You shall have to learn to shed baggage from the past and move forward afresh. The influence of Planet Saturn ensures that your approach is intense, in fact so much so that many may find it difficult to keep in pace. You shall not be contented with things as they are.

You shall initiate change and find success in the process too.

    • January – You have been on a spending spree for a while but you shall now have to learn to budget stringently, or else you may find yourself in a tough spot when you are left without adequate funds in times of need.


    • February – You believe in the maxim that charity begins at home, and this month you shall practice what you believe in. You may start volunteering for a cause that you consider dear to your heart.


    • March – You are ready to embark upon new projects. But you are not comfortable going out of the box. As such many of you many start a venture of your own in your field of expertise.


    • April – This is one month when you shall be able to achieve all that you have aimed for at all times. This would give you a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment. You are a hard worker and it is time you took pride in your achievements.


    • May – You are by nature diligent and hard working, but this month you find it difficult to focus. This may be because of the fact that you have over exhausted yourself. It is perhaps time you went for a vacation.


    • June – This is the time when you plan to assess your goals and achievements. You are always very process oriented and would like to understand whether you are heading in the right direction before you walk further.


    • July – This is the month for personal liaisons. Astrologically, this is an auspicious time for marriage for those who are committed. Single Capricorn natives too may find their love partner.


    • August – This month you are in a mood to connect with people who matter. You feel emotional and nostalgic. You may consider bridging ties with long lost friends and family members.


    • September – There may be some delay in accomplishing your goals. You may become impatient and start to question your methods. Give it some time and patience.


    • October – A small hurdle does not mean that all your hard work will face a stop. You have to have the zeal to find a solution and to move ahead.


    • November – Keep yourself motivated and positive. Even if you have to trudge a loan path there would be success waiting for you at the end of the journey.


    • December – You are eager to communicate about your plans for the upcoming months. But make sure that you trust the right people to share your dreams. Your intelligence would make you see through any plans to sabotage.


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