Vedic Astrology 2015 is an indicative prediction of occurrences that natives may face during the year. Vedic astrology has a rich heritage that dates back to the ancient traditions and culture of India.

Vedic Astrology finds mention even in the times of Atharva Veda. Ancient texts have often mentioned this form of astrology, and scholars have opined that these have strong scientific base. Vedic astrology principles are based on mathematical calculations that require accuracy and precise knowledge.

The principles of Vedic astrology have been defined based on the belief that the positions, configurations and movements of the planets, stars and other celestial bodies have deep impact on terrestrial occurrences. If these points can be properly calculated, then the results can lead to accurate indicative prediction.

We at 123NewYear bring before you compact astrological predictions for the twelve zodiac signs based on Vedic doctrines that encompass all spheres of life.

    • Mesh (Aries) – The Aries born natives would begin the New Year with their usual dose of enthusiasm, full on the energy factor. By nature you are full of courage and are never shy to take up any risk. In fact you enjoy the adventures that life may throw in your way. But this year you have to learn to take calculated risks. Risks without any thought may cause you damages. On the other hand when risk is taken after proper calculations they often turn out gainful. You also need to get used to unexpected changes and how to handle them, especially in the professional sphere. But the good thing is that these changes would keep up the excitement quotient that is so important for you to sustain. This is an auspicious year for new beginnings in the relationship front, so think about it seriously. Health and finances pose a rosy picture thereby allowing you to carry out all your plans without any hitch.


    • Vrishabh (Taurus) – This is the year when you shall be able to prove your abilities, but not without a fight. You are by nature sensitive, homeward bound and not too flashy. You enjoy keeping to yourself and feel blushed at the prospect of beating your own drums. But, this year you need to embrace your communication skills. You should not at any cost allow anyone to take advantage of your good nature. If you have contributed something at work you better get recognition for it too. The positive note is that if you give your best shot the stars in your natal chart would take care of the rest. Those who have been contemplating a career change or a job change or starting a venture of your own, the time is after the middle of the year. Health would be totally under control. Financially and in the relationship front you need to adopt a conservative and careful mode to keep them trouble free.


    • Mithun  (Gemini) – You shall have an action packed year ahead, and most of it would be in your work front. Your creativity would be unleashed fully. However, you shall have to take care of your dual nature so that you do not sport a fickle minded attitude. Also, you shall have to accomplish whatever task you take up – leaving a trail of unfinished projects would lead you nowhere at all. In your relationship sphere too you have to show a control of mind and thoughts or you may hurt the feelings of your loved ones albeit unintentionally. Financially, it is a great year for gaining out of investments. It is recommended that you invest in a property or vehicle in the second half of the year. There may be some chronic illnesses bothering you on and off round the year, but nothing major.


    • Kark (Cancer) – The year 2015 would bring some major upheaval in your life in the sphere of your work. But you shall too have to be alert to grab any opportunity when you see or sense one. The other factor that could deter your growth is your mood swing for this may imbibe in your mind negative feelings that would keep you away from going for all that you have in mind. You shall have to work very hard round the clock, but you shall be able to reap proportional returns too. But to keep working you need to take care of your health too for digestion and stomach related troubles may bother you now and again. Also you need to be a little more expressive in your relationship front or else your loved ones may feel ignored. A vacation around the middle of the year would be a good idea to erase the fatigue from work and also to bond with those near and dear to you.


    • Simha (Leo) – This year you need to embrace patience. In fact from the astrological point of view the year can be divided into two parts. In the first half of the year you have to keep giving efforts, and in the second half of the year you shall see the rewards coming through. You shall also have to get over your lethargic nature and embrace life with a lot of positive energy. This is the year when you need to learn the art of saving. You enjoy luxuries and often tend to go overboard indulging in them. You have to curb that tendency to build up on your savings. Your charming persona would make you an instant hit in the social circle and this is how you may chance upon the love of your life this year, of course unless you have already found the person. Married couples may expect to welcome a new member in the family.


    • Kanya (Virgo) – This year you shall have to learn to be a little more trusting and a little less critical. You should understand the fact that life’s journey cannot be travelled on your own. Whether it is your work front or your home front, you shall always need the love and support people around you. Also you are prone to be shy and introvert in nature, and this is something that you need to overcome if you want to make progresses in this year. Predictions on the cards show indications that you may be prone to accidents in the middle of the year, and you should be very cautious during that time. You may have to travel a lot for professional requirements.


    • Tula (Libra) – By nature you crave for harmony. By nature you seek balance and equilibrium. And to maintain this you have compromised a lot now and again. This is what you have to change this year because of the fact that some people treat your courtesy as your weakness. It is time to show them what you are capable of. You should not allow anyone take undue advantage of your niceties, be it someone in your professional sphere or someone you know personally. It is also the time to resolve some dispute that you have been having with your extended family. If they do not cooperate, it is time you took stern actions. When you know you are right, you should exert your right too. You may get involved in some legal procedures, and your stars would help to get things going in your favor. Achievements at work would come with ease and would be good enough to swell your heart with contentment and pride.


    • Vrishchik (Scorpio) – This is the year when you should not expect any immediate result in any aspect of your life. But this should not deter you from playing your part. You have been blessed with an amazing foresight, and this would help you to envision and act accordingly. People in your work front too know of this ability of yours, and they shall look up to you. There would be a promotion coming your way this year, but this may not happen till the end of the year. Health may pose problem, especially for those Scorpio born natives who are elderly. It is recommended that you seek medical help from professionals as soon as you feel any trouble so that it does not aggravate. Financial investments are recommended during the year only after proper consultation with experts.


    • Dhanush (Sagittarius) – The year shall be an inspirational one for you. the only thing you have to do is to hold on to the positivity by welcoming all the opportunities that come your way. However, most professionals and students would find better opportunities away from their homeland. Students who have been aspiring for higher education in a foreign land would finally find it happening for them. In fact it would be an exceptionally successful year for those natives who are in the field of academics. Financially too this would be a great year. It is recommended to make investments that are futuristic including but not limiting to real estate. However, in the matters of the heart it is recommended that you take care. Do not make any commitment as long as you are not sure of your feelings and intentions or it may leave scars in the heart of another person although you don’t intend so.


    • Makar (Capricorn) – Your industrious nature and sincerity would be rewarded in this year. But you shall have to continue toiling diligently. Your returns would be proportional to the efforts you put in. Also you shall have to shake away any pessimistic feeling from your heart. You shall be blessed with the love and support of your coworkers and your dear ones. It is recommended that you embrace more enterprising attitude and start out your own endeavor. It is also a good time to turn your vocation to your profession or your second profession, in case you are unconfident to step into something uncertain. Financially you are recommended to adapt a more conservative mode of spending if you want to build up your savings. You should make plans to invest in something that would bring you returns in the future. In the home front you should always be calm and patient – do not go into any confrontation if you do not want to spoil any relationship.


    • Kumbh  (Aquarius) – This year you are no more in a flighty state of mind as you generally are. You are adaptable matured and sincere. You have developed suddenly the capability to stick to something from the beginning to the end. This would ensure that success comes your way more easily. Financial gains too are indicated in the readings of the cards. You shall also be blessed with the support and trust of those who hold authoritative position in your place of work. However, you should be careful about envious people who may try to sabotage you. This is not the year for partnership ventures. This is the year when you should trust your intuitions above all. You may be required to travel abroad for professional reasons. Too much of work load may leave you fatigued, so a vacation at the end of the year is recommended to rejuvenate your body and mind.


    • Meen (Pisces) – You are a gentle and helpful soul, and in this year, you shall inspire many people to the right course in the journey of life. You have the tendency to cling to people for support, but this is the year when you should try to fare on your own or else you may get misguided. In the relationship sphere too a little more care is recommended before you trust anyone blindly. Your creativity would be fully unleashed in this year, and the configuration of the celestial bodies in your natal chart ensures that you get recognition for the efforts you put in. Those in the field of art or communication would perform exceptionally well in this year. Health wise, you should fare alright except for minor allergic tendencies. Financially, this is a year when sound investments would bring you good returns.