You are born explorer. This does not only mean the world around you, but also penetrating deep within the minds of the people around you.

You like to look at the world at large from an emotional stand-point. You are a peace loving person who is always ready to adjust for the sake of harmony.

You come to the world with a secret agenda of your own and slowly work towards achieving your desires. Being ruled by Venus, you always appreciate the finer things in life.

Health – You are too critical even about the minutest things and this may cast a negative effect on your mental health at times. Also you have the tendency to get alarmed at the slightest pretext. The beginning of the year will however give you causes of alarm especially for people who have chronic arthritis, sinusitis or allergic problems. The second half of the year promises to bring you relief even from long term problems.

Career – Your strength lies in communication and abstract reasoning and you shall excel if you choose your career accordingly. Number crunching may not be fit for your portfolio. Your intelligence makes is possible for you to set up achievable targets based on your aspirations, and once you set your heart out for something, you generally do not stop before getting it. You are a proven team player with whom colleagues like to work.

Family – You are a balanced human being with a strong sense of justice. You like maintaining the equilibrium like the scale in all spheres of life. This comes especially handy in dealing with a wide net work of family and relatives. And you shall have a wide network since you like keeping in touch. You have diplomatic and manipulative ways that help to maintain peace and order. You like communicating and socializing and that makes you very popular.

Romance – You are ruled by Venus and as such romance comes naturally to you. There will not be many who can remain uninfluenced by your attractiveness and seductive charm. You like being playful and enjoy the company of many. It is fun for you to indulge in persuasion till you find your soul-mate. However, once into a relationship you are devoted. Your passion and playful romance always keeps the fire alight in your relationship. You are open about your desires and lust, and appreciate a partner who can match up to you.

Finances – You enjoy the finer things in life. Your philosophy is to live life king size. As such, you tend to get self indulgent. If there is one thing people can never label you as it is miser. You like spending not only on yourself but also on your near and dear ones. Most likely than not you shall have a hobby – collecting art, books, antiques etc – and a heavy chunk of your money goes to procure them. You need to learn to tighten your purse strings if you want to thrive in future.


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