The birthday of your loved one is special just like your birthday. On the birthday of your girlfriend you should definitely celebrate with a party, gifts and wishes.

Planning with great happy birthday ideas for girlfriend is a must to make her feel special. So plan your girlfriend’s birthday with the various ideas for gifts and parties that are available at 123NewYear.

We also have beautiful birthday wishes for your girlfriend that is romantic and sweet. Start planning in advance so that your girlfriend’s special day is filled with love, happiness and fun.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

  1. Destiny has brought the two of us together. Love you my cute girlfriend. Happy Birthday!
  1. With each passing year you grow hotter and cuter. Wishing my cute girlfriend a very happy birthday!
  1. Planning to wrap an amazing gift of love for you on your birthday, sweetheart. Happy Birthday!
  1. Each birthday candle that you blow out signifies that another candle of love is ignited in my heart. Love you my darling. Happy Birthday!
  1. In the toughest of times you have always managed to make me smile. Thank you for being my best friend. Happy birthday, my cute girlfriend!
  1. Wondering which cake would be the best for you but on second thoughts that is tough to choose because you will always be the sweetest. Happy birthday beautiful!
  1. The first time I said hello to you, I knew that I would never want to say goodbye. Love you always. Happy Birthday dearest!
  1. We have had our fair share of fights but our love has never dwindled. Cheers to many more romantic walks and sweet conversations. Wishing my sweet girlfriend a happy birthday!
  1. It does not matter how much we fight, you will always be the love of my life. Happy Birthday darling!

Birthday Ideas for Girlfriend

The first step to making your girlfriend feel special is plan an amazing birthday. A huge amount of birthday ideas for girlfriend are available here at 123NewYear for you to toy with. With so many options you are sure to be confused. Do not worry! First mark the day on the calendar so that you do not forget; then it is time to visit 123NewYear to find amazing birthday ideas like:

  1. Surprise her be taking her out on a shopping spree to her favorite stores.
  1. Plan a surprise party and invite all her colleagues and acquaintances
  1. Order a cake that has prints and models of her favorite things like favorite celebrity, place or object
  1. Instead of planning a party, surprise her with a candle-lit dinner for two
  1. Say ‘Happy Birthday’ by cooking her an amazing breakfast
  1. Spread birthday notes with cute messages all over your home so that she keeps finding them throughout the day
  1. record a video with her near and dear ones wishing her a very happy birthday
  1. you could also arrange for a radio broadcast to wish her happy birthday

Girlfriend Birthday Gift Ideas

We all get the jitters when planning birthdays of special people. The main question always stands what to get as a gift. Girlfriend birthday gift ideas are numerous. 123NewYear brings a lot of birthday gift ideas like:

  1. A bouquet of her favorite flowers
  1. Frame a collage of pictures from moments that are special for her
  1. Gift her scrapbook that has pictures from her childhood
  1. Perfume from her favorite brand
  1. Jewelry