Birthday is special in everybody’s life. The day can be made much more special with wishes from family and friends. A great way to convey your birthday wishes is through happy birthday cards.

The cards provide you a way to express your love and gratitude towards the amazing people in your life. General birthday cards are available along with special cards meant for a special relationship like father, mother, son, daughter, girlfriend/wife, boyfriend/husband, friends and many more.

Cards can wow in many ways. Some are artistically abstract, some contain lovely picturesque scenery, others depict human emotions, or perhaps pictures of flora or fauna. Some cards would tickle your funny bones, some would speak to your emotions, some would depict a life situation – with plethora of options there is surely a one that would take your message across just the way you want.

You now have the option of sending these amazing online cards or e-cards; and we at 123NewYear have brought for you many options to choose from so that you can start spreading your heartfelt wishes to your loved ones.

Happy Birthday Cards can me of several types, even the electronic ones –

Interactive Birthday e-cards: These cards are a fun way to bring a smile on your loved ones face. You have fun options like popping birthday balloons or sending a hilarious music video. You can also feature the birthday boy or girl in the interactive cards.

Spiritual Birthday e-cards: For the birthday boy/girl a great collection of spiritual e-cards are available. These cards aim at celebrating life that God has created. Send your spiritual blessings for the special people in your life.

Singing Birthday e-cards: Make the birthday fun with singing e-cards that include beautiful songs as well as fun songs that are bound to make the birthday boy/girl happy.

Talking Birthday e-cards: Send your birthday wishes in the most funny and hilarious way with these talking e-cards.

Relationship Birthday e-cards: Celebrate the birthday of your family members with various e-cards. The various relationship e-cards acknowledge relations like:

  • Brother-Sister: A special bond is shared between siblings these cards aim at celebrating that.
  • Son-Daughter: Your child is a part of you and watching them grow up is a precious moment. Celebrate these special moments every year with a birthday eCard.
  • Husband-Wife: A wonderful way to celebrate this amazing relation is through a collection of romantic and sensuous e-cards.
  • Mom-Dad: Parents will always be with their children through tough times. Let them know your love and gratitude with warm and funny e-cards.
  • Extended Family: Other relationship cards include cards for aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, great grand-parents and god parents. Do not miss out on their birthdays. A great collection of cards are also available for them.

You can also find various other types of e-cards including:

Just for Him – Just For Her: Great e-cards are available to celebrate that special someone’s birthday.

Fun Birthday e-cards: Birthdays are meant to be fun. Send out hilarious birthday e-cards to your friends and loved ones. Seeing their happiness will surely make your day.

Milestone birthday e-cards: When a loved one reaches a milestone age, celebrate their birthday with a milestone birthday e-Card. Cards are available for 50th birthday, 70th birthday and more.

Belated Birthday e-cards: Did you forget to wish someone? Do not worry; send them a wonderful belated birthday card from the collection. They cannot stay angry once they receive the card.

Pets: Pets are an important part of the family. They too love having their birthdays celebrated, so get a fun and lovable birthday e-Card for that cute furry friend in your life.

Boss-Colleagues birthday e-cards: Become popular in your office with the collection of e-cards for your boss and other colleagues.

Zodiac Cards: If you know the zodiac sign of your loved one then wait no more send in a card meant just for your loved one’s zodiac sign. Cards are available for all Zodiac signs From Capricorn to Scorpio.

Birthday e-cards for Friends: Friends are an important part of everybody’s life. They stick with you through thick and thin. Celebrate your friend’s birthday with e-cards meant for your wonderful friend.

E-cards with birthday blessings: Everyone would love to receive special blessings on their birthday. Send your blessings in the form of beautiful e-cards that are available online.

Thank You e-cards: Loved ones never forget your birthday so why not send them a thank you card. A wide collection of thank you cards are also available that help you to thank those important people in your life who never forget to wish you on your birthday.