important being involved in yoga.

These people being hyper tend to get over excited and also the nervous system tends to over work.

Quick Facts Gemini
Lucky Numbers 5, 6, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50 and all numbers adding 9
Birthstone /Lucky Stone Aquamarine or Agate
Lucky Color green, yellow and orange
Ruling Planet Mercury
Lucky Days Monday and Thursday
Favorable Months January, March, April, June, August, November
Unfavorable Months February, May, July, September
Most compatible with Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces
Special Qualities Communicator, Intelligent, Romantic, Dreamer
Weaknesses Over sensitive
Suitable Profession Public Relations, Human Resource, Journalism
Energy Signs Yang
Health Problems Blood, Nervous system, Shoulders, Lungs
Incompatible with Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Represented By The Twins
Some famous Gemini Donald Trump, Angelina Jolie, Adam Smith, Allen Ginsberg, Anne Frank, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Benazir Bhutto

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Taurus Zodiac Sign – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it is represented by the sign of Bull.  These are people who are born between the dates of April 21st to May 21st. They are known by the sincerity that they have and the innate amount of perseverance. Taurus Zodiac are represented by the bull because; they too are strong and powerful like a bull. They do not react unless they are provoked.

These are people who are famed and noted for their determination and perseverance in every walk of life.  Since their ruling planet is Venus, they are extremely sensual in nature, and be it the pursuit of material comforts or the pursuit of physical pleasures, the Taurus born are the ones who indulges in them.

They love to enjoy good life. But amazingly enough are dogged and stubborn in their allegiance. They are some of the most dedicated people of the universe. Some believe that Taurus is the people who are most averse to any kind of change, which actually makes them appear extremely stubborn and fixed in approach. This makes some people have a literally difficult time with them.

They are not what can be called intellectuals but are sharp and practical. Unfortunately it is their virtue which becomes their vices, like being fixed in notions becomes their dogged nature. However in love they make for caring partners and shower gifts and love on their partners.

Taurus – The sign of Earth

As the Earth is rooted and fixed, so is Taurus which falls under the earth sign. They are as practical and as rooted as the earth and compared to them many of the sun signs appear flighty.

The Characteristics that Taurus possess –

  • Patient
  • Reliable
  • Warm hearted
  • Caring
  • Persistent
  • Inflexible
  • Rebellious
  • Obstinate
  • Unoriginal
  • Argumentative


Zodiac Signs
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Cancer Leo Virgo
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Taurus Traits
Taurus Man Traits Taurus Woman Traits



The Positive Traits of Taurus

Taurus, led by the Bull and belonging to the Earth sign can be extremely faithful and loving and giving friends who are extremely affectionate. They are modest and good natured. The Taurus are also people having a great deal of aesthetic sense and they have deep love for all things bright and beautiful.

They love the good life comprising of pleasure, comfort, good food, good wine etc.

They are also extremely dependable people whose dedication is what folklores are made of. Dogged in their dedication and dependable in their industriousness, the Taurus people make perfect bankable employees and bosses.

The Negative Traits of Taurus

Taurus despite being steadfast and perseverant are also known to be extremely stubborn and absolutely inflexible. Their inability to see beyond a set pattern, dogged determination, possessiveness can create an unhealthy and negative atmosphere for them and people around them.

There could be instances when their possessiveness and their stubbornness their own ground have caused many a downfall.

Also the love for good life that the Taurus born people have may also be construed as greediness and materialistic clinging.

Taurus Personality Traits Redefined

  • Patient – Patience is one of the biggest virtues that the Taurus have. They can be tremendously persuasive and can wait till an eternity for what he thinks is right.
  • Reliable – The Taurus are nothing but not responsible and reliable. Any work that is entrusted to them, they will ensure that the work is done to perfection. This is why they are some of the best employees.
  • Warm Hearted – There will often be seen a Taurus who will walk that extra mile to please his or her loved ones. They are often known to shower the object of their affection with gifts and other things.
  • Caring – Because these bulls are extremely dedicated and attached to whatever they do, the Taurus personality turns out to be extremely caring too. They will walk that extra mile for people or causes dear to them.
  • Persistent – This is perhaps one of the most important and mention-worthy virtues that the Taurus possess. Persistence should actually be their middle name. Unlike Aries who begin a project and then a lot many times fail to see it to completion, the Taurus with their persistence amidst all difficulties will see a project to its completion. And that is actually true for all situations in life.
  • Inflexible – Taurus is a sign of Earth. This means that they are as immovable and as rooted as the earth. Their views and opinions once created cannot be changed. Their character and thought process are not flexible and they stick to ideas originally and once formed.
  • Rebellious – The rebellion of the Taurus born people often stems from the stubborn views that they hold. Once molded in a direction, these people can be the most rebellious people if their thought process is under attack.
  • Obstinate – The word obstinate and the Taurus born are probably synonymous. This streak in them makes them an extremely tough nut to crack. This is the one streak which often makes them lazy as well.
  • Unoriginal– Taurus people are not prone to changes. They stick to what they have known and that is what makes them unoriginal. Their inflexibility to learn new things and accept changes makes them unoriginal and lets them at times stick to their previous beliefs.
  • Argumentative –The fixed views that a Taurus have makes them appear argumentative at times. They like the familiar and routine, and once that is challenged, their wrath will know no bounds and any hapless victim happening to have invoked that wrath will be thrown aside by the Taurus argumentative nature.

The Strengths and Weaknesses that Taurus Possess

The world around follows a Human Resource parlance called and known as the SWOT analysis. This is comprised of the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat analysis. There are strength and weaknesses in the Taurus character which makes them unique as well. Let us then too take a look at what are the strength and the weakness areas for the Taurus people.

The Strength Analysis

Taurus born people, as mentioned earlier, are not the mutable signs; but the fixed signs of the earth. They are because of their unchanging nature, one of the most dependable sign of the zodiac.  Their practicality and sensibility makes them ideal employees and sometimes entrepreneurs too with their intelligence. People often look up to them for their guidance and their sensible advices.

As a fixed sign, they remain persistent and reliable with all their efforts and manage to close a project or reach the end of the projects unlike many signs of the zodiac.  Let us take a look at the positive characteristics that Taurus have –

  • Persistence
  • Reliability
  • Loyalty
  • Consistence
  • Patience

The Weakness Analysis

The weakness that the Taurus born people have are often the resultant of what is considered to be their virtues. They are often extremely obstinate and stubborn in their approach, in their inability to be flexible and fails to listen to the counsel of others.

Since they also enjoy good life, the Taurus can be extremely materialistic and this could be the cause for discomfort as their activities and mindset can be construed as greed.

These are bulls that are extremely difficult and possessive when it comes to affairs of the heart. These are possessive people and their possessiveness can become difficult.  Some of the negative traits that the Taurus possess are –

  • Laziness
  • Greed
  • Stubbornness
  • Possessiveness
  • Materialistic

The Taurus Nature

Taurus born people are the most practical probably in all the zodiac and they  tend to show their calculative nature, perseverance and tenacity in all that they do. They are not the people who are adventurous and who will risk into the unknown. They are inflexible and will exactly follow suit with whatever they were taught or had learnt.

They enjoy a good life. Because they seek a good and luxurious life, they often keep looking for the best of things. The Taurus will often turn out to be great collectors of various items.

Because of their dogged belief in whatever they best of friends as they are extremely dedicated and steadfast.

Taurus Career Graph

Belonging to the Earth sign, a fixed sign, the Taurus are considered to be true workaholics. They may not trail blazer across with brilliance, but they will be the persistent and steady ones who will calmly bring the project to a close. When there is an urgent deadline with the necessity of accurate work, one can always count on a Taurus employee.

These are people who also have a streak of the artist in them and that makes them great to be around filmmaking, acting, direction, painting etc.

Being obsessed with getting materialistic things, the Taurus people turn into great collectors and do well.

Because of their supreme diligence and the plea to maintain things by the book; the Taurus born people make great employees particularly in banks, in legal institutions, farming, medicine, bureaucracy and all sorts of place where project completion is a must.

Taurus Finance Graph

The Taurus born people are not lavish spenders but they want to live in style and can spend money for that, albeit grudgingly. They are thoughtful spenders and will ensure that they have enough saved for a rainy day.

They will rise in their chosen profession but will always have financial savings for days to come.

Taurus Friends and Family Graph

A Taurus will prove to be an extremely good family person and friend too. They will be steady and strong as the rock of Gibraltar. The people whom they call their friends can know that they are safe and secure in their love. The Taurus loves good life but will not exactly a social magnet. They will have a small set of people to whom they will be dedicated.

In their family life too, Taurus will show immense perseverance to make things work out, if they show signs of breaking up. They will be caring and inflexible. Their temper may cause concern amongst family members; however they will be loyal to them. They will be possessive about their children and conservative in their approach to the upbringing.

Taurus Love/ Marriage Graph

A Taurus being of the rooted Earth sign takes time in developing a relationship. Being careful about relationships they way pros and cons before committing. However they can be very sensual in love and marriage.

These people will only make a proposal when they are certain of the other person’s acceptance. They believe that relationships are for keeps and don’t changes with times as they are rock solid and conventional in their views. However they believe in having relationships with people from their own social and cultural backgrounds. Because of their conventional approach they tend to have fairly long and successful marriages. They stay extremely loyal to their respective partners and generally do not venture out of the marital relationships.

Taurus Health Graph

The bulls will have great physical stamina and will be robust.  They will not have much of problem health wise, but as they age, being a lover of the good life, they will start drinking and eating too much which can cause some weight related problems. They will also have a throat related problem. They should be engaged to exercises or if not that then gardening or some other physical activities.

They will have a tendency of suffering from asthma, rheumatism and diseases of genitals, womb, kidney and livers.

Quick Facts Taurus
Lucky Numbers 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51
Birthstone / Lucky Stone Emerald, Jade or Agate
Lucky Color Earth tones, Green, White, Yellow, Orange and pink
Ruling Planet Venus
Lucky Day Friday
Favorable Months January, February, March, June and September.
Unfavorable Months April, October and December.
Compatible Signs Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces
Special Qualities Steadfast, Caring, Always Thinking
Weaknesses stubbornness and inflexibility
Suitable Profession Banker, Accountant, Engineer, Musician, Politician, Artist, Scientist.
Energy Signs Yin
Health Problems Throat, Neck, Asthma, Dietary Problems
Incompatible with Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus
Represented By The Bull
Some famous Taurus born people Charlotte Bronte, Lenin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Karl Marx, Robespierre, Sigmund Freud, Cher, Hitler, Shakespeare

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Aries Zodiac Sign – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac can actually be the infant who cannot see anything beyond themselves. To them they came first and since they did that, the world should revolve around them. Aries Zodiac sign which is symbolized by Rams are extremely egoistic, adventurous, ambitious yet concerned and loyal people. They are absolute path-breakers and pioneers by their thought and action.


They are the ones who can be safely called Born Leaders. But much as they lead from the front and are loyal, there would be some incident through which it would become very difficult to know the Aries as they truly are, in their true light. They are people who are nothing but not straight forward, and that is why the charging Ram is what they are symbolized by.

Being brutally blunt and inborn leaders, they often land into problems also, having lunged into something without having taken the pros and cons in question. The weakness of the Aries is also often their strength; and that is their spontaneous reaction.

The Sign of Fire – Aries

Aries belongs to the Fire sign and also has the warmth of fire. It is also their unpredictability which makes them appear impulsive and fiery.

The Characteristics that Aries possess –

  • Courageous
  • Energetic
  • Optimistic
  • Enterprising
  • Independent
  • Impatient
  • Egoistic
  • Vain
  • Jealous
  • Impulsive


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The Positive Traits of Aries

There is almost an impossible energy about the Aries. They are perpetually looking for speed and action.  This is actually one of the most active of all zodiac signs because of the ruler planet that they have – Mars.  Because of their innate desire to come first or excel in things, Aries people are often found to be ambitious too.  These are also people who know how to appreciate others and they will also always fight for the underdogs should they believe that somebody is being wronged; often even at one’s own cost.

The Negative Traits of Aries

The very same positive traits of the Aries turn negative when things get out of hand. For example, due to their Fire sign and fetish for speed, sometimes they rush in where fools will fear to tread and it affects their otherwise organizational acumen. They try to take up too many things and are perpetually running around and the matters worse when they are impatient, and vent their frustration on others. Their dominating characteristics often work against them. Their possessiveness acts as a deterrent to lot many things.

Aries Personality Traits Redefined

    • Courageous – Aries people are always found out to be extremely courageous. They will tread in even where lot many others will fear to tread in. it is their ruler Mars which makes them so.


    • Energetic – The Fire in them does not let them sit still. They are one of the most energetic people amongst the zodiac and their energy and vitality is boundless.


    • Optimistic – They possess an impossible pioneering spirit and with a childlike candor believes that all their plans will come to fruition. They are impossibly optimistic and will try and see the brighter side of everything, of every rainbow.


    • Enterprising – Aries have a natural and sharp wit and they are also extremely intelligent people. Coupled with this is their drive for energy and speed; and you end up having an Aries who is enterprising. Because they do not take to orders well, they will always rather do something on their own.


    • Independent – Aries are fiercely independent. They will guard their freedom or what they believe to be freedom with their life. Not the ones to subjugate illogically, this is what they will teach to their offspring too.


    • Impatient – This will mar the Aries in whatever they do. Being of extremely volatile and energetic disposition, the Aries are extremely impatient people. They want to do everything at the same time and delay or sluggishness brings the worst out in them.


    • Egoistic – The first sign of the zodiac is also the selfish sign. They, like new born children are always looking at me syndrome. It is only important to them to know what they want and what they can do to get it. These are egoistic people.


    • Vain – Aries have a strong feeling that they are the best and anything that anyone else is trying to do they can do better. It is one of the reasons of their downfall.


    • Jealous -Jealousy is what the Aries should be ashamed of. But it is their possessiveness which sparks off jealousy and particular in matters of the heart. They are jealous of their significant others should they believe that they are being wronged.


    • Impulsive – Aries always rule with their head and thus rams into things headlong without considering the pros and cons of any endeavor. Their extreme impulsiveness can sometimes bring their downfall too.


The Strengths and Weaknesses that Aries Possess

In Human Resource, there is a term called SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, where apart from other things a strength and weakness is considered. Let us also see what are the five strength and weaknesses that Aries possess.

The Strength Analysis –

Apart from the ones discussed, there are certain characteristics that show the steely strength of the Aries character. These are what sets them apart and makes them different from other sun signs.

They are renowned for the strength and courage of their characters and those are what really sets them apart as the mars ruled zodiac.

The inborn leadership potential in them makes them the natural leaders and more often than not they become the natural and obvious choice for leadership. It is also their impulsiveness, possessiveness and courage that makes them the protector of the underdogs. In fact Aries mothers are so much protective that they could probably lay their lives for their children.  They are the innate fighters of the underdogs. May be they later realize that it was not worth it, nut as long as they see somebody being subjugated or something being done to them; they will rise up and protest. Following can be the first five strength that is at the top of mind while talking about Aries . these are as follows –

  • Independence
  • Generosity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Optimism
  • Courage

The Weakness Analysis-

Despite having numerous strength areas, it is the presence of some of those strengths that make the Aries vulnerable to terrible weaknesses.

Being dogged at times, Aries are often not open to anybody else’s views and shut their minds to suggestions, even if it is good for them.

Their boundless energy can also often cause their downfall, as they do not really stop to think about consequences or probable pitfalls and jump from one adventure to the others without pausing. Thus the following can safely be listed as the weakness of the Aries .

  • Temperamental
  • Impatient
  • Egoistic
  • Short tempered
  • Judgmental

The Aries Nature

The Aries born people are fiercely independent in nature.  They do not react well in taking orders from others and thus often end up in being the one doing things by their own.  More often than not their trail blazing activities are held in great esteem as leadership qualities, but it can bring their doom also.

The Aries people hate sluggishness and slowness in anything. They would rather take down any obstacle that may come their way and clear it to make their own way.  Aries being somewhat self-obsessed also do not take nicely to people who criticize them, even if it is constructive criticism. There I -will-do-it attitude and supreme self confidence makes them somewhat egocentric and difficult to get along with.

The Aries have quite a strong sense of business and entrepreneurial skills; which make them good entrepreneurs. But in that domain too they have set patterns and values which make partnerships or enterprises difficult.  Their strong ideological values can often lead to bitter acrimonies in their workplaces. Their nature has little middle path between push or being pushed, making the situation difficult at times.

However, Aries are some of the most generous of people that you will come across.  They, if befriended can give up their lives for you. In matters of love, what is there, stay theirs and as they demand allegiance, they too are if committed remain extremely dedicated.

They are frank and direct people who do not mince words.  They also possess a high sex drive and make excellent lovers and possessive partners.

Basically they are the infants of the zodiac, and often a little of their charms yield more results than their pushing and prodding. They need to realize what they can take on and what needs to be let go.

Aries Career Graph

Aries can excel in any career that they choose to put their minds on, due to their extreme energy and leadership abilities.  The working environ is probably the best place where the Aries can bring a display of their innate ability of entrepreneurship and creativity. Being intuitive they can almost see the bigger picture and predict things. They rise like the proverbial phoenix when faced with a challenge. They can and will excel as owners, senior managers, dealers or creative personas.

However, their partnerships may be full of conflicts, thus it will be a difficult for them to tread.

Because of their creative aspect of characters, Aries also excel in creative pursuits and do well in the field of fine arts and crafts.

Many of the famous people who have left an indelible mark In the history of the world have been trail blazing Aries leaders.

Aries Finance Graph

Aries being the most aggressive sign of the zodiac will go all out for making money. They will be extremely aggressive when it comes to money making schemes and entrepreneurial skills. They are not interested in pursuing fame, rather money will come handy to them. They are not the biggest savers of the world, but will ensure that they are covered for the rainy days.

Aries Friends and Family Graph

Aries boast of friends from different genres and realms. The mantra for them is that the diverse friends are the better for them. They win over lot of friends and a whole number of acquaintances. But make no mistake. An Aries have that much limited number of people who they can truly call a friend. Being gregarious they may attract people, but not all are friends.

There are times when an Aries may not be in touch with their families, but they will keep coming back to it. Their independence does not let them remain indebted to them for anything, but deep down they remain rooted.

Aries Love/ Marriage Graph

Aries being extremely impulsive and straight forward makes wonderful lovers and partners. They have an almost unending and unrealistic craving for romanticism and thus romance never goes out of a relationship while with them.

Because they have a high sex drive, the Aries people make excellent lovers. The adventurous spirits add to their allure and charm.

As they themselves are fiercely independent they believe in giving a relationship space and time of their own. Thus relationships do not suffocate. However they also have possessive instincts marking their territory.

Behind their independent façade, Aries are small children and continuously seek support from their partners or lovers. They seek tenderness, love and affection. Being extremely diligent and dedicated, they do not take acts of betrayal well. More often than not relationships of Aries break apart due to acts of faithlessness.

Aries Health Graph

Being the first sign of the zodiac, driven by fire sign and the reflection of sun, the Aries have a tremendous mental drive to prove themselves. Since the head rules thinking powers and perceptions, Aries, thus are often subjected to headaches, migraines or sinus. They are also known for their sexual drives. They should have a balanced diet to keep up their vitality and should avoid salt and alcohol.

Quick Facts Aries
Lucky Numbers 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 81, 90 and any multiples of 9
Birthstone /Lucky Stone Diamond or Zircon
Lucky Color Orange, Red, Burgundy, Vermillion, White, Chocolate, Yellow
Ruling Planet Mars
Lucky Day Tuesday
Favorable Months January, February, March, April, May, July, October
Unfavorable Months June, August, September, November, December
Most compatible signs Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquarius
Special Qualities Entrepreneurship charming Personality, greatly Adventurous
Weaknesses Impulsive, Egoistic
Suitable Profession Politics, Entrepreneurial Traits, Creative endeavors
Energy Signs Yang
Health Problems Headaches, Migraines or Depression
Incompatible with Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
Represented by Ram
Some Famous Aries Ravi Shankar, Charlie Chaplin, Al Gore, Ramanathan Krishnan, David Frost, Thomas Jefferson, Maya Angelou, Gregory Peck, Francis Ford Coppola

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