You feel optimistic about your life. But at the same time you also feel that you are constantly being controlled and monitored. This may make you feel claustrophobic and bored.

You shall have to master the art of power play and manipulation to turn things in your favor, and by the grace of Planet Jupiter you shall finally achieve whatever you set out for.

  • January – You start the year with a lot of positivity and you figure out the plans and ambitions that you want to see fulfilled in the course of the year. You may need to travel abroad.
  • February – This month your ambitions soar high further and you are busy making plans and chalking out ways to achieve them too. Make sure that you can see through tricks that jealous coworkers may play against you.
  • March – This month you devote your time and energy to assess your achievements and then alter the plans so that you can reach to your goals sooner. You are a little impatient, and you need to calm down.
  • April – The lunar eclipse scheduled in this month may make you feel overtly emotional. You may feel hurt or angry at the slightest pretext. You may be trying the patience of your loved ones.
  • May – You feel nostalgic, and you may in your spur of emotion connect with an old flame. Consider repercussions of your action in your present life before you take any decisive step.
  • June – You feel lost and uninspired. Remember that inspiration often has to be sought from deep within rather than from external sources. Delve deep to know what shall motivate you in a true sense.
  • July – This month Lady Luck will be all yours. So you should grab any and every opportunity that comes your way during this time. Do not lose time or opportunity by hesitating.
  • August – You feel you have done enough and now deserve some self pampering. You shall be in a mood to indulge. Make sure that you do not blow away all the hard earned money and the regret later.
  • September – You feel temperamental again. Mind what you say or how you behave or you may create a permanent rift between you and your loved ones.
  • October – The feeling of restlessness resumes and this again makes you lose your focus. You have to find interest in what you do and be happy about it.
  • November – Your health may be a cause for concern and a lot of it is because of the dark mood. You need to stop bottling up your feelings and start giving vent to them before your near and dear ones.
  • December – This month you shall strive to achieve balance in all the sectors of your life. You think about all that you have achieved and all that you still plan to. This also includes your financial planning.

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