The relation between siblings is always special. Birthday of your sister is just as special. Celebrate your lovely sister’s birthday with great wishes.

Here are some fun and sweet birthday wishes just for your sister.

  1. Childhood memories would be incomplete without a great sister like you. Happy Birthday!
  2. As a sister you have always been patient with me. So let’s celebrate your birthday with great grandeur as a thank you. Happy Birthday!
  3. Whether I was down physically or emotionally, having a sister like you meant I would definitely get better. Love you my sister. Happy Birthday!
  4. We might fight all the time but we love each other to death, that is the beauty if sisterhood. Happy Birthday.
  5. Sisters are sent from heaven by God to remind us that angels exist. I have my own angel. Sending the angel of my life, my sister, great birthday wishes. Happy Birthday!
  6. God has sent me a best friend in the disguise of a sister. Thank you God and wishing that sister all the luck in the world. Happy Birthday!
  7. After a tough day full of pressure and sadness all I need is a hug from a great sister like you. Happy Birthday to the greatest sister in the world.
  8. Happy Birthday to the greatest critic in the world, my sister. Without your criticism I could not have reached great heights.
  9. Not everyone is perfect but our imperfections make us fantastic siblings. Cheers to our imperfections. Wishing my sister happy Birthday!
  10. Sis you are that treasure box that holds the greatest memories of our childhood. Happy Birthday!
  11. You are an amazing person and deserve all the happiness. Wishing my amazing sister Happy Birthday.
  12. I am on the top of the world with you as my sister. Have a wonderful birthday dear sis. Happy Birthday!
  13. I am blessed to have a perfect person like you as my sister. Happy Birthday dear sister!
  14. I have this burning desire to copy you in all ways though I might make a fool of myself. Wishing the coolest sister on earth a very happy birthday!
  15. Birthday wishes for the only person with whom I can share all my secrets. Enjoy and have a lot of fun. Happy Birthday!
  16. Our relation has stood through tough times, so I am sure nothing can come between brother and sister. So have a blast at your birthday Sis. Happy Birthday!
  17. Being sisters, I have the right to use your things and I do because you have great taste. Thank you for sharing everything. Happy Birthday!
  18. You are the sunshine that chases away all the darkness in my life. Love you my sister. Happy Birthday!
  19. Your advice has helped me through tough times. I am lucky to have you as my sister. Happy Birthday!