Going by Numerology 11, number 11 happens to be a yang number and is referred as the psychic’s number. Of all the numbers in Chinese Numerology, number 11 happens to be the most intuitive one.

The number signifies deep insight and illumination. Further, the 11 is also charismatic, sensitive and inspirational.

Number eleven serves as the channel of information between the lower and the higher. If the number 11 people want happiness and fulfillment in their lives, they need to be more focus on higher goals in life.

They develop slowly because they need time to ready themselves for higher challenges and goals and should also be matured enough to face it. Since they get frightened by the immensity of goals at times, this often results in going low on their self-confidence. One of the biggest challenges for those under Numerology 11 that also acts as a key for unlocking their immense potential is developing the confidence in themselves and their abilities.

In Chinese Numerology, one who ends with any number from 1-9 is said to have that particular number as his/her destiny number. However, many people have a particular number that is called the master destiny number. This happens to be the case when their number gets reduced to 11, 22 or 23. As for instance 28-4-1959 is equal to 11. Number 11 is therefore referred as the master number in Chinese Numerology.

Destiny Number 11 happens to be a number signifying self mastery in Chinese Numerology. Number 11 people are usually the leaders and not the followers. Since 11 among the 12 disciples chose to be true to Christ, number 11 hence stands as a symbol for courage, vision, power, inspiration and insight.

Numerology 11 Personality Traits

Numerology 11 happens to be extremely charged version of Numerology 2. Hence all the character traits applying in case of number 2 people are also applicable for number 11 people. The characteristics and traits that are found in number 2 are traced in the enhanced form in master number 11.

Those falling under Numerology 11 are visionary and idealistic. Very emotional, they at the same time are also very determined when it comes to finishing tasks. They might not be very successful in the business field owing to their lack of clarity in rational thinking. Good-natured and co-operative, they are capable of comforting other people really well. They keep secrets very well and gets along with others really well. They prefer a settled and detailed routine. They are however, more of a dreamer than a doer.

Positive Characteristics

The positive characteristics that can be found amongst the Number eleven people are they happen to be gentle, delicate, helpful, sensitive, diplomatic, tolerant, earnest, harmonious, creative, and insistent. Also, they are intuitive, loving, modest, supportive and peaceful. When it is about the requirement of others, they are quite sensitive and considerate. They have the ability to sense the want and feelings of others. With immense organizational talent, they are amazing team workers to work with. They have a love and fascination for beauty. They are spiritual, idealist and friendly. With a determination to help others, number 11 individuals at times can be perfectionist.

Negative Characteristics

Those falling under the Numerology 11 can be excessively fearful, impractical and timid. Indulging themselves very much in to self-criticism, they are frequently walking on the edge between self-destruction and greatness.

They have a tendency to feel out of place, alienated, without any direction and out of place. Too much into dreaming, Numerology eleven people might get into depression if they don’t happen to focus themselves on some goal.

Self-confidence is something that they lack. They have a low self esteem. Vulnerable as well, they can be hurt easily. They try to avoid any type of criticism or confrontation.

Career Options

Going by Chinese Numerology 11, the ideal career options for the Number 11 people would be artist, teacher, inventor, spiritual leader, healer, and the mystic.


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