You are like a magician who can rise out of the ordinary and reach the heights of the extraordinary. Great scholars and learners have been born under the cusp sun sign of Scorpio-Sagittarius.

You have a spiritual bend of mind and love to explore the world around you armed with knowledge and learning. You never believe in anything unless you have a full proof and this investigative trait in you is backed by your determination to probe and the strong sense of intuition.

Your philosophical and exploratory nature makes you live life king size.

  1. Health – This year your health will not pose any problem in your lust to explore the ways of life. However, it would be best not to challenge it with an undisciplined lifestyle or too much pressure in your mind. A healthy diet and an exercise or yoga regime will keep you up and about all through the year. For your spiritual side, meditation may be the right companion.
  2. Career – You are never tired of learning and this agility of mind never lets you lose track of what is currently required to stay in business in the present times. Also you have unparalleled dedication and perseverance that makes you keep trying on a project when all others have stamped it as a failed venture. Those in academics and legal profession will do exceedingly well this year. However, you should learn to let go at times.
  3. Family – If you want to maintain peace and harmony in your family this year you have to learn to keep your tongue and temper firmly under control. Your sense of sarcasm may not appeal to everyone’s sense of humor and being over critical has never helped anyone especially in the realms of relationships. Your family may sometimes feel that you are trying to dictate their life in your own terms too. Let loose of your socialite side and maintain easy camaraderie with your family or else you may be misunderstood.
  4. Romance – You are flirtatious and playful, but also possessive and jealous. You have a charming personality that attracts people like magnet, but only the ones with a strong sense of humor and in-depth intellect will be able to fold the for in your company. You are strongly amorous and passionate in your love life weaving a magic that no one else will be able to match. Your confidence and fun-loving nature makes it a nice experience just being around you.
  5. Finances – You have to be extra cautious about your finances since you have the tendency to jump into action at the slightest pretext before giving it much thought. Adventure is fine, but implementing it in your financial decisions may not always turn out to be fruitful. On the other hand you are blessed with a sixth sense that is deeply rooted in your soul. If you want to gain financially, make use of your instincts. However, a little advice from someone experienced now and then will not hurt either.
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