The city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh comes alive every year with the celebrations of the Deccan Festival held in the month of February or March. Organized by the Department of Tourism of the government of Andhra Pradesh, this festival is a promotion of the art and culture of the South Indian state. Music, art & craft and Hyderabadi delicacies are the chief attractions of the Deccan Festival.

Legend behind the Deccan Festival

The Deccan Festival is organized every year at the famous Qutub Shahi Tombs of Hyderabad. The walls of this tomb still hold the historical epoch of the Qutub Shahi. A visit to the Deccan Festival not only helps you to enjoy the dance performances of the locals and the recitals of world famous singers, but also helps you study the history of the golden era in Andhra Pradesh.

The local government authorities have listed the Deccan Festival as the most prominent event of Andhra Pradesh and a must visit for all residents and tourists.

Customs, Tradition and Cultural Importance of the Deccan Festival

The Deccan Festival is a celebration of the native Andhra Pradesh culture. In a city that is manifested by technology, the five day fest brings in a breath of fresh air with performances to ghazals, mushairas (poetry recitals) and qawwalis. The government invites legendary national artists every year to be a part of the celebrations, but this colorful display in the Deccan region is chiefly organized to project the talents of the local villagers of the state.

Besides native music performances, traditional art and craft is another important segment of the Deccan Festival. The local artisans are allowed to showcase and sell their ware within the premises of the Deccan Festival. Among the most items exhibited in the art and craft stalls include multicolored bangles and other objects of jewelry made from pearl, a specialty of Hyderabad. The accessories on display can however be very expensive and are sometimes unaffordable. It is the popularity of the Hyderabadi pearls among foreigners and the craze for the local bangles that has led to the Deccan Festival often being referred to as the Pearl and Bangles Festival.

Do not leave the Qutumb Shahi Tombs during the month of February / March without getting a taste of the ‘Nawabi khana’. This comprises delicacies from the city of Hyderabad and other small towns of Andhra Pradesh. Food stalls are arranged by the government authorities where the locals prepare and serve the delicacies. The food is as much a part of the Deccan Festival as is the literature and other forms of art as well as the handicrafts fair.

The Deccan Festival generally takes place towards the end of the month of February, extending to the first week of March.

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